Sabaat Episode 10 Story Review – Interesting

Tonight’s episode of Sabaat focused entirely on Hasan and Anaya’s marriage, which will finally take place in the upcoming episode. Just like every other episode, this one also showed Miraal’s controlling side. Ali literally ran away, he turned out to be wise after all! The most interesting aspect of this episode was that for a change Miraal’s actual insecurities were spelled out in a way that for the first time I could connect to her character. This character could have been so much more interesting if these inner insecurities were presented on-screen just as often as Miraal’s outward behavior has been shown continuously. Sabaat’s OST has the most meaningful lyrics and it has been sung beautifully too but the director has completely failed to use it effectively. Some sense prevailed tonight and it was a much more interesting episode especially when compared to some of the previous episodes.

Miraal Is Losing Her Grip

Miraal did everything in her power to ensure that Hasan and Anaya do not get married. So far, it is pretty clear that if something does not go the way Miraal planned it she considers it an insult. Her reactions to even the most minor things show that she expects everyone around her to do exactly what she wants and if they don’t do it, she ‘disowns’ them. She did so with her father, brother, and even her friend. When she asked her friend to stay with her and she was hesitant, Miraal’s instantly said that she did not want her to come tomorrow either if she wasn’t going to stay tonight. She planned to get married to Ali secretly just to hurt her father although she cannot even stand him. The fact that Ali left her like that was a big blow to Miraal’s ego and it fanned her insecurities.

Sabaat Episode 10 Story Review - Interesting

For the first time, naani’s scenes gave an insight into Miraal’s actual insecurity because of which she was just as scared inside as she was confident on the outside. In her heart, Miraal knows that she is not a likable person therefore she is afraid of being left alone. She probably knows subconsciously that she won’t find anyone who would dance to her tune all the time. This scene helped me understand why Miraal was so upset. Although she is gradually realizing that she is losing her grip on things, she continues to try harder to pressurize her family members. Sarah Khan performed well tonight and for a change, Miraal’s character wasn’t just about controlling Hasan and her father.

Hasan and Anaya

Hasan and Anaya’s conversations tonight were cute. A few weeks back I thought I would never warm up to their couple but I find them really cute now. Hasan appears to be much more mature now and watching him show some flexibility to mend the relationship with his father was definitely good. The father too is acting much more responsibly now and not like a spoiled kid! This whole track makes much more sense right now than it ever did. Also, I am really glad that the story can finally move forward once they get married because so many episodes were dedicated to this particular track! Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani look good together now that they are no longer university students trying to figure things out. This character development has definitely added more appeal to Hasan/Anaya track. The preparations for the wedding on both sides were covered well with some emotional scenes in between.

Sabaat Episode 10 Story Review - Interesting

Anaya and her father’s scene in this episode reminded me of Durr-e-Shehwar’s emotional conversations with her Aba. Muhammad Ahmed and Mawra Hocane are exceptionally convincing as the father/daughter who share a really special bond. The dialogues were meaningful and not just relevant with reference to Anaya’s situation but they were also even more well-suited for Miraal’s present condition. She truly is someone who has given hate and grudges so much of a space in her heart and mind that there is no place for love. Perhaps if she had been raised by a father who had such conversations with her instead of rewarding her with material things, she would have turned out to be an entirely different person.

Final Remarks

This was an entertaining episode overall with some meaningful scenes. The story is finally moving forward. Looks like Usman Mukhtar fans will have to wait even longer! Have you warmed up to Hasan and Anaya’s track yet or not?

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Great review fatima have you heard the news that Humayun Saeed and Khalil ur Rehman are working on an ertugrul type historic drama what are your thoughts about it

    • it would be an epic disaster like their previous collaborations!!
      HS’s constipated acting and KRQ’s misogynist take on a historical isn’t a great idea for sure.

      • Their previous collaborations were great not disaster Meray Paas Tum Ho and Punjab Nahi Jaungi both were great projects and huge success Khalil is absolutely right we are only interested in old stories there should be more dramas of ertugrul type stories and Humayun Saeed is a great actor I would love to watch him in this kind of character I’m sure he will nail this character too just like he nailed Danish and Mohid

        • HS could play Ertural’s father well, and such historical dramas need lots of research, they aren’t written by a single person who is always high writing his scripts.

          • No he doesn’t look that much old so he can’t play a father of lead actor He can nail this ertugrul type character and I know these type of dramas needs research and khalil himself has said that he is reading old books for writting a script khalil doesn’t write a bad script so I have faith in him that he can write a great script on this topic

        • KRQ’s version of Ertural: Halima ki bewafae, Ertural ke pyaar ke qisse aur ksi nakaam aashiq ki khudkushi

    • Thank you Sami, yes I heard and waiting to see what they have to offer. Making a film would be a better idea IMO

  • Your analysis of Miraal’s thought process(es) and the weird complexes she’s harbouring is spot on. But unfortunately knowing the why’s and hows of her character hasn’t made it any more appealing. I wonder why it was necessary to kill off Nani’s character, these conversations with Nani as Miraal’s conscience could perhaps have been more meaningful with Nani as Nani. At least it wouldn’t have made me jump (and sometimes curse) at her sudden appearance. And boy do I applaude the lecturer friend’s patience and therefore I’m promoting her to the saint friend (she never goes to College anyways…so). I also find Sara Khan’s performance exceptionally…underwhelming. She’s looking beyond gorgeous despite the mostly awful dressing (though highly appropriate for the Swiss Alps or other extremely cold places like…K-2) but none of her scenes, be it her anguish at Hassan’s defection or her fear of becoming like Nani, her anger, her misery, everything seems unnatural and unnaturally portrayed. Anyways, I found your point about how Miraal could’ve benefitted from Abba’s convo with Anaya extremely important…Seth Fareed please take note. Fareed and Hassan’s scene was nice, though I was a bit disappointed that Hassan doesn’t want to do his own thing anymore but that he gave in, shows flexibility of character which is good too. I would, however, be super disappointed if Anaya didn’t opt to work after marriage. Anaya’s excitement for the upcoming wedding was so sweet and her rapport with everyone including her friends, parents and fiancé was fabulous. I’ve definitely warmed up to this couple in fact I’m in danger of heating up now LOL.
    A lovely and insightful review, perhaps more so than usual. It’s great that you underline things that aren’t as obvious to all of us. Also what fun to be so rich that you can just pick up and leave the country if your fiancée is scaring you. Good for Ali…you go girl!!!

    • Ohh you are soo right. Miral’s dresses give me a headache. M soo disappointed by her style sense or whoever is doing that 😐 even at times her dead straight silky/oily whatever hair look annoying too 🤭

    • Thank you so much, N for the kind words. I agree with you Miraal needs therapy asap! LOL!! heating up is good, that means you will enjoy watching their track even more. They look cute together as long their track keeps on going forward the way it is now. Hahaha! Ali was meant to leave, I am glad he ditched Miraal. Same here, I also wrote what you mentioned about naani in a few of my reviews. But I think since she is hallucinating, that is a way to show that she is truly losing it! I find it hard to believe though that the naani she was once so close to never showed her the pictures and didn’t tell Miraal her actual life story instead of only dropping hints!

      Enjoyed reading your comment N, keep reading and commenting.

  • I always like Anaya and her parents’ scene. This was a good episode. Ali took the right decision. Miraal is losing her mind. I dont understand why Hasan’s friend did not tried his luck in Miraal Api’s office? I am sure she would do that much of a favour to her pet.

  • Fatima mam.
    Please review bikhray moti covering the most important issue of domestic violence and child labour or dushman e jaan written by sarwat nazeer
    Kiya ap ne daika hai bikray moti and dushman e jaan

    • Thank you for the suggestion Ayaz. I am watching BM and like Neelam’s character a lot. I started watching DeJ, need to catch up. I have only watched two episodes, I like Mohid’s performance, he fits the role. As you know we can only review 2 dramas therefore I won’t be able to review it just yet.

  • fatima you’re a real hero for sitting through miraal’s never ending whining and self obsession for an hour every week. And judging from the preview there is only one thing that comes to my mind about miraal “PSYCHO”. There are no layers to her character she is just simply a psycho….and it is the people around her who are making sure she remains that way. If my friend spoke to me the way miraal speaks to her friend I WOULD SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF HER and throw her out of my life as well. And miraal burning anaya’s room should be the one and only HINT for her to leave this psychotic family and demand a separate house.

    • Hahaha!! Trust me she annoys me a lot too, I thought she was bearable in this episode since at least we found out what is actually scaring her. hahaha!! These people are enablers, the friend and the dad.

  • Aslamu alikum.mera kabhi kabhi ana hota hai comment kliye par review ap k har dramay ka parhti hon.
    Aj jo special ai hon tu sirf yeh request karne ai hon k please drama dushman e jaan ka review shuru kariain.drama tu bht acha ja raha hai par ap logon ka review koi nahi a raha tu kuch adhora lag raha hai.please fatima ya zahra review karain.aur aj ki episode ne tu hila diya.

    Mai wait karon gi please please request hai .

    • Seriously, Dushman e jaan is awesome, Mohib mirza is excellent, and today the episode really made me cry, it was so powerful

    • Waelukum Asalam, review prhne ka buhat thank you. Ji I started watching DeJ Pakistan Po ne jb suggest kiya, it is super, the issue is that we can only review two dramas right now nahi tu mei zarur krti. so sorry.

  • This episode was interesting for sure! Hasan and Anaya have moved on from an ok couple to a cute couple! Hassan’s acting has improved a lot and his scenes with Anaya too….

    Hassan’s father for the first time spoke some sensible dialogues and was for the first time looking like a father more than a business man. Miraal continues to annoy with her overwhelming looks and styling. I still find it hard to relate to Miraal’s character. Ali, however, did the best thing by running away.

    Anaya’s father’s conversation with her was the best thing in this episode. His words were meaningful and apt for the situation. The entire atmosphere at Anaya’s house during the wedding preparations was so warm and pleasing.

    Looking forward to the next episode to see the house on fire! Miraal should now just give up on doing anything against Hassan and Anaya! She’s not someone to take failure in the right spirit.

    Your review and analysis of this episode is on point Fatima!

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for liking the reviews and for commenting. Did you watch the preview? Miraal won’t give up!

  • maybe Usman will come soon after next weeks episode when Miraal will go over the top with her behaviour

  • Aoa. So I am not following the drama because nothing, not a single thing about this drama excites me. Still I do read your reviews. Here to say that what interests me is the actress playing Miraal’s fiance’s mother is my teacher. It is actually so funny seeing her acting si contained whereas in class she is twice this boisterous. 😂😂

    • AoA, so good to hear from you again Ayesha. Thank you for reading the reviews. That is interesting haha!

  • Gr8 review fatima, even tho the drama pace is a bit slow, Im continously enjoying it and glad to know that now you like hasan-anaya pair and hasan’s acting, he looks like a kid as there is a very experienced actress opposite her, otherwise his performance is good, and as his role turned +ve soon, it became more likeable, otherwise it would have taken time to like him.

    • Thank you so much tiger. Yes, it is a lot more mature and likable now. Let’s see how the story progresses from here on.

  • Fatima honestly I am only watching this drama for your reviews. You only review two dramas and I must watch all the dramas that you review. And your reviews are always insightful. What you mentioned about Anaya and father’s coversation never crossed my mind. That is what makes you a great reviewer. I also like your observations about Miraal. I watched those scenes again after reading your review. What you say is right. I hope there is more of meaning

    • Aww thank you so much Shaz, I try my best. I am so glad that you are liking the reviews, keep reading and commenting.

  • why do Pakistani girls go to University get a degree naam ke vaste and end up getting married, no commitment to their education, just job karni hai mujha,and with mothers telling her daughters that they look best in the Kitchen, what non- sense. And the so called Middle class people have such huge houses, with bay windows, and big bedrooms. And then there are those ultra modern families with huge bungalows with swimming pools (are the women allowed to swim also I wonder), who dress with no fikar of anybody, the contrast is so horrible,one set of women wearing always a duppata on their head, and the other set are extremely modern, all suited and booted as if they are living in some foreign country not Pakistan.
    I cannot understand why that stupid sister is still running around, when they should have put her in some Pagal khana, and her dad also deserves to be put there. What kind of writer, and in the end Allah will always punish he bad and everything and everybody will become happy , and the Allah Tala takes a very long time to punish the guilty.
    I wish Pakistani serial makers took up some very modern subjects dealing with the way modern women handle things in their lives, instead of just portraying the same University jana hai,talim hasil karna hai, job karna hai ,and finally do nothing worthwhile except get married , and that too most of the times among relatives itself.
    It gives outsiders just a wrong view of the people in that country.
    I have to say, that Indian serials are not lagging behind, they are also so wrapped up in Sas bahu ladai, onch neech, and the serials run into years.
    If we stopped watching such stupid unrealistic serials both our countries would really do well, and writers would start thinking in a more realistic and intelligent way.
    I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anybody. BTW, Pakistani actors are really very good in acting and this girl Marwa looks so natural with hardly any makeup, and beautiful big expressive eyes. And many of the male characters in many serials whose name I cannot recollect, are really handsome and very good actors.
    God also cannot save India and Pakistan, at this rate.