Sabaat Episode 25 Story Review – Weak Script

Tonight’s episode of Sabaat was relatively engaging but Miraal continues to be the most shallow and uninteresting character in the drama. This entire track is pointless and repetitive. Ali’s character is back in the picture and I had a difficult time figuring out why he wanted to get married to Miraal now. Anaya, her mother, and Hassan’s mother are the only meaningful characters at the moment. Some of the decisions made by Anaya however were not too wise. Why did she even expect that at a time when companies were downsizing, she was going to get such a long leave? She can easily ‘hide’ her pregnancy for a few more months. Anaya’s attitude towards her job has been quite casual, had she quit this job and looked for another one, it would have made more sense. Harris’ scenes are so badly written that there are times when I actually feel for Usman Mukhtar! This episode was however really well directed and the camera work in some of the scenes was superb.

Anaya and Hassan

Tonight’s episode of Sabaat opened with Hassan feeling really emotional while he looked at his picture with Anaya. Even though he is convinced that Anaya indeed was having an affair, he did not allow Atif to share his opinion on the subject. This scene suggested that Hassan might be re-thinking his decision and doubting it but the conversation he had with his mother made it quite clear that he was convinced that Anaya indeed did cheat on him. Ameer Gillani acted brilliantly tonight; he made sure that Hassan’s confusion and his emotions were translated flawlessly on screen. Right now, Hassan is not even thinking about what his mother has been saying to him. His mother’s dialogues were written beautifully and it is definitely refreshing watching a sane person giving her opinion on the subject even though she knows that she won’t be heard.

Sabaat Episode 25 Story Review – Weak Script

Anaya’s friends are back in the picture and as far as I can recall one of her friends did meet her parents in the hospital and the doctor they were visiting happened to be her relative. Yet, all of them acted as if they knew nothing about the situation. There are many unnecessary secrets in this drama and like many of the typical Pakistani dramas; Sabaat also relies heavily on misunderstandings and miscommunication. Anaya has decided that she is not going to tell Hassan about their baby. In order to keep her pregnancy a secret, she wanted a 6-month leave from the office, something that confused me further about the timeline. This would mean that Anaya has not been going to the office for over a month yet somehow she has not been fired. Although she has great potential and her boss is a gentleman, no one gives such favors especially when the company is going through a crisis. All of us witnessed in the past few episodes how desperately Hassan looked for a job and the crisis in the construction industry was used as an ‘excuse’. Yet, somehow the same is not applicable for Anaya. Hassan was also a bright student who graduated from the same university as Anaya yet their situations in this particular aspect have been unbelievably different.

Anaya and Hassan’s scenes with their mothers were the best scenes from tonight’s episode. Mawra Hocane and Seemi Raheal’s performance in this particular scene was outstanding. Both of them made this scene so relatable. Both of them have had their vulnerable moments and there have also been moments when they were each other’s strength. I would give the writer credit for penning down these scenes realistically and the actors definitely breathed life in them.

Hassan’s mother is sure that Anaya is not lying but she has no idea that all of this is Miraal’s doing. Instead of convincing Hassan that Anaya was innocent, she tried to convince him to ‘forgive’ her. This was another well written and executed scene. Laila Zuberi’s character is finally coming into its own.

Miraal, Ali & Harris

Miraal’s track continued to be the most unconvincing and uninteresting part of this episode. Ali’s return and the explanation made no sense whatsoever. Why did he email the friend and not message Miraal? And now that he was back after a year why didn’t he get in touch with Miraal? If he really was waiting for Miraal to ‘get better’ and hadn’t moved on then why were they ‘reunited’ in a chance meeting? This entire development was just plain ridiculous! All this time we were thinking that Ali was wise enough to walk out and away from Miraal when he saw the red flags but apparently he is still smitten by her and would like to marry her once she takes a divorce!! He said he couldn’t live without Miraal and that he would die without her yet he never tried to get in touch with her. Not to mention the fact that these two were once engaged and surely they would have mutual acquaintances yet Ali had no idea that Miraal was now married.

Sabaat Episode 25 Story Review – Weak Script
The way Harris confronted Miraal when he saw her dining with Ali equally immature! Watching all these educated grown-ups acting like teenagers is not the least bit ‘entertaining’. The fact that we don’t get to see or hear Miraal’s inner turmoil or thoughts makes this entire track meaningless. We know by now that she is incapable of loving someone and all she wants is control but there was a part of her that was disturbed. How did she find peace? And if she found it when she fell in love with Harris then why is she not disturbed now after finding out that he lied to her. Miraal’s character had the potential to be interesting had the writer delved deeper into her thought process. She is negative and controlling; there is nothing more to her character.

Final Remarks

Sabaat’s script continues to be weak and it seems like the story is not going to be wrapped up anytime soon. Will all the tracks have a sudden and abrupt ending since there has been hardly any character development? All the characters in Sabaat had the potential to be more interesting had these tracks been covered in a different manner. This drama leaves you with more questions than anything else. Only a few relatively sane characters keep it from getting too dull. The production values and the picture quality is great but that does not make up for the lack of quality content.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Koe mujhe samjha de k kese drama k 2 apprently sensible male persons said to a girl like miraal tht agar tm na mili to hum merrr jayen ge….!!!!!!!

  • Your review is spot on. All your questions are valid. If these men were after Miraal for money it would have made sense. Why are they dragging a story with no substance. I also liked these scenes which you mentioned in your review. Thanks for calling a spade a spade, it takes guts to do that. Keep it up.

  • You have explained everything in detail and I agree with everything you said in the review. It appears to be that Ali Miraal and Harris story is written by a 13 year old. Ali’s track should have ended where it did. 25th episode & no change in Miraal. What does the writer have in mind? Give this drama a stupid ending like Dilruba?

    Thank you for your patience. It is not easy reviewing Sabaat but you are doing so well.

  • Agree. Today’s review was spot on. In fact so weird to see as you rightly pointed out haaris saying “yeh sahab kaun hai”. Most decent of us would not openly ask someone in front of them. In our heart we may think who is this. Also are they saying Haaris will not let his wife talk to a male friend or collg. Strange. Haha. Thanks.

  • Bakwas drama. stupid herkatain of miral stupid mother of Anaya gave all cards to unknown person no body does this today. husband if miral. expression less neither angry nor sad. Hussan stupid. lailag insan. listening to most stupid friend. total waist of times. 🤕🤯

  • Gr8 review Fatima, I still had hopes but you had seen this coming long ago.
    This was the most ridiculous episode bcoz of Ali, any sane person in real life will just tell Miraal, get lost you psycho, but this loser turned out to be a big lalloo character. And the lalloo number 2 who looks like a loser and acts like a loser, cant understand what wonders he must have done in Anaa, but here he is pathetic to say the least and no screen presence either. He should be thankful to Miraal for sending divorce papers, but he is looking shattered in the promo and that made me laugh.

    Anaya , her mother, Hasan, his mother are only sane people as you mentioned. Mawra has acted brilliantly and has outdone herself. I like Sara’s performance too, she also has become the pathetic Miraal.

    25 episodes gone, and still no signs of any change in miraal or her downfall. This looks like the same director of Anaa, but I just cant believe that this guy directed Yaqeen ka safar, I feel it was ghost directed by someone else. That was a terrific drama, almost flawless and every character was etched out well. Look at the way doctors were presented in that drama, and look at the way the dr haris is presented here.

  • Honestly I’m sick of dramas treating divorce as either the end of the world or no big deal
    When will writers realise WE ARE BORED OF DIVORCE STORIES!!!!!

    Plot twist theory:
    Anaya’s boss is the father of haaris 😱😱😱

  • I have been reading sabaat reviews on this website and many others since the drama started. I must commend you for your balanced but also intelligently critiqued reviews from the first episode. Unlike many other websites and even YouTube channels you never let the star cast and production values impress you because your eyes were always on the story. I argued with you many times defending the plot & story but now I must say you were right all along.