Sabaat Episode 27 Story Review – Mediocre

This second last episode of Sabaat had its highs and lows just like all the other episodes of the drama. The timeline was confusing and the script continued to be mediocre. Mawra Hocane and Seemi Raheal were the stars of the show. Anaya’s confusion however was annoying at times. The only ‘surprise’ in this episode was Miraal’s mother’s secret deal with the lawyer. Miraal’s track stayed the same and just like I anticipated it will have a last-minute sudden but befitting tragic ending. Watching Miraal’s negativity along with her shallow personality has been extremely tedious, to say the least! The viewers deserved more than a last-minute accident.

Whoever put together the promo for the last episode, gave away the main elements of the ending which is obviously never a good idea! Sabaat is heading towards an ending which was highly predictable. The only question is whether Hassan will be forgiven or not. The second last episode of a drama is the best time to show some character development but there was none in this episode.

For a change I completely agree with Atif, he said exactly what the viewers wanted to hear when he thought about how twisted Fareed’s children were! If the writer wanted to send a message across through these dialogues, he definitely failed in doing so. These dialogues however were music to my ears. Jahangir’s character was such a pleasant addition to the drama; his exit wasn’t the best part of this episode. Ali’s conversation with his mother was funny especially because he has always been such a superficial character.

Anaya Goes Back To Work

After taking the longest leave ever Anaya finally went back to work in this episode only to find out that her boss had been replaced. Although it was easy to understand why it was so difficult for Anaya to leave her son and go to work this aspect of her personality was given more screen time than necessary. Anaya’s character has been confusing throughout, sometimes it is difficult to tell where her priorities lie. The writer could have shown how difficult it was for her to leave Ibrahim and go back to work without making it look like she was willing to leave the job. There has always been a really practical side to Anaya’s personality which sometimes has been overshadowed by love for her husband and now her son. Surely, there are many women who can maintain a good balance on their own, it would have been great if Anaya did not get so confused every now and then. It was eventually Anaya’s mother who made her realize that she needed to go back to work. At the same time, she also missed the times when men used to earn! The addition of such pointless dialogues makes these characters confusing.

Sabaat Episode 27 Story Review – Mediocre

Overall, however, it was good to see Anaya’s track progressing. She dealt with her new boss’ advances intelligently and definitely knows how to keep her distance. I am guessing that Hassan will somehow be convinced of her innocence in the upcoming episode after he witnesses something himself.

Miraal and Ali’s ‘Love Story’

There hasn’t been the slightest change in Miraal’s character or track in all these years. Since Ibrahim turned one in this episode therefore Miraal has been trying to get a divorce for over a year now! Even though she met Harris after so long, her dialogues were still the same! I am sure Sarah Khan did not have to put in a lot of effort to learn these dialogues since not much has changed over the years and in these 27 episodes! Harris was shown trying to salvage a relationship that only existed in his head. I was hoping that this last meeting will be used by the writer to make this track somewhat meaningful with Harris pointing out exactly where Miraal went wrong in her life. It is however safe to say that Harris succeeded in being the most useless character right till the end! I am seriously disappointed with this entire track; all the screen time it got was a complete waste of time.

Sabaat Episode 27 Story Review – Mediocre

Ali gave his mother a lecture after she told him not to marry Miraal. Somehow the writer thought this was a good time to discuss why Ali loved to be controlled by Miraal! I wish he had invested this time in revealing why Miraal is so twisted.

Hassan’s Trust Issues Continue

There was no change in Hassan’s thinking in this episode either. In fact, Atif managed to convince him that he needed to divorce Anaya. So, Miraal got what she wanted and this scene wasn’t the lease bit impactful. Hassan is still living under a rock since he has no idea even now that Anaya’s father passed away. The way the writer has handled Hassan’s character, in particular, has been the most disappointing element of the story since Ameer Gillani acted so well and this track had so much potential. Hassan literally started seeing the world with Atif’s eyes ever since he got married and nothing has changed.

Final Remarks

I am glad that Sabaat will finally be ending next week! I remember how excited I was when I watched the initial promos, I couldn’t have imagined that such a good team would not be able to deliver. Except for some meaningful scenes covering Anaya’s track, Sabaat’s story was all over the place!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Agreed, the Haris/Miraal track has to be the most pointless track in the history of drama plots. It remains to be seen whether their divorce is finalised before Miraal befalls her accident, and whether she stays married to him after that ‘life-changing’ incident. And then Haris can leave his job and take care of his wife.

    With how much of a child Hassan has been regarding his marriage I doubt he’ll find out about Anaya’s lack of guilt by his own effort. As usual, he’ll get his instructions from the Miraal/Atif camp (maybe with cliche tearful apologies). Ameer’s done a great job, but it’s hard to feel sympathy for Hassan as a character- the man can’t even be bothered to file his own divorce papers.

    I’m hoping we see Jehangir again- maybe he decides to start his own company and headhunts Anaya, and she’d be able to leave what’s becoming a pretty toxic workplace? It would be nice to see Anaya come full circle and deal with her creepy boss after we saw her give a speech about harassment in the beginning, but it seems too late in the drama for them to go that route, I guess.

    • I have a feeling Harris will be back since he is still in love with his toxic wife LOL!! I know right! Hassan’s character has been weak right from the beginning. Baji meri divorce krwa dei scenario was the final nail in the coffin.

      I have no such hope honestly! The script has been so dodgy and disappointing.

  • Fatima g aap ki tarah hum sab bhi khush hain k yeh drama khatam ho raha hai mujhay yaqeen nahi aa raha tha k yeh second last episode hai …

    Anaya k baby ki paida hotay saath hi bday ho gai yeh kia science hai samajh nahi ayi….Waisay baby buhut cute hai ma sha Allah…..

    Nani bechari ki rooh miraal Baji ko daranay ki koshish karti rahi Aur sharminda ho kar khud hi bhaag gai k Yahan to koi asar nahi honay wala….

    Dr haris is like a گواچی گاں yani lost cow Aur is dramay ka naam hona chahiye tha story of a lost cow yani aik gawachi gaan ki kahani miraal Baji ki zubani….

    • Yes! Lg tu aise raha tha jese aur khenchee gay dramay ko lekin shukr hei khtam kr rahe hei.

      Ji baby was really cute aur itna screen time aj tk kisi aur baby ko nahi mila dramay mei.

      Hahaha!! Nani na Miraal ko zindagi mei dara sakei na dunya se jane ke baad.

      LOL @ gawachi gaan, I agree.

      • Yes, I did Sam. I actually watched that scene twice and mahgira sounded a lot like salgira. Even then, she had been on leave for long enough, who gives such a long leave especially when everyone is downsizing. Jahangir sb was apparently only working for the company and did not own it so how could he do an employee such a favor especially one who had just joined the company.

  • your review perfectly fitted the episode, i couldn’t believe that they were showing the baby’s 1st birthday, esp as he didn’t look one years old, plus that Anaya could actually be away from work for that long time, yes, the timeline in this episode was a bit over the top
    they shouldn’t have shown what has happened to Miraal in next weeks promo

    • Thank you Shameem. I agree, the babies in dramas never look their age! He looked like he was a few months old. They literally gave the ending away, how silly is that!

        • Oh, that makes sense- kind of (I mean the mahgira concept is a little strange). I had wondered how Anaya got so much maternity leave (pretty much her entire pregnancy + a year) especially as a relative new-comer in a seemingly competitive field where her position holder husband can’t even get a job.

        • i thought that it was probably because the baby was 1 month, but u never can trust these dramas, plus i missed out her mentioning it, thanks

  • Anaya is a refreshing character… but that’s it. It’s a bit unrealistic that both Hasan or Anaya haven’t tried to get a divorce. It’s strange that they would have no contact at all… even to end their relationship. Same with Miraal… how long does it take to get a divorce?

    Anyhow, I will be disappointed if Hasan is forgiven. His actions are unforgivable.

    Although it is also wrong of Anaya to hide a kid from Hasan … but more understandable.

    • I agree with you Moz. I think he will be forgiven since the writer has taken serious inspiration from Hamsafar.

  • Kudos to you for being so patient with this ridiculous drama. What a thandi second last episode this was. Why do they make the male characters so dumb just to make the women suffer? You are so right about Anaya’s confusion. Second last episode wasn’t paced well either. What was the point of dragging the scenes in this episode even? Worst script in the history of dramas, simply pathetic.

  • I didn’t know this was the second last episode. So, as usual the makers are going to have a sudden wrap up of everything.

    After showing Miraal’s evil nature for 27 episodes, we should atleast see her repenting her mistake for one full episode, but I guess this would be shown only for 5 minutes. Its quite strange that the makers take their sweet time to build and show the negativity in a character but when it comes to show some positive change, they wrap it up in 5 minute scenes. Miraal, Atif, Fareed and Hassan, all of these characters will flip in 5 minutes time and bang, it will end!

    Miraal and Atif still think it is ok to play with someone else’s life! Ali….the lesser said, the better! Jahangir was a very sweet character, I wish we saw more of him and wish to see a positive end to his character too. Yasir, on the other hand is an aimless character too! I am still not sure, what his revenge plans were. He was just happy humiliating Hassan in his office and now harassing Anaya. Haaris is playing the bechari bahu character who fears getting divorced.

    You’re right Fatima, much of the screen time was wasted. Considering this was the second last episode, they should’ve already started wrapping up things so that the tracks are convincingly wrapped up. After giving it all away in the promo, let’s see what awaits us in the last episode.

    • Hi Sheetal, yes you’re absolutely right, in the end, an accident will be used to show that Miraal had been punished for all her wrongdoings. LOL!! Totally, Harris is the male version of all those wives whose husbands put them through hell but they love them right till the end.

  • I just came to website to express my POV . I soo wish that our writers stop making these UNREALISTIC endings like Balaa, Jhooti, Khasara and now Sabaat .. ( An idea for new drama article on review it :-)It’s a new trend for herdsheep they all are following.. They keep showing villain winning and hero or heroine suffering in all episodes and then last episode culprit got insane or accident . Drama finish . Easy formula for high TRP .

  • Very disappointing episode, miraal has had zero character growth since day one. Also I don’t understand how both families live in the same city but Hassan or his parents have no clue about their baby or Anaya’s dad. The only news he gets after all these years is about Anaya and her boss, strange. Bekaar drama!

    • Good to know. Didn’t know mahgira was a thing ;) The baby looked big for a one month old then, that also created the confusion even though I watched this scene twice.

  • I was absolutely disgusted by one particular scene from this drama, Being a working women a very frequently visiting outstations/ having business trips, no one ever knock the room door straight away , it’s always a communication over the intercom or phone to have a quick team meeting or even one to one catch up always down in the lobby of hotel. Now Anaya being a very strong girl, knowing her boundaries, I was expecting that she will tell Yasir Qureshi to let’s go down to lobby and sit, however being so uncomfortable she still allows him to walk inside. I believe if the writers pro claim that these dramas reflect what’s happening in society so they should definitely take care of these petty details which would really impact the audience.

  • Well said!! As much as I was enthusiastic and was waiting for this drama to begin, it became the biggest disappointment. Either writer couldn’t put his thoughts together very well in the characters or was told to just sketch a story only. Do not write in detail. It couldn’t have been a blockbuster hit but instead, it went down the hill.

  • Fatema, all ur analysis makes sense now. So finally everything has come to the last episode ony, where is the enjoyment of seeing Miraal and Atif suffering or regretting, what abt all those philosophical dialogues of Nani and Mother, that time will teach u and time will show u…etc everything only in last 1 episode? And Usman Mukhtar was upset in the interview that audiences is not ready to wait, they should watch the whole drama and then decide abt his role and overall story concept, now we sat thru the whole thing and ended up being disapp.. big time. Even Atif had better role than Dr Haris who has to be one of the worst protagonist role ever. Mawra has been the star of the show. Even Sara Khan was brilliant in her potrayal. And Ameer Gilani the new come was the surprise package, sad that he didnt have anything to do in last few episodes.

    • Yes tiger, I totally saw it coming early on actually. You are so right about those dialogues, some of the dialogues suggested in the beginning that the drama might have some depth but as you said, they were completely forgotten as the story progressed. Really? Did he really say that? I don’t watch the interviews of the cast when I am reviewing a drama since I want to interpret everything based on what they show us in the drama. LOL!! True that, you said it, Atif was annoying as hell but yes definitely a more important role.

  • What the hell is this mahgira!!! This drama is just so stupid. I watched it after 10 weeks even then It was boring.

  • I love the storylines of pakistani dramas but I think there are more topics which are neccessary for the youth of pakistan like making dramas on the lives of doctors, engineers, lawyers and showing the good and the bad sides both at the same time. In my opinion this is badly needed as it will show a good path to youngsters and will help alot in career counselling .

  • This guy Hasan is useless in all sense. You guys are not showing the episodes on time and it is frustrating.

  • This drama had so much potential but in the end it became a sob story, this time for Hassan & Harris instead of a woman.
    Miraal’s track is so damaging to the mental health cause as it portrays that once a person has psychological issues, they can never be normal even after seeking therapy.

  • Interesting review…about the one month thing does it not broadcast everywhere with subtitles? Here every hum drama always airs with English subtitles alongside which is how I know it was a month and not a yr.
    Also I think when questioning whether Hassan should be forgiven or not you have to consider the fact that all his life the main male influence he has had is that of Seth Fareed- who is not the best of role models. Whilst he shouldn’t have doubted Anaya, it is more Miraal and Atif who deserve to suffer than Hassan.
    When being manipulated by your own people (eg childhood friend and blood sister) you wouldn’t question it as these are the long standing relations who supposedly want the best for you- what Hassan didn’t realise is that Atif only ever associated himself with the Fareeds for financial gain and Miraal is just a control freak. Anaya changed Hassan, but then the continuous gaslighting and manipulation changed him back.
    So who is really most at fault?

    • Thank you, Anon. Yes, there are subtitles here too but only on YouTube. I think there are always people trying to break marriages, the people who are in a relationship should know better. You are right, Hassan didn’t have the best role models but then he has his mom too who is such an amazing human. What he did was unacceptable especially because Anaya was trying too hard. He had no reason to doubt her which is another reason why in my opinion her character hit rock bottom in the past few weeks. I am one of those few people who did not even like Hamsafar’s ending LOL!!
      I totally get what you mean and enjoyed reading your comment.