Pyarai Afzal – Episode 21 & 22

Pyarai Afzal is the only show airing these days whose single episode is unaffordable for me to miss. Story is now sounding more like a love rectangle rather than a triangle.. :P Pehlay Farah, than Lubna and now Yasmeen. Lubna’s Lahoo Moo lag gaya must be the tagline of previous episode. I mean that episode was more about Ramleela than Farah,Afzal or Lubna. Unnecessary, inclusion of dialogues related to the movie could have been avoided but again for the fun sake, I took them casually because I was enjoying even Ramleela’s discussion too.

This show is way too much unpredictable man. Firstly, it was all about those letters mystery which is still a secret buried deep inside Afzal’s heart ; And now , this whole Lubna sequence. All I am thinking is that it is nothing but Lubna’s strategy to compel Farah to speak her heart out and confess that she is in love with Afzal. Farah’s rage is clearly depicting her inside out; The way she is reacting to every action Lubna takes regarding Afzal is more than enough for us to know that Farah loves Afzal but she is resisting to tell anybody and more than that she is not ready to accept the fact herself ;Peak of her anger was shown when she heard Lubna humming the song and broke the window.

Yasmeen is a very interesting character added to the show in recent episodes; Though, Sohai was never my favorite actress still, I am enjoying every scene of her – she looks way too good in this role. So, this is my request to Sohai Ali that next time try to experiment with her acting skills rather than sticking to one particular “rota dhota role”. The pink lipstick, loud blush suits her character well and her confession infront of her mother told us that she is in no way flirting with Afzal and is seriously interested in getting married to him.

Our Afzal is looking literally “pyarai” in that security guard uniform. His decision regarding his job was right to an extent that he shouldnot wait for opportunity to knock out at his door rather he should go out and fetch for the opportunity – No matter how long it takes and by adopting which way he will become “Afzal” .

Mehtaab’s re-entry in the show made me happy again.This time he is completely transformed man ; He is looking elegant and poised rather than sounding like a goofy as before. The way he made Afzal realize about where he is standing right now being Farah’s admirer was nothing more than his way of taking revenge from him.

Mehtaab called Farah and Lubna picked up but point is that despite of saying again and again that she is not Farah but Lubna , Mehtaab got easily tricked by Lubna..At that point, I thought that he was only pretending to be different, deep inside he is still a goofy bal k bechara maasoom he hai and everyone can play with his emotions just like that. Seriously, I felt bad for him when Lubna said that she will reconsider her and he become happy thinking the fact that Farah will reconsider her again.

 By the way, was that beep really necessary during Lubna and Mehtaab’s call? I mean their lips can easily be read and the words they uttered were not different from what they use frequently.

Without any doubt, dialogues are the soul of this show and credit goes to Khalil ur Rehmaan; He penned down every dialogue beautifully and not only they sound good but they are equally meaningful too. The way Afzal’s mother changed her mood ,when Farah’s mother visited her and told her that they will help them in finding Afzal, clearly described her longing for her son.

Now that Lubna knows exactly where Afzal is , I am guessing that story is heading towards its end. Last scene of today’s episode was too hard for me to digest. Are they actually planning for a sad ending ? Honestly, it would be unbearable for me to watch Afzal die; Maybe, he was wearing a bullet – proof jacket because he was in his uniform.. :P

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 Rabia Basharat.



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