Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 16 Review – Friends With Benefits?

This was another exciting episode which had my heart racing. Bilal’s return and discovery of the events that transpired was shocking and painful but he’s smart enough to know there’s a conspiracy against him. I hated seeing Habibullah insult Bilal and accusing him of cheating. Haroon Bhai was even worse as he literally spat on Billu! But I sort of understood his behaviour as he’s completely submissive to Peer Habibullah and he has accepted this marriage as one whereby he’s nothing more than a glorified gatekeeper.

Mein tumko gunhagaar nahin, apney liye sawaab kamaa raha houn… Habibullah wasted no time making his move on Kulsoom- the ease with which he transitioned from caressing to kissing her hand showed he has complete confidence that she will learn to reciprocate his feelings. Nimmo witnessed the close proximity and concluded that Habibullah masterminded the events. Kulsoom refused to believe a word since she’s still under the assumption that Peer Sahab is their sincere well- wisher. I liked how Nimmo backed her thinking by laying the facts bare- Unki biwi kya kyun daal chawal pakaney wali Aurat hai??? Bibi has the upper hand in the marriage by virtue of her birth- her father was the Peer before the position was passed down to Habibullah and she calls the shots. In recent times, however, Habibullah has managed to resume control yet allowing Bibi to think otherwise.

Meri beti Ki zindagi zaya hui toh kya, Bibi Sahiba toh maa ban jayein gi… it didn’t surprise me in the least to hear Tahira think about Bibi Sahiba at a time when her daughter’s life was shattered. Tahira’s anger at Haroon has replaced her anger at Bilal. She’s spewing venom and threatening him as if he’s the one to blame. It’s ironic how none of them has dared to question the decisions that they so easily obeyed without reason. I suppose it’s easier to pass the blame onto someone weaker who’s accustomed to being a punching bag. Haroon pointed out to Kulsoom how she’s gathering sympathies and playing the victim card whereas he finds himself isolated and at an utter loss himself.

Meher Nigar tried to console Bilal but she was fearful with reminders of Wali. She understood only too well that there’s more to this than meets the eye but she doesn’t want her son to get entangled any further. I would love to see how Bilal exposes Wali and eventually Habibullah. Wali isn’t exactly a loyalist and he is turning out to be quite a nuisance as Habibullah is quickly beginning to realize. Greed isn’t something that can be contained and Wali is trying to cash in as much as possible before everything blows up in his face.

Kulsoom wants to meet Bilal and I’m looking forward to their scenes together as both of them have been through hell and back in their own separate ways. I hope Kulsoom realizes the awkwardness of Habibullah trying to get too close for comfort before it’s too late… I never imagined this drama would become so highly addictive but the acting and narrative has been exceptionally gripping. Every scene serves a purpose and moves the story forward- I have to commend the editor and director for their flawless execution for making this a very interesting watch. Next week’s preview shows things heating up for Habibullah- how will he maintain his stature? What do you think?

Kanwal Murtaza


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