Sang e Marmar Episode 04 – Misunderstandings Lead to Judgments!

Sang e Marmar Episode 04 – Misunderstandings Lead to Judgments!

Ohkay so, it was yet another amazing episode of Sang e Marmar that just ended. Even though the director is taking his sweet time in establishing the story, I like how he is giving us an insight into all the characters & their mentality. I like how with each passing episode, the viewers are getting a chance to form an understanding about all the characters. I must say, I really appreciate how the writer has shown that all the characters are just being human by having so many shades, where they are good for some people, they are equally evil for others too. The way the scenarios & the reactions of all the characters have been balanced, it has made this drama a very decent watch.

Finally, Durkhani met the man of her dreams. I really like her but I feel for her because she is naive. I loved the fact that despite wanting to do everything that her man was telling her to, she kept the promise that she made to her best friend that she won’t cross the line & won’t allow Gohar to even hold her hand. I hated Gohar in that entire scene because he was posing to be someone he is not. Gohar surely is playing his game with a lot of caution because his intention isn’t pure & he doesn’t want to commit any such mistake that will allow Durkhani to have an access to him or his family when he later plans on violating her. Gohar has started this relationship based on lies but the biggest lie that he told her was about his fake identity. It sheds a light on the fact that in such areas men like Gohar know that they can be a predator but their victim will never be able to raise a voice against them in a fear of staining their own reputation. Gohar exactly knows that no matter what he will do to Durkhani, she will never be able to restore her dignity & she will never be able to fight him because she will be forced by the people around her to remain silent as she will be the only one receiving a backlash for having relations with a man.

Torah’s spy succeeded in following Durkhani but the way he believed on what he saw & reported to Torah highlighted the fact that where people might not believe in attaining a proper information, the one thing they firmly believe in is judging others quickly.That was the reason why without even knowing anything, Torah’s spy reported that it was Saif ur Rehman’s sister who was involved with Gohar. Even though Torah plans on taking revenge from Gohar, I am already dreading the brunt that Saif ur Rehman & Shireen will have to face because of a mere misunderstanding. I have a feeling that Shireen & even Durkhani won’t get a chance to explain themselves & Saif ur Rehman will reach to a conclusion without even thinking things through.

It was for the first time that we got an insight into Saif ur Rehman’s personality. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to see that in such a conservative environment, there was a brother like Saif ur Rehman who told his wife that no matter what happens, he will always trust his sister blindly. For a moment, I did feel for Saif’s wife too because where Saif was being so understanding towards his sister, he was being way too stern with his wife but then as the episode unfolded, I realized that she is someone who finds solace in negativity, that is why she is always on a hunt for some controversy against Shireen, only to prove to Saif that his sister isn’t that much of a saint as he thinks she is, so if Saif has grown indifferent towards her, it is because of her own nature. However, I really enjoyed watching the entire scene where Shireen & Durkhani find out that Saif’s wife is expecting a child. The warm smile on Saif’s face & the way Shireen congratulated him was actually very sweet. I thought that may be Saif’s wife will forget about everything & focus on the well-being of her child but she chose to focus on the war that she has waged against her husband & his sister, which actually made me feel that Saif is justified for not giving her the respect she expects.

The entire scene between Saif & Torah only went to show how these men run high on emotions & how they are always looking for an opportunity to prove to one another that they hold more power that their competitor. Even though the bone of contention between Gohar & Saif was just a rooster, it was shown to elaborate the animosity these two clans have towards each other. Even though I liked how Saif took a stand for his sister, I am sure the things that Saif’s wife heard from Gul Begum will be enough to convince him that his wife wasn’t lying. Shireen ended up giving away the secret that it was Shireen who let Aurang sit in their car as he was running late for the funeral, which definitely means that Shireen’s sister in law will use it against her to prove her point that she wasn’t wrong in suspecting that Shireen liked Gulistan’s son. The way Saif’s wife got tipped on the fact that Gohar was the one who got those things that Shireen was wearing went to show how a small move in such a close knit community can raise so many questions & judgments. This is what they highlighted in this episode that everyone is a bit too quick to judge & those who depend on such gossips are the one’s who make the most of such situations!

The scene between Aurang & his mother was heart-warming. ‘Darr Jee ne jo daagh lagaye the tumne saaf kar diye’, went to show that every single time Gulistan hurts Aurang, it is his mother who does the damage control & tries to make him feel better because she shares a special bond with her youngest son. The way Aurang had this sadness in his eyes because of the thought of leaving his mother behind was quite touching. Gulistan might not say but the way he told Gohar to see Aurang off went to show that he cared for Aurang as well & Gohar’s presence was basically a representation of his feelings for his son. I loved Noman Ejaz’s acting in that scene because it was so evident that where he was sad about the fact that Aurang was leaving, he was trying to restrict his emotions from making an appearance on his face. Beautiful work!

This episode was beautiful & I am actually looking forward to the next episode because the precap was quite intense. I am sure things are going to get quite ugly & Durkhani will be forced to see the true face of Gohar. I just wish that nothing happens to her because she has a life ahead of her. I must say, the thing I love the most about the ladies in this drama is how they take a stand for themselves. Shireen didn’t mind saying the truth to the aunt’s face who came for her proposal that all she needed was a maid & not a daughter in law. I like how they have shown all the women to be so courageous in their own accord & it is quite liberating to see such women who despite living in such harsh surroundings have their own voice. I can’t thank the director enough for making us fall in love with all these characters & for introducing them to us in such a beautiful way. I must also add that the writer & the director have done a commendable job in maintaining a balance because where the last episode ended at quite a depressing note, this one had an entire change of scenario & focused on a totally different angle of the story. It just makes the drama-watching experience even more amazing! Even though the drama is in its initial stages, I have a feeling that these characters will become memorable for all of us. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Sang e Marmar.

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