Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 23

This episode was like a SICK competition between Humaira and Rasheeda; both were out to prove who was more shameless and who could stoop lower to grab someone’s husband! Now who would enjoy watching that?? Shano and Khalil are not married yet but Humaira knows better than anyone else just what Khalil means to Shano, going after him so desperately like it was a matter of life and death was actually very difficult to watch. I was hoping that Humaira will not turn into another Rasheeda. Rasheeda will only let Shano get married to Khalil if Abdur Rehman gets married to her first and now Humaira wants Khalil to get married to someone else (hint hint) before he gets married to Shano. I think Rasheeda was crazy enough for everyone, another twisted and conniving character just makes things extremely complicated.

“Us ke baray mein is tarah kabhi sochna bhi na, buhat adab krti hai aap ka aur buhat pyar krti hai mujh se”… Shano’s expressions said something entirely different from the message that her words conveyed. Until now Shano has been shown as someone who is a very good judge of character but when it comes to her best friend it is almost as if she is incapable of putting two and two together. Shano questioned Humaira herself about the sudden change in her attitude with regards to Shano and Khalil’s marriage and now when Khalil is openly doubting Humaira’s intentions Shano cannot seem to figure out what is going on. It would have been nice to see a girl trusting her friend more than the love of her life but only if the friend was worth having faith in. Asking your fiancé to hug your best friend because you trust them both so much is wrong in so many ways!

We all know that Rasheeda is crazy but what happened to Abdur Rehman? Sleeping in someone’s lap is something very intimate and doing so in public is totally outrageous. Abdur Rehman was almost hypnotized by Rasheeda, it was as if she still exercised a lot of control on him. Rasheeda is capable of punishing Abdur Rehman in the worst way possible if he does not “comply” but whatever happened tonight was like taking it way too far! Although I know only too well that Khalil-ur-Rehman’s scripts are always explicit but mentioning that one night in the hotel over and over again really seems unnecessary. The fact that there wasn’t anyone else in the corridor of the hospital was really strange because usually hospital corridors are filled with people. Mansoor can see what is going to happen if Abdur Rehman continues visiting Balgan. His attitude towards what Rasheeda and Abdur Rehman were upto and later on the way he informed Shano about the situation was spot on. Other than that nothing about this episode struck a chord with me.

This episode did not work for me at all, there were way too many jhappis and betrayals in this episode for my taste! The drama has taken the most ugly turn possible. I was really hoping that Humaira will get a wake up call in this episode but the fact that she is going to go all out to get Khalil married to her is very difficult to digest and it is definitely not the sort of turn in the story which I was looking forward to watching. Khalil’s “helplessness” and Shano’s blind faith in Humaira was actually extremely frustrating. I did not expect Abdur Rehman to give into Rasheeda but he proved that he wasn’t such a gentleman after all.

The preview of the next episode promises a lot more drama. Inayat will be willing to “trade” Abdur Rehman for Shano! Amin will die in the next episode so we can only imagine what Rasheeda will do next. Humaira’s madness is not going to end anytime soon and I am so not looking forward to more jhappis like the one we saw in tonight’s episode, that was like taking it way too far!

I am extremely disappointed with these latest developments and especially the fact that everything has been shown in such detail. Khalil and Shano’s love story was sweet, Rasheeda’s villainous character fit in the whole scenario but at this point I did not want to see someone like Humaira turning into Rasheeda’s competition! Will these men please grow a spine and tell these women off the way they are supposed to! Tonight’s episode took harassment of men by women and “helplessness” of men in this regard to a whole new level. I feel led down since Sadqay Tumhare has always given me something to look forward to for the longest time. I hate to say this but the fact is that after watching tonight’s episode I have very little hope that things will get any better from here on. I am not looking forward to but dreading the turn that the story will take from here. For the first time I feel more angry than disappointed after watching an episode!

Please feel free to vent out because I am quite certain that there are many other people out there who are still in “shock” after watching this episode – I know I am.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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