Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 22 Story Review – Lackluster

This latest episode of Raqs-e-Bismil focused more on Moosa, Laila, and Sheheryar. Sheheryar’s track probably came to an end with this episode. Zohra got barely any screen time and it would be safe to say that ever since she disappeared, the drama is getting more fantasy-like than ever before. I am also getting tired of watching Moosa suffer, can we have his happy ending already? Some of the dialogues tonight were also disappointing such as the ones uttered by Moosa when he found out the truth. The fact that Zohra’s character is too plain makes everyone’s efforts to ‘rescue’ her seem meaningless! Yes, I am seriously wondering if she is worth the effort! I don’t find myself rooting for Zohra at all after the decisions she has taken lately. There was nothing new about Esa and Sakina’s track. It was however good to see Moosa’s mother making an appearance, finally! The flashback scene however was too long and not really required. Laila’s explanation was also stretched needlessly. Zara Sheikh’s makeover was unbearable even though her performance overall was much better than before. A few weeks back all the scenes added something new to the story but now some of the scenes are repetitive and others are stretched.

Faizee’s Plan Fails

The previous episode was dedicated to laying the foundation for the ‘important’ developments that were to be shown tonight but what happened tonight did not turn out to be as impactful as it should have been. Yet again, Saranga came to Moosa’s rescue and did not let him fall into Faizee’s trap. Saranga is turning out to be someone whose sole purpose in life is to protect Moosa. This entire development wasn’t powerful enough. Even though Moosa found out the truth but that ‘makeshift’ door he entered from was too distracting! It is also difficult to take things seriously when all of a sudden the relatively new characters start running the show. Although I find Saranga’s character amusing, I find his reach and efforts for Moosa a little too far-fetched. Since Murad was introduced as a pan wala who had lost everything, it is difficult to relate to his ‘new identity’ as someone with so many connections. Anyway, Saranga eventually managed to get Sheheryar out of the way and he also knocked some sense into Moosa so that he wouldn’t end up doing exactly what his opponents wanted him to.

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 22 Story Review – Lackluster

Faizee also wanted to create a misunderstanding between Laila and Moosa since he wanted to make sure that Moosa would be infuriated enough to take an extreme step. This scene was executed so poorly and it ended abruptly. Laila visited Moosa, later on, to narrate Sheheryar and Zohra’s story to him! This scene was unbearable since the viewers had to listen to a detailed version of things they were already fully acquainted with. Moosa is also back to being the impulsive person he was before and the changes we got to witness in the previous few episodes were non-existent in this episode. If it weren’t for his friends, he would have been clueless.

Moosa’s Family

Moosa’s mother was shown pleading for her son once again while his father is just as stubborn as ever. Even after all these weeks, nothing has changed. It was however good to see these two discussing their son and it would only be logical if they are kept in the picture. Esa and Sakina’s track is going around in circles. Their scenes are short and mostly repetitive. These two characters and their track had so much potential but slowly like all the other tracks, this one has also lost its spark.

Final Remarks

I have really enjoyed watching and reviewing Raqs-e-Bismil for the most part but things started going off track gradually a few weeks back and now Imran Ashraf is the only saving grace of the drama. That is obviously not enough since the writer has lost his grip on the story and Zohra’s character has been a huge disappointment. It has turned out to be a caricature – a woman who needs saving! I am also wondering why Sitara’s track was added to the story, perhaps to add to the list of ways in which Moosa insulted his father and his choices! I hope that the drama will wrap up soon because the thriller aspect of the show is badly executed and the dialogues are putting me to sleep!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Hi fatima mam
    Neeli zinda hai
    Akhir kab tak daika
    Share your thoughts on these and also on chupkay chupaky ❤️

    • Hello Ayaz,
      Haan ji meinay sab naye dramas dekhei hei. Neeli Zinda hei fits the bill lekin wohi kahani, ek bachi, naya ghar, family dynamics thore different hei bus. Lekin interesting start hei, I wish ke setting aur characters thore different kr lete,dekh kr kafi sari horror movies aur Pakistan ke horror shows yaad aye mjhe.
      Pardes thora boring laga mujhe, somewhat dragged. I was looking forward to it kyunke topic different hei lekin I feel Shaista and Sarmad are not great actors.
      Akhir Kab Tak gave me Dar Si Jati Hei Sila feels, let’s see agay ja kr kesa hota hei.
      Naye dramas mei cliches kafi ziada hei unfortunately, abhi tk kuch aisa refreshing nahi laga.
      The highlight of this week was Raqeeb Se ki last episode, kya kamal ending thi! So powerful.

        • Yes, it was Waleed. Bee Gul is such an amazing writer, Raqeeb Se will be remembered for a really long time. I wanted to write about it but honestly speaking I feel that just watching the episodes once and writing about them wouldn’t do justice to the masterpiece. I intend to watch it one more time. It was like reading a beautifully written novel that takes you by surprise but not in the usual manner. Kya kamal characterizations and performances.

          • Totally agree with everything you just said. It was a masterpiece, The story, the direction, the characterization and the acting. Everything was beyond superb. I agree with the novel feeling you described. It was like that you are lost completely in another dimension and see a simple story of so multi dimensional and complex characters unraveling. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Please do watch it again, I will be waiting for your thorough analysis on it. Thank you.

      • G haan ap k thoughts k saath bilkul agree karta ho 100%
        But i think neeli zinda hai me ye family politics aik side plot tha kahani me.. Kahani ab start hogi waisay urwa pe ye role suit karta hau buht.
        I agree with you on pardes also.
        Yes raqeeb se was masterpiece but unfortunately underrated drama of the year. Me ne abi full daika nahi me episode 10 me ho aaj kal time mahi milta dramas kaafi sare hai.. Waisay ap ne ramzan ne chupkay chupaky enjoy kya??
        I think it was best serial of the season.
        And also aulaad bi hatam hone ka naam nahi le raha 4 episodes abi bi baqi hai

  • What got me hooked to Raqs e Bismil was brilliant direction, acting and writing. Unfortunately, all of these have gone down the hill now.
    First of all a more than 5 minutes flashback. WTH?
    The scene where Saranga stops Moosa was so badly directed. They could have shown Moosa going to Laila’s office and listening everything there side by side with Namurad going to Saranga and then Saranga driving fastly to the office to stop Musa.
    Sakeena and Esa have same repititive dialogues every week now.
    Also, Whoever did Zara Sheikh’s makeup and styling needs to be fired immediately.

    • Yes, same here Pakistani Po. This is the first time I am reviewing a drama written by Hashim Nadeem and I realized that every drama written by him has always gone off track towards the end. I have never watched any of his dramas till the end, they always started off so well but then he introduces a brand new scenario right towards the end. The direction was awful! Action scenes add hi na karei agr direct nahi hote, everything looked so stage and fake. Haha! Totally, the lipstick matched her weird-colored dupatta and earrings.That scene was unbearable.

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