Sabaat Episode 15 Story Review – Aur Karo “Compromise”

I am honestly fuming after watching this episode because watching an intelligent, independent and intelligent young lady like Anaya turn into the ultimate bechari in this episode was just plain annoying! Especially because this whole ‘please make mama happy’ scenario was so forced to begin with. There were so many aspects of this episode that were so unconvincing. Even after losing the NS 13 project, Fareed had complete faith in Miraal and was spoiling her as usual! He is such a ‘toxic’ father. How did he manage to get this far with this kind of attitude? There was so much hype surrounding this project yet losing it led to nothing but yet another ‘thappar’!!! So basically this will be the reason why Anaya and Hasan finally move out. Some writers use deaths to move the story forward and others use thappars. Someone, please check Dr. Harris’ degree because his ‘diagnosis’ of Miraal’s condition was so wrong!

This therapist/psychiatrist failed to see the control and anger issues Miraal has and only focused on the effect naani’s death had on Miraal – did I miss something? This was the lamest track in the story so far. This was essentially a romantic track which was chopped down due to all the criticism, nothing more and nothing less. The good thing is that this good-for-nothing therapist is no longer going to be managing Miraal’s mental health because he needs a break so that he can be ‘friends’ with her. Sabaat could have been such an interesting drama had the writer worked harder on establishing the characters and showing some character development. Why was mental health even covered in the drama if the writer was not going to do justice to it?

Anaya’s Attempts To “Adjust”

Right from the time Anaya got married, I wasn’t happy with how she was expected to put up with Miraal’s insulting behavior. Even after Miraal had already slapped her once, showed how much she despised her, and set Hasan’s room on fire on the night of their wedding, Hasan thought it was a good idea for Anaya to join the office! While I am all for ‘compromise’ in a relationship, there is clearly a big difference between compromising and putting up with regular insults! Anaya defined why she was so willing to ‘adjust’ and in a way not much had changed for her. The explanation she gave did not work for me at all. Changing buses or walking to university is not the same as living with someone who slapped you once and insults you on a daily basis! How could this intelligent girl with such great problem-solving skills forget that? Anaya’s character has seriously disappointed me, the writer had such a good opportunity to show all the young married women out there where to draw the line yet it took another thappar for Anaya and Hasan to do what they should have done early on.

Sabaat Episode 15 Story Review - Aur Karo "Compromise"

Last time Miraal slapped Anaya, Anaya’s first reaction was to hit her back but her friends stopped her. This time around however she was reminded of what Hasan said to her and ran to her parents for solace! Anaya has turned into this typical wife who cannot even decide where she wants to eat out. While Hasan and Anaya are really cute together, Hasan does whatever he can to show his support and love – I do feel that Anaya is at times such a ‘burden’ on him which is so unlike her! She was the one who used to solve everyone’s problems but all it took was nikkah ke du bol to turn her into this dependent and docile person who cannot solve any of the problems she is faced with. Although I felt for Anaya but only because of the way the writer has completely wasted this character.

Sabaat Episode 15 Story Review - Aur Karo "Compromise"

The Most Incompetent Therapist

Can we please give Dr. Harris ” The Most Incompetent Therapist” award already? The way he trivialized Miraal’s mental disorder was laughable! He also said he doesn’t charge her for listening to her because she somehow is doing him a favor by telling him his life story. So Miraal no longer is ‘haunted’ by naani but she is still a narcissist. Dr. Harris thinks Miraal is much better now while she plays havoc with everyone’s life, cannot control her temper, is completely incapable of maintaining relationships, and cannot take responsibility for anything! The email was well written because it covered all the aspects of the sessions and why he couldn’t continue but we all know that it was an indirect way of telling Miraal that he wanted to be friends with her therefore he could no longer be her therapist. Which makes me wonder what kind of a twisted person would fall for someone like Miraal? Even after knowing ‘everything’ about her, Harris thinks it is ‘safe’ to be in a relationship with a narcissist.

Sabaat Episode 15 Story Review - Aur Karo "Compromise"

Final Remarks

I am extremely disappointed with the latest developments and how Miraal got away with hitting Anaya yet again. Even Hasan’s reaction was not convincing enough. Anaya’s response was equally disappointing and when her mother said this was a ‘choti baat’, I was shocked!! And yes how can I forget Atif, if he had been working on this project, how could he not know who their competitors were? What kind of businessmen and employees are these? Hasan’s fever and vomiting suggest he might have some serious illness. He is the only likable character in the drama right now and one of the few supportive husbands we have seen in Pakistani dramas recently therefore I really hope they don’t kill him. Miraal is getting on my nerves now more than even since even her therapist finds her narcissist personality appealing! I am waiting to find out how Miraal has ‘helped’ him out, why he finds her ‘intriguing’! Although I am pretty sure that the reason will be just as lame as the sessions we have seen in these few episodes!

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Same feelings Fatima. Thappar pe thappar pe thappar but your review was a the band aid I needed after watching this episode. OMG you’re right they will kill of Hassan. Someone should kill Miraal instead. These stupid thappars should be banned from dramas. I hated this scene tonight. Are girls expected to call this compromise. Shame on the writer. This therapist should be fired. Everything you said about him is right, he must be suffering from some mental disorder himself to fall in love with Miraal. Your review is bang on. Btw love the title aur karo compromise. Why compromise with a psycho like Miraal. What stupidity.

    • I think Miraal will be there right till the end, we will have to bear with her. I agree with you, this thappar was not needed! Hasan and Anaya could have moved out due to Miraal’s unreasonable attitude but the writer is bent on showing Anaya as the one who did whatever she could (including not reacting to a thappar) to please her husband and in-laws! Thank you so much, Ayesha! Precisely, I find Sabaat’s screenplay really weak.

  • I have cooled down a little after reading your review. What are they showing? This is nonsense? Thank you for calling a spade a spade. Sarah Khan was out of breath when she was shouting. She cannot do these shouting scenes. I had so many expectations from this drama. Usman Mukhtar should have signed a better dramas after Ana. I agree with your analysis about Anaya.

    • You’re most welcome Sehr. LOL I am glad the review helped. So good to know that we are on the same page. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Thank you for your review. Today when Anaya was slapped, I thought she will teach a lesson to Miraal (owing to her take on workplace harrassment in earlier episodes) or at least slap Miraal back. But this?
    I am afraid they will kill Hasan. That’s that they do with all good husbands
    PS: why don our dramas put end to this good-morning-teacher scene when the boss enters the conference room. It does not happen in corporate world.

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani. Yes, really disappointing! Yes, seems like it will be Anaya’s story as a single mother.

      LOL @ good morning teacher. When Miraal is at the helm of affairs, what else can one expect! The writer has definitely not done justice to the corporate world, the scenes make me laugh!

  • I don’t know where this is all going…

    But Hassan is probably going to die and Anaya is probably pregnant.

  • It is not just Miraal who needs psychotherapy but her doctor is an astute candidate too, who is falling in for her and her business tycoon father looks more like a moron to allow violence at work place.
    I had expectations from this play initially but to show both Hasan and Anaya who were portrayed as intelligent people to accept this totally annoying and out of place behavior is beyond my comprehension.
    Fatima, you have validated my thoughts and I am relieved to know that it is not just me who is in total disagreement with the contents of the drama.

    • So true! I also had huge expectations from this play. I think the writing is too weak even though some of the performances are outstanding but they don’t make up for the lack of good content.

      Good to know that we are on the same page Shabnam, keep reading and commenting.

  • Dr Hasan ko to khud ilaj ki zaroorat hai. Aik scene main to us ka munn bhee khula huya tha. His one glimpse was enough to forward the rest.

    Promo shows both Asad and Anaya would leave home. Agar is majboor aurat ne ghar aur office chorrna hee tha, to wapsi main thapparr raseed kardeti. Phir dekhtay kiya hota hai.

    I might miss the scene, one thing surprised me is the absence of Miral’s father in office with mgt of business empire given to psychologically disturbed Miral. He needs to supervise on field.

  • i agree with you on everything, Dr harris saw Miraal a few times just to make sure that she gets interested in him, but doesn’t care how she will make other peoples lives hell while he now waits patiently for her for the next few months

  • Well written review, Miss Awan. AH, I just tuned to drama last night accidently and watched that scene. I really wanted Anaya to slap Miraal back or give her a shut-up call but no! I wonder where Anaya’s self respect has gone?! Unfortunately, in our dramas victims continues to suffer till the last minute and offenders live on their own terms and are forgiven.
    Miraal attitude has not changed which speaks volume about Dr.Harris failure! I have been to life coach (not for anger management issue though) and the first session was so powerful and magical that it changed my way of thinking. You are so right that Dr.Harris is the most incompetent one just because of writer.

  • Great review ..
    Koye aisa drama nahi hai ..
    Jo araam se
    Mohabbat se
    Sukoon se
    Dil se
    Muskurahat kai sath dhaika jaayai
    Ab to har dramai mai boiler maujood hai blood boil karnai k leyai ..

  • On point review. The adjustment definition Anaya gave made me puke. How irresponsible of the writer to write such dialogues. Common sense is most certainly not very common. No person should ever end up in a mental health clinic with doctors like Haris and his friend. As someone who has gone through therapy I can assure you that you just cannot walk into a therapist’s clinic like that and pay whatever the hell you want. Therapists ko badnaam kar diya is dramay mei. Our writers should leave mental health alone. And don’t even get me started on Anaya! Thappar khao aur rotay hue ami abu ke paas bhag jao whatever?

  • Superb review fatima, seems ur very upset.
    From my side i loved the episode, the scene where Anaya gets slapped, I wanted and was expecting that she will slap back,she didnt slap and it made me angry but atleast they showed her controlling herself and also remembering wat hasan said, so it was ok. I just want both of them to leave the company and home asap. Wat both of them are doing is wrong, but its just for the love they have for each other and the respect they have for elders that they just cant reach the level of psycho Miraal.
    Miraal’s performance, attitude , look was once agn excellent, and Anaya was outstanding in that scene and after that.

    i hope hasan doesnt die, there are some scenes from ost that are yet to come.And if hasan will die, then it will be difficult for me to sit thru this drama. i completely agree that Usman’s role and his scenes are total disapp, yesterday in his interview he said that still 15 to 16 episodes left, means this drama will reach 30 episodes, so dont expect things to move fast, also from now on, more of usman-Sara will be there, and I have a feeling that drama will be more boring, as i find usman very dull until now. Somewat they justified their love story yesterday by making him leave her case, anyways im not concerned abt that as this drama was never meant to deal with mental issues, so more important is the relation that all of them share with each other.

    • Thank you so much tiger, yes I was after watching this episode. I am glad you enjoyed this episode. I think Hasan is seriously sick, that is why they showed those scenes in this episode.

  • With new relations it often becomes difficult, what to do. Miraal like people know they can do what they want to do. Becoz her sorrunding people will adjust with her but she won’t. An unsaid pressure is always their on daughter in laws… Which a girl from good house try to manage.Ananya is girl who can fight with the world.. But when comes to relationships she believes in managing it.. Like 70percent does

    • Oh please! There is a difference between managing relationships and being a door mat. Getting married does not make you stupid and a bad judge of character. What they showed was unjustified. There was no need to show Anaya thinking about the advice Hassan gave her when Miraal slapped her. Where is her self respect? Don’t justify such behavior we already have too many houses in which girls are beaten daily. For God’s sake.

    • what miral is doing is abuse of authority, work palce harrassment AND domestic abuse. blah blah blah compromise be damned.

  • Well! Dr Haris has resigned from the post of Miraal’s ‘therapist’ as he wants to be friends with her whereas his primary responsibility as a therapist is to treat his patients and not leave them in lurch to get their personal motive sorted! Professionalism goes down the drain!! Wonder why Usman’s scenes are so badly edited. In the first scene with Miraal in his office, they could’ve taken a moment to show Miraal’s reaction to what he said. The next scene with his ‘friend’ was barely of 30 secs, it ended even before it could start. What was the hurry to rush into this relationship is anyone’s guess.

    Anyway, even I fear Hasan will be shown to have some serious illness which will be sad. Now, finally they are going to move out of the house. I wonder why everyone is letting Miraal’s do what she likes. A tight slap on Miraal’s face when Hasan came to know of the office situation would’ve been much better, if not from Hasan, at least from her mom, to put some sense in Miraal. Had she slapped her then and told Hasan and Anaya that they don’t have to put up with Miraal’s behavior for her sake, it would have been much better. But Hasan out of everyone else have such a cold response to it. How can Miraal get away by slapping anyone in office like that.

    Hasan’s Friend is so lame that he doesn’t know who his competitors are when he himself is working on the project. This has to be the lamest scenario ever! He has all the info in the world to tell to people who he shouldn’t be telling but is oblivious of his competitors, strange!

    This drama fails to get sensible and is, I think, surviving barely on the star value. I wish they had done justice to Usman’s character.

  • the second thappar was so not needed. thinking back, Anaya should have slapped Miral back the first time she raised her hand and I think that would have justified Miral’s anger and hatred more for me. Anyway, on to the second thappar, i wish Anaya had at least pushed Miral back or towered over her or yelled, done something, it was disappointing especially coming from a girl who was taking on a lafanga black mailing her friend in college. She is just there facing another form of domestic abuse. I sincerely hope the new trend is not females hitting other females in the drama.

    • That is my concern too. I think the actors in sabaat or someone related to it has good PR because this is the only website that pointed out the flaws and called them out. All the other reviews I read and watched are praising the team. What trend are we setting here? We need to speak up now. You are right and so is the reviewer, this is just not on! Anaya stood there. I agree aur karo compromise what jahalat is being shown here.

      • Hena!! Then these people who are praising the drama right now will be after the writers who set bad precedents, abhi bolo na!

  • Honestly it’s come to the point that I can’t stand miraal. The insults and intimidation she displays is bearable, but now that she is being shown to be physically abusive and demeaning anaya, I’m starting to feel disgust, especially that the writers are showing miraal to be able to get away with this kind of behaviour and also show all the other characters letting her get away with it all.

    Anaya if anything is an office employee of miraal…. how on earth can miraal slap an office employee and none of the employees complain, or is the reason due to employees viewing it as a family problem rather than abuse of power by an employer over an employee? This is nonsense.

    And seriously now the only sigh of relief in this show from the negativity miraal and fareed create is hassan and anaya’s relationship, so if they kill off hassan then I am just done with this show.

    I could write this show better than the actual writers. And the pace of the show is beyond slow.

  • Yes I agree with the first thappar there should have been a response but the excuse was their nani had just passed away. At least with the 2nd thappar Anaya could could have given a thappar back it would have certainly made it more interesting.
    This is how it should have gone . . .
    My alternate story . . .

    Anaya gets a thappar from Miraal she gives a befitting reply back with a thappar. Everyone on the room is shocked including Miraal and look at each other.
    Miraal is left speechless, Anaya replies don’t you touch me again or I’ll give you a thappar you won’t forget.
    Anaya then leaves the office and goes back home to Hasan and tells him what happened. She informs him that she will look for a job elsewhere.

    • Imagine that would have resulted in a catfight LOL!!! The thappar was a ridiculous move in the first place. I like your alternate story better.

  • Yes,the points you’ve mentioned here are quite an eyesore but a drama cannot be totally free of sudden and unexpected developments.Although exaggerated or extreme situations should be handled carefully in order to bring them closer to reality.

  • Can’t agree more with you Fatima. In early episodes they showed Anaya’s character of a strong independent girl who takes stand for literally everything and then all of sudden she falls down for Hasan without him making much effort and then how come an independent girl all of a sudden is ok to live with a family who humiliated her parents and the justification was so lame that “es mein hasan ka kya qasoor”. On one side her parents are shown such advocates of keeping the whole family intact and on other hand they first let go off their insult by Hasan’s dad and then Miraal’s insult. On top of that since Anaya got married all they’re portraying her as sweet and ultimate compromising woman. Even Hasan’s character is not well written. Initially he was so determined to get Anaya and now he keeps telling her no matter what Miraal says she has to bear it. Coming this from a so called supportive and loving husband is so not justifiable and this approach of husbands is not acceptable at all.

    Re Dr Harris, the writer should have done his homework before adding such sensitive topic and character in this drama. First of all is he a psychologist or psychiatrist? Secondly living in west as per my limited knowledge a psychologist/psychiatrist can’t have any sort of relationship with their past or present patient.

    I feel the writer of this drama has no clue of a Strong Independent Woman, as for me No Strong woman is ok getting married to someone whose sister once slapped her and then his parents and sister humiliated her parents. In my opinion the writer’s concept of a Strong Woman is completely wrong at many levels.

    Lastly I wish I could make Usman Mukhtar realise that how big mistake he has made to choose this character considering how much everybody was anticipating after his debut in Ana.

    • You’re right about Hassan too basically the entire scenario is so forced! Yes! But actors nowadays blame the viewers for expecting so much and for jumping to conclusions – the blame game LOL!!

  • What I wonder about Miraal/Haris track is if Miraal told him all about her or not. I mean if she only told him about Nani problem but hide the details about how she’s treating her brother & sister-in-law? If yes, then that could be the reason for the wrong diagnosis.

    • Well, we will never know Aisha LOL!! Also, since Miraal is saying all the time that Anaya is the root cause of all her problems therefore I am guessing she must have said it to the therapist too.