Sanam Episode 16 Review – Yawn-Provoking!

Ohkay so, this episode practically offered nothing. It was just a filler episode filled with a whole bunch of patients who wore off the effects of my coffee a bit too quickly. This was probably the slowest episode of Sanam with such repetitive conversations & scenarios that I barely got anything to talk about.

The first half of the drama was dedicated to one such character whom I have no sympathy for & that is Fatima. Harib was worried, Sara was worried, Shehroz was worried, Aan was worried & Shabnam was worried for Fatima. They all had nothing else to talk about & kept on discussing how special Fatima is to them. Yawn!!!

Shehroz once again proved that he is Mr. PPB (Ping Pong Ball), where at one hand he was telling Harib that he is going to stand by him & on the other, he was telling that Aila wasn’t wrong in her assumptions about his & Sara’s relations. Ugh, hello, for your kind information Shehroz, Aila & Harib are divorced, so why are you bothered about what Aila thinks of Harib? They have nothing to do with each other. I am actually quite tired of seeing Mr. Short Term Memory Loss Shehroz getting so much of coverage, like the situations are just so one-dimensional & just so so so boring but they keep on using Shehroz as a Mister Twister, who twists his words to spice up the situations which fall flat & sound just so bland like Harib’s favorite ‘anda paratha’!

Chalo jee, the best todka that Hakim Shehroz prescribed for Halaat Ka Mara Harib was that to shut everyone up, he should get married & just when he was about to take Aan’s name, their conversation was interrupted, like that particular moment made me feel that the direction & the approach of the director was just so old-school & outdated, like seriously wohi purana tareeqa drag karne ka, ke bas baat ko incomplete hi rehne do takay aur episodes tak stretch karne ka mauqa mil jaye! Yawnnnn!!!!

Shabnam is feeling anxious & she is unable to understand why Farhan & Nayla have turned a blind eye from her & Aan. Even though Shabnam’s instincts are telling her that something is off about this entire proposal but just because she thinks Aan has landed herself ‘Defence ka Rishta’, she is continuing to act blind to all the faults, because hey, who cares about the future of their daughter, all they should rejoice about is the fact that their daughter is going to get married to a guy from Defence. All this while I was thinking Shabnam had a heart attack, but the way the writer has butchered the bipolar disease, I won’t be surprised if the not-so-intelligent Mona Haseeb mistook heart as brain & made Shabnam so deluded to look like someone who just suffered from a brain attack in stead of heart-attack!!! Yawnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Also, can Shabnam walk & talk straight & can she comb her hair? Sorry, I have personally seen a lot of heart patients around me & Masha Allah se, they look nothing like Shabnam, because they don’t need someone to hold their hand while they are walking, they don’t stutter while talking & last but not the least, they don’t have messy uncombed hair. I love Shabnam but sorry, I was cringing at the whole ‘mai-beemar-hoon’ act because it was just so so sooooo off-putting! Yawwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Chalo jee, Nayla wants Aan & Farhan to get married ASAP. Shabnam is not thrilled with the entire idea but she is going to go ahead with it because hey, Defence ka GUGU hai bhai. Like I said in the previous review, I was actually glad that Sara didn’t prove me wrong & she continued to showcase what a DESPERADO she is, I was actually cringing with the entire Dupatta, Tasbeeh & Holy Qur’an act because what she was insinuating was just so unholy. Just because Harib was taking care of Fatima, she tried to use that to push her agenda that Harib has done more than what Fatima’s father Faisal has done for their daughter, so she wanted to evoke the fatherly instincts in Harib, to step into his life. I am seriously disgusted that I feel like puking when I see a bunch of desperados throwing themselves over Harib. Shame on the writer for coming up with such insulting & pathetic characters like Aila & Sara who have no shame & no self-respect whatsoever!

Anyways, please share your thoughts about this hideously boring & yawn-provoking episode of Sanam!

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