Rubaru – Episode 01!

Well, this drama had a pretty decent start. Till now the theme looks different so I am hoping that we have found something interesting to watch on Thursdays.

Surmed (Faizan Khuwaja) & Tipu (Tipu Sharif) happen to be friends who did their graduation in Turkey together. Surmed in comparison to Tipu has no traces of family left but on the other hand Tipu comes from a big happy family which has a few politics of it’s own. Shabbi (Syra Yousaf) happens to be Tipu’s cousin who is living with her mamu’s after her mother has passed away. Just because she gets the undivided attention from her Naani, the situation doesn’t help her & she continues to be an eye-sore for the rest of the family members except her mamus & elder mami. Both her mami’s happen to be sisters but are poles apart, Nafisa being the eldest is wise & has accepted Shabbi completely whereas Salima who’s the younger one is quite unhappy with Shabbi because of her own daughter Kiran.

Kiran & Tipu who like each-other are engaged to be married but just because Naani has stopped their wedding from happening till Shabbi gets married, this gave a birth to another mess by both Salima & Kiran. Salima obviously being a mother only wants to see her daughter Kiran happy. Even though Naani wants Shabbi to settle ASAP because she doesn’t want her mamu’s to get away from her responsibility, I found her condition of keeping a hold on Kiran’s marriage a bit reasonable. No matter what the Naani wants, things will obviously turn against Shabbi because of her unreasonable demands.

In the meanwhile, Shabbi’s mamu arranged a proposal for her but Naani seems to be unstatisfied. But just in the nick of time Tipu’s friend Surmed has made an appearance & I am sure he will be persistant in getting married to her, even though he looks really decent, his intention may not be right because he has some strings of the memories attached which do haunt him till date, let’s see how things will unfold for Shabbi because she seems like a nice girl.

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