Pyarai Afzal – Episode 25

Tonight’s episode was the  most boring and slow paced episode of Pyarai Afzal; I didnot enjoy watching this episode except for few scenes that I will be discussing in detail today. I know many of you will disagree with my point but thats how I feel and I guess, its the time to wrap up the show.I have no issue even if they will take 5-6 episodes to wrap up par koi asaar tou dikhain Afzal k kisi aik ke taraf janay k..

Sad part of today’s episode was when we came to know that Babu Hameed is no more. Ofcourse, out of all, Afzal and Yasmeen were completely broken because for Afzal,he was like his brother who was there with him when he needed help. Right from the day when Afzal came to Karachi, he took every step with Babu Hameed; They discussed ups and downs of their lives and always stood by each other and now that Afzal’s hard time companion is dead , he is completely shattered and broken from inside. And yes, I would like to give a special mention to Babu Hameed’s funeral; After a long time , I have seen a death in any television drama  where people didnot wear white clothes and for that Babu Hameed’s funeral looked like real life one.

I literally hated Farah today; I mean how selfish a woman can be ? Instead of feeling sad for Babu Hameed, she was cursing Afzal and Yasmeen. And for me, this is called nothing but peak of an emotion termed as Love ,blended with jealousy . Farah was jealous that Afzal put his life in danger for Yasmeen and now after seeing them together, she was unable to control her rage and started cursing both of them or woh bhi Lubna k kandhay ka sahara lai kar.. I must say, I should add sympathy with my hatred for Farah too because she can’t help herself and she is not in her own control now.

The best part of tonight’s episode was when Afzal’s family came to know that Afzal is in safe hands now. I would like to mention Firdous Jamal’s name,for acting superbly and brilliantly today ; Not for a second, it felt that he is acting in a drama-  it looked as if its a real life scene. Rukayya was unable to handle her emotions and Arfa’s eyes were full of tears – tears of happiness.  And like always, Maulvi Saheb’s dialogues took the limelight of today’s episode.

As Afzal is now in mood of taking revenge from Wali, he planned something fishy with Yasmeen and for that after a long time, he called his friends too. I guess, Wali will visit Yasmeen alone and this time Afzal will be a “bad man”  ,with his friends as his back up. God knows what is cooking in Afzal’s head.

Share your thoughts on recent installment of Pyarai Afzal.

Rabia Basharat.

P.S.  I would be extremely happy , if everyone in this show will stop uttering one “signature” word.  #Youknowitwell  :)


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