Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 17 Story Review – Shanzay is Back

The story really has taken a new turn but not one which I was expecting it to take. The best thing about Pyar Ke Sadqay so far has been the convincing and refreshing storyline. None of the characters or the scenarios so far have been conventional. It seems however that Pyar Ke Sadqay will also turn in to a love triangle in which one man has to choose who he wants to be with. I really hope that is not the case but the recent shift in the story suggested just that. I felt for Mahjabeen while watching this episode, just when Abdullah started accepting their relationship, Shanzay came back into his life. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas‘ performances continue to be impressive. This episode was also well-executed but the recent shift in the story was extremely unpleasant.

Shanzay Is Back

I never disliked Shanzay’s character not even when she told Abdullah off because clearly Abdullah wouldn’t have been a suitable life partner for her. The advice she gave Abdullah was not conveyed in a nice way but there was nothing wrong with what she suggested because actually Mahjabeen is the perfect match for him. Tonight however everything she did showed that she was a selfish person who had learned absolutely nothing from her wannabe punk fiancé’s toxic personality traits! Shanzay’s track has made no sense in the past few weeks. The viewers were not shown why and how Shanzay ended up with someone like Esa since she always knew what kind of a man she wanted to marry. She was shown as a confident and outspoken girl therefore there was no reason for her to settle for someone who put her down constantly.

In this episode, she explained to her father that she didn’t see through Esa. This explanation did not work for me at all since he had started showing his true colors before marriage but somehow Shanzay only shared her concerns with her father after she got married to him. The overall look of the actor playing Esa’s role is absolutely terrible, he needs some serious grooming himself. If this truly was a really classy looking man it would have been easy to understand that he managed to ‘fool’ Shanzay. So after realizing what it feels like to be belittled, she has decided to flirt with another woman’s husband…how sad is that!!

I am also terribly disappointed with Abdullah but at least his reactions definitely make sense. Abdullah was completely blown away by Shanzay and he had just started feeling attracted towards Mahjabeen. Even though he got married to Mahjabeen, it was only something he did to prove to Shanzay that he managed to find someone who needed him more than he needed her. Mahjabeen is to Abdullah what Abdullah was to Shanzay, the only big difference is that they are married now! Sarwar also played a major role in giving Abdullah the hope that he can still get married to Shanzay. We have seen right from the beginning that Sarwar exercises great control over Abdullah therefore it makes perfect sense that he listened to him instantly and ran to see Shanzay. The kind of welcome he got was completely unexpected, more than ever now he is convinced that he is likable and can perhaps have Shanzay in his life. Right now it seems like Shanzay is lonely and she is using Abdullah. She is not even bothered about how all this will impact Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s marriage.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 17 Story Review - Shanzay is Back

Abdullah was too busy worrying about Shanzay and putting Mahjabeen down in this episode. The difference between Mahjabeen and Shanzay is obvious – you do understand why Abdullah who fell for someone like Shanzay would find it difficult to fall in love with Mahjabeen.

Poor Mahjabeen

Mahjabeen was the real victim tonight who has been doing whatever it takes to make her marriage work yet she is now facing a situation that is beyond her control. Mahjabeen’s innocence is the most appealing aspect of this drama. Her main goal in life is to please her husband, she has no idea what and who she is up against. When Mahjabeen heard Shanzay calling Abdullah her best friend, her reaction was too cute. She is clearly possessive about her husband and can sense when someone is doing something that is not right!

Later on, Abdullah told her off more than once, he was a completely different person right from the time he came back home. In the morning, he was quite happy with Mahjabeen but after meeting Shanzay and being brainwashed by Sarwar (rather quickly) his behavior towards Mahjabeen changed altogether. Mahjabeen definitely has a more strong personality than Abdullah. The only hope now is that Washma or Pho will find out about this and knock some sense into Abdullah.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 17 Story Review - Shanzay is Back

The way Washma told Sarwar off today was satisfying! She really is the only one who sees him for who he actually is. Mansoora and Sarwar once again have gone back to being ‘love birds’. This time around Sarwar did not have the guts to take Mahjabeen out therefore he is more cautious now.

Final Remarks

I am not too happy with where the story is going but I am hoping that the writer will continue to surprise us with another twist which works in Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s favor. Abdullah is easily influenced by Sarwar, he needs someone to guide him in the right direction. Sarwar it seems will team up with Shanzay to get what he wants. While it is understandable why Sarwar is doing all this, I am wondering why Shanzay is looking for an escape in Abdullah! I don’t find this part of the story too convincing. Tonight’s episode was visually pleasing and Mahjabeen’s scenes were cute. Abdullah and Mahjabeen make an amazing on-screen couple, waiting to see their happy ending.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Fatima Ji,

    Your review is bang on….. simply awesome.
    It was so nice of you to have begun reviewing this drama after a few episodes were aired already………

    Yes, you are right, the story taking the turn it took, is certainly not convincing enough.

    I hate to say this…… but I will,
    the writer of this drama is Ms. Zanjabeel Asim Shah and she completely messed up with Cheekh after a brilliant start…..
    Balaa……. The less said the better…..
    So many of the drama fans stayed invested in this drama Pyar Ke Sadqay up untill the 17th episode, for it’s story line, production values and the actors who have performed so well….. More importantly the subject autism/ asperger’s syndrome has been touched upon for the very first time, I guess….

    I sincerely hope this drama lives up to the expectations and ends well too,

    Otherwise, so many of us drama fans will certainly feel disappointed and cheated….

    Fatima Ji, please do continue reviewing this drama till the very end, your writing is always to the point and brilliant….. Ketan

    • Thank you so much Ketan for liking the review and for sharing your views here. I agree with you the subject is brand new, since I know a few people who are on the spectrum, I found the characterizations and the performances so on point.

      Honestly speaking I never liked Cheekh, I could see right from the first episode that it was destined to head where it ultimately headed. PKS, on the contrary, was never rushed or overly commercialized.

      I really hope so. We have seen so many logical and convincing developments in all these weeks, I feel we have reason to hope for the best but Shanzay’s track so far has been beyond disappointing. When I heard somewhere that Shanzay will be back and sorry for what she did at some point, I already knew that it was a bad idea. The way they have executed the idea is even worst than I imagined.

      I intend to review it till the end Ketan IA. Keep reading and commenting.

  • It was obvious to me that shanzay was going to come back into Abdullah’s life, however they did not execute her husband/fiance’s character or develop him properly enough to be convincingly “charming”, like you said. I found all of his lines to be quite stupid and unrealistic, and his acting was unimpressive. It would have been a bit more impactful and convincing if his character was shown like you said. I have seen many scenarios where the fiance/fiancee turn out to be completely different people after living with each other and married, however again, the way this scenario was shown in the episode seemed to be a bit rushed and unconvincing. I can see why they added this part to the storyline, as i suppose it was meant to highlight the fact that mahjabeen is innocent and will have to face these types of people for her character’s evolution, i just wish they had made shanzay and her husband/fiance’s relationship more convincing.

    • I know right! Glad to know that we are on the same page Noor. Well, wasn’t Sarwar enough to show that?! I honestly don’t get why Shanzay is so desperate all of a sudden and why has her dad turned into a typical aba who wants her to compromise, he was so ‘cool’ before!

  • The review is on point Fatima! I felt exactly the same about this episode….

    The whole situation with Shanzay and Esa is a little unrealistic. There’s not much about Esa that changed overnight, for Shanzay to suddenly feel suffocated. In fact, she should’ve felt the same earlier and the character sketch that Shanzay has, she should’ve told her father and called her engagement off! I don’t understand why she got into this marriage when she knew what it is going to be. If she can tell Abdullah off, why couldn’t she do it with Esa, or even her father! Esa is unimpressive, they should’ve chosen a good looking, strong and impressive personality to play this character.

    Is Abdullah the only other friend Shanzay has? I don’t understand why she’s trying to find solace in Abdullah, out of all other people she might know. Her wedding look was more like her casual look with added jewellery, she looks better otherwise.

    Mahjabeen was cute as usual and the scenes made me feel for her. Sarwar is impressive in his character, Omair Rana has definitely done a good job here. I like Washma’s character, she’s the only one who puts things straight in front of Sarwar and doesn’t mince her words at all.

    The track is headed towards a love triangle. Waiting to see what treatment the writer and director has given to this love triangle. I just hope they don’t make it look cliche because otherwise this drama has been quite appealing and pleasing to watch. I’m totally rooting for Mahjabeen and Abdullah, they have undeniable chemistry and both of them are good actors.

    • Thank you so much, Sheetal. Totally agree with everything you said. Omair Rana is superb as Sarwar, he makes every single scene count. This basically shows just how important it is to cast the right actor for a particular role. The actor playing Esa is such a misfit, If he looked and carried himself like Sarwar, things would have made more sense.

      Sama here, Love Mahjabeen and Abdullah, they are perfect together. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too cliched and illogical.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Bilal in his interview admitted that it will be dragged. If it was up to him, every drama should end at 16th episode. So i kinda knew this will happen. From 16th episode they didn’t have anything else to push on to prolong it. They either had to make it a rape drama or else show this development. I know it’s a cliched situation but it’s true so i guess from now on get ready to binge watch the episode. We will find some anoying scenes which we have watched 1000 times before. Performances are great like before.
    A very good review. You are really good like always

    • All the dramas nowadays are dragged Ahsan and that is really sad! I don’t even mind cliches as long are they are at least presented convincingly. Drag hi krna tha tu at least Shanzay wala part aram tasali se dikha dete takay sense tu banti.

      Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad but yes there is a big chance that it might.

      Thank you so much for liking the review and for commenting, appreciate your feedback.

  • Thank you for the review.
    After watching this pathetic episode I watched Yeh Dil Mera’s episode again and was wondering why people were complaining about YDM. … Kadar hoi mujhye YDM ki. No complains from it anymore.
    Khair… PKS was a huge disappointment… I just have no words. This whole triangle is so forced and hard to digest. I seriously dont watch it any further.

    • You’re welcome Sabahat. I stopped watching YDM, it was getting ridiculous. PKS might be headed there but overall it has been convincing so far. I think it is too early to completely give up on it. Will definitely watch YDM, your comment suggests it is making sense now.

  • i loved the review, you couldn’t have put any better, Shanzey is a funny character, last week Esa was bullying her as well & she looked very unhappy but she didn’t bother to say anything then to her father, i do feel sorry for Majhabeen

  • i loved the review, you couldn’t have put any better, Shanzey is a funny character, last week Esa was bullying her as well & she looked very unhappy but she didn’t bother to say anything then to her father, i do feel sorry for Mahjabeen

  • Mahjabeen is love. The light hearted scenes keep it real. And acting is top notch. Sound track is mesmerizing. Characters are well etched out except Shanzay. Shanzay’s track is unconivincing and cringeworthy. A head strong girl made a bad decision. Ok understandable. But the day next to her wedding she was suffocated and shopping in the mall like a desperate houswife. How conivincing is that. The episode started on a sweet note and the moment I wanted to see more of Mahjabeen and Abdullah, Shanzay was dragged In, out of nowhere. Like kabab men haddi. Ok if they were supposed to drag the drama give sometime to evolve her character. Shanzay has been turned into a caricature and that too abruptly. Not happy With this unrealistic development