Sang e Marmar Episode 10 Review – The Innocent Pays The Price!

Ohkay so, another week & another great episode of Sang e Marmar. Isn’t is amazing that even before you tune to a drama, you know it already that the episode will be a treat a watch. Sang e Marmar is definitely not a light-hearted entertainment, in fact it has quite a dense theme based on reality which forces you to think & feel bad for the sufferings of your favorite characters every step of the way, but what its execution shows is that if a screenplay like this gets an appropriate treatment, it can definitely keep your interest alive in the show, to an extent that you actually look forward to it. The creative team of Sang e Marmar has definitely sent a very strong message to all the other drama makers, that you don’t need saas bahu sagas or bechari/bechara filled dramas or even weirdly shaped love triangles for people to tune to your work, you can definitely make the viewers fall in love with an issue & reality based drama if you yourself stay true to your job!

In this episode, we were given a glimpse of the past which actually showed the turn of events which shaped everything & brought everyone at this stage of their lives. That powerful scene showed how many sacrifices Gulistan Khan’s wife made for him & how many times he humiliated her by even depriving her of her right to visit her ailing parents. The reason why Gulistan Khan’s wife seems so indifferent & aloof to everything that her husband does was explained through one incident because it showed that all her life, she has always been at the giving end that she actually lost her will to live her life her way. This fact has been established again & again that Gulistan Khan is a very good father but sadly, we got to know that he wasn’t that ideal of a husband because he endorsed such a mentality which taught him to mistreat his spouse only so that he gets to showcase his power & authority to her.

That one incident also showed the reason why Gulistan Khan distanced himself from Aurang also because that day, he realized that out of all his children, he will be the one who will question Gulistan’s dictatorship. Gulistan Khan has made a name for himself by committing wrong deeds but the way he distanced himself from a very young child goes to show that he is someone who does not like getting hurt emotionally. Gulistan Khan knew that he will never be able to control Aurang & he will never be able to turn Aurang into his stooge, so in order to protect himself, to keep himself from getting emotionally hurt & from harboring expectations from him, Gulistan Khan decided to let Aurang be, that is the reason why Aurang turned out to be so different from his brothers because his father didn’t have any say in his upbringing. I loved the fact that Aurang has always been the kind of a person who stood up for the weak & fought for the rights of those whom he loved the most!

I loved how strategically the director took us into the past because the decision that Gulistan Khan made today reflected the hurt he felt because of Aurang that day. I am sure Gulistan was already trying to figure things out & his conversation with Saif ur Rehman convinced him that in order to get back at him & hurt him equally, he should get his sister married to Safiullah, but later when he confided in him, one of the reasons that Gulistan put forth was the fact that he knew Aurang a little too well. Gulistan knew that Aurang will never be able to mistreat Shireen despite his father’s orders. Gulistan knew that Aurang will always take a stand for Shireen if she will become his wife. Gulistan knew that if Shireen will get married to Aurang, he will lose a chance of hurting Saif ur Rehman as much as he hurt him by killing Gohar, that is why he chose Safiullah, because after Gohar, he is the one who will do anything & everything that his father will tell him to do.

May be Gulistan never wanted to turn things against Shireen, but the conversation that he had with Saif ur Rehman & also, the way he inquired about Gohar’s last moment compelled him to make such a decision that will haunt Saif ur Rehman till the day he’ll die. Sherbano also played a part in influencing her father because she wanted to score a win against Torah, so everything brought Gulistan to this point where he decided that Shireen will face the brunt of everything that was messed up in his own family & life.

My heart sank every single time I saw Shireen dreaming about her marital bliss with Aurang. Amidst the chaos, there Shireen was in her bubble, concerned only about her life with Aurang having no idea how the world around her was filled with vultures who were ready to tear her apart & sadly, it included her brother too. Saif ur Rehman is a coward because he had no ounce of sympathy for his sister & no ounce of courage to back his decision up & tell everyone that he had a reason due to which he killed Gohar. At that time, Saif ur Rehman was ready to kill & to be killed but it showed how he used his wife to convince him for something that even he wanted for himself, which was a hassle-free, peaceful ‘life’. Saif ur Rehman didn’t have the guts to die & just when he saw that he wife was ready to go to any extent to save him, he let her handle everything like a coward because things were becoming favorable for him.

I loved how this episode had some light-hearted moments because things won’t be the same anymore. The conversation Shireen & Durkhane had were actually so sweet but they had this very depressing undertone for the viewers because we as viewers could feel that things will not be the same for Shireen & Durkhane & while they were oblivious of the reality, they both looked so innocent & adorable while discussing Shireen’s marriage with Aurang without a worry in the world. Honestly speaking, I can’t wait to see the day when Saif ur Rehman’s wife will pay the price for everything that she has transpired against Shireen. At this moment, Saif’s wife might think that she has scored a win & her life will be peaceful with her husband & her baby, but I am sure there will come a time when she herself will have to confess about all the lies that she has told & she will have a taste of her own medicine!

Overall, this episode was brilliant too. It was actually quite nice to see an emotional side of Safiullah. Even though Gulistan doesn’t allow him to be weak emotionally, Safiullah falls weak in front of Gullalai because he loves her a lot. Sadly Safiullah knows that after Gohar, his father has a lot of expectations from him & he has to fulfill them, but even he is a victim in this entire situation. I can’t wait to see the next episode, especially Gullalai’s bits where she herself will go to receive her husband’s second wife – husband she loves the most. I hope Shireen leaves Saif ur Rehman’s house in such a way that it haunts him & his wife for the rest of their lives. I can’t wait to see how things will turn against them. This episode was as always filled with some brilliant performances. I must say, the credit goes to the director for helping all the actors pick the tone of their character so flawlessly. I am sure it is because of Saife Hassan that all the actors succeeded in delivering such phenomenal performances. Looking forward to the next episode already. Please share your say about this episode of Sang e Marmar.

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