Pyarai Afzal – The Confrontation

Afzal’s longing for Farah has attained another level where he craves for Farah but cannot express,where he dreams for her but forgets everything everytime she comes infront of him. With a hope of making Farah a permanent part of his life, he asked his parents to visit Farah’s parents but he never counted the real life consequence in his plan. And when he got rejected by Farah,he was back to what he was before – rather even worse than ever before. He was unable to bear the pain of letting Farah go out of his life and to keep his mind distracted of her thoughts, he adopted every bad thing that can help him to forget the refusal.Farah did no good by insulting Afzal; Poor Afzal was unable to utter a single word after hearing what she said.

Jo chup kharay gaalyaan sun laitay hain na woh badnaam nahi kartay..

Lubna was so right about Afzal ; How can he even think of destroying Farah’s image in other’s eye. Afzal was one of his own kinds and Lubna knew it very well. Afzal knows how to respect women and if Farah was sensible enough, she might had the whole “8 lakh waali nokri” in mind for which she hired him. If not then than how can he think of putting a question mark on her character now. She made Farah realize that she should have shown patience which she lacks.

Afzal was all set to leave Hyderabad but it was his concern,love and respect for his mother that was not letting him take this very step.

Mera Zameer mujhe keh raha hai k chala jaa..

Tou phir maa se kyu pooch rahay ho chalay jao..

Chala jaoun ga Saajid, bus mujhe koi ye bata dai k maa bari hai ya zameer bara hai..

And at that very moment, his friend,Saajid,was completely short of words. The whole sequence, the silence with which Afzal left and the answer Alladyo gave, Batao na uss ko.. Maa bari hoti hai.. left mark deep inside my heart. This is the beauty of Khalil ur Rehmaan dialogues – When everything seems quiet, silence breaks the ice.

I really like the fact that both Afzal and Farah’s family share good regards for each other. Unlike typical serials,where after being insulted or rejected, all families are left with is rivalry or somewhat close to that.

Arifa turned out to be evil yet concerned tonight when she came to know that her brother was insulted by Farah right in the middle of street.Her reaction to the situation was too natural to believe and I literally felt that I was watching a real life scene; the strength of siblings relation was at its peak today.

Arifa knows when and how to react.She has all the elements that make a perfect sister – she smiles when she sees her brother happy, she cries when her brother betrays her and she can even switch herself into an evil immediately as and when she feels that her brother was insulted.Indeed,she is a typical eastern sister and I mean no harm in saying that!

Arifa revealed the letters mystery infront of Farah and Lubna and by the time, I was completely convinced that it will be Farah as she knows that Afzal won’t reveal her identity out of respect,she played with her emotions just like typical rich spoil girls by writing him letters.But I was proved wrong next minute when Farah visited Arifa and clarified everything infront of her mother. It was so nice and surprising to see how blindly Afzal’s mother trusted Farah.

From asking for coffee to the gift they gave, every action of Afzal’s family was depicting that how open heartedly and without holding any grudge,they welcomed Farah and Lubna.

It was so sad to see Afzal stepping in gambling again; I mean there are other ways with the help of which a person can keep oneself distracted  from all the thoughts but for Afzal,if not gambling, than what would it be ?Afzal packed his belongings as he finally came to a decision that he will no longer stay in Hyderabad.After watching tonight’s episode,according to me, these lines fit best on Afzal’s situation:

Jisay mai keh nahi sakta usai mai farz karta houn..
Chalo mai farz karta houn, mujhe tum se mohabbat hai..

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Rabia Basharat.


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