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Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Se – Sisters Rivalry

Now this is more than enough. Everything in this show is going perfect except that Nikah issue. I think this is the time that it should get disclosed. It has been a long time we are waiting for that moment when Arsal will come to know about the reality but Alas! I am not finding this issue to be disclosed in next couple of episodes either.

After 4-5 episodes, I started thinking that how this show will move on with its story? And now, I have found the clear answer and that is director’s silly strategy to “Just-drag-the-show”. I have always found dramas made under Momina Duraid production house quite appealing and keeping up their pace but I am extremely disappointed this time.Finally, I convinced myself after all, she is a human being too.This show is getting viewership only because viewers are forced to watch it as other channels have even worse shows to offer.

Gaiti is still in confusion whether she should tell Arsal about everything or not. . It is her affection for Arsal which is not allowing her to utter a single word.Every time she recollects herself and then few succession of events takes her one step back again.I mean, come on girl, how are you living with a man to whom you are not wed-locked and you know it too. Pretty illogical and head spinning.Lakin jo bhi hai,Arsal and Gaiti share perfect onscreen chemistry and I really enjoy everytime Arsal tried to make Gaiti comfortable with him. I have started feeling pity for Arsal.

Kiran, from day one, liked Arsal and now that she knows that Arsal is her husband, madam hawaao mai urr rahi hain. For her, it is like a fantasy world in which Gaiti is living and she has the earnest yearning to be a part of that fantasy world too.Or sonai par sohaaga, she was asked to live at Gaiti’s place for few days.

Salaar has already confessed in front of Gaiti that he feels for Kiran and he is finding that moment-of-glory when he will propose Kiran. Kiran is completely unaware of Salaar’s one-sided affection and I am waiting for the day when she will come to know about that ; what will be her reaction then?

Kiran’s presence is making Gaiti uncomfortable and she is feeling so insecure as Arsal keeps on admiring Kiran’s  bold and confident nature.Daadi and Gaiti conversation was worth watching, Indeed, Nikah is the one of the strongest bonds that ties a knot between two people of completely different nature,attitude and sometimes different culture too for life time. And except for few cases,it is impossible to break the bond on silly typical noke-jhonk.

Like always, I waited for what this show has to offer next. And after watching its preview, once again my disappointment was at its peak that next episode has nothing new to offer too. Kiran will now attempt to instigate Gaiti so that she will tell the truth to Arsal at her own and she will now let Arsal realize that she is his lovely wedded wife.

Do share your views about this week’s installment.

Stay Blessed.
Rabia Basharat.

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