Rubaru – Episode 14!

Ohkay, I must say Rubaru is getting better & better. 14th episode, still going strong & still not disappointed. I hope they do not stretch the drama & end it at a good note.

I am still unable to figure out the importance of Kiran Teeepu story. I mean what does Kiran want now? She wasn’t satisfied & happy when she was single, she was at her worst when she got married, she herself left no stone unturned to get divorced & now when she has remarried, she has totally gone crazy. Does she really think she can win Teeeepu over again? & I really don’t get why her irritating character is even so important that we get to see her throughout the episode. Aik do scene karo aur paray karo isay.

Teepu has found an old/new friend in Neha. He definitely knows her as Surmed’s ex but now she is also single after having her bad share of divorce. I think things might shape up for Neha & Teeeepu & they’ll tie the knot pretty soon because they both are seemingly enjoying each other’s company these days.

I thought Surmed actually had nothing against Shabbi & Neelam’s family but I was wrong. He only pulled off the acting till he got to the position which he hoped for. He has now found the perfect way of taking revenge from the whole family. I am glad that Shabbi got to know everything about Surmed at just the right time because now she can still prevent something worse that might happen.

I think none of us might’ve even imagined the things Surmed went through as a child & for this I do commend the writer for bringing in these twists at just the right time. At first he did come across as a victim but surprisingly he was a nanha munha villain on his own. I think Syra Yousaf failed in portraying the shock Shabbi got after finding the truth & the real face of her husband because she conveniently seemed too dumb & numb thinking crying another glass of tears would be the perfect thing to do.

I must say in a bunch of expressionless people like Teepu, Kiran, Shabbi & Surmed, Neha is such a pretty face & a breath of fresh air. I know she doesn’t have much of a role to play but definitely brings in the energy & a positive one at that. I think we all complained at the never-ending wrath on Surmed/Faizan Khuwaja’s face but now when I saw him smiling I thought this guy must never smile again. I am glad he uses his teeth stealthily & miserly because that smile just doesn’t suit him & he is definitely saving a lot of people from the creepy shivers.

Anyhow, this was quite an interesting episode & I can’t wait to find out what happens ahead minus Kiran & her irritating voice.

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