Sang e Marmar Episode 21 Review – Respect For The Writer!

What a beautiful episode it was & such beautiful turn of events. I love how all of a sudden the colors became brighter & everything turned vibrant. It was a depiction of how everyone was ready to put the past to rest & was looking forward to move on, pretty much ready for the new beginnings & a fresh start. Even though it’s a known fact by now but after seeing this particular episode, I feel I have to say it again that I love love loveeeeeeeee this drama for so many reasons that I just can’t explain. Isn’t is amazing to see a drama where they touch on so many important aspects without making anything look boring or preachy. I am amazed to see that even at this stage, they have so many things, so many secrets to reveal, which just add more charm to the entire drama watching experience. Thank you Team Sang e Marmar once again for giving us yet another beautiful episode which was filled with so many beautiful moments, I just loved how positive the undertone of this episode was. ♥

So, finally the moment arrived when Gulistan Khan while looking back at his father’s journey could relate to everything that he went through. It was probably for the first time when Gulistan understood what his father used to say & most importantly why he’d say all those things because just when he was at the death bed, he had a very late realization of all the wrongdoings that he committed all his life. I want to personally thank the writer for touching the subject of ‘Riba’ in this drama & showing it with absolute accuracy. Respect, respect, respect! Gulistan for the first time was forced to that a step back & analyze everything that he has done all his life, which was following the footsteps of his father. Now when Gulistan himself has lost pretty much everything, he has realized that following his father was the worst thing he has done his entire life. From dealing in interest to abusing his wife, to mistreating everyone & to judging people on the basis of how much money they had, Gulistan’s upbringing wasn’t right & sadly after losing so much, he has come to the realization that he needs to make things right.

The scene which takes Gulistan Khan back to what happened between Gullalai & Baraan was so heart-wrenching, it was a very grave memory Gulistan had of Baraan’s last few days, like at this stage, Gulistan was seeing everything from a very different perspective & he was understanding how harsh the consequences were which his father had to face for all of the mistakes that he committed. It was good to see that after thinking things through, Gulistan started to make things right. I loved seeing how Gulistan began to take a few steps for his redemption, which started off by calling everyone to have a dinner together. It seems that after losing 3 family members, Gulistan is going to hold tightly onto his family & he will now do everything to protect them & will keep them closer to his heart.

To be honest, I was surprised with how Shireen reacted to Gulistan’s suggestion of going to Pari’s home for condolences on Saif ur Rehman’s death. Shireen actually got so much of love & respect from this family that she accepted Safiullah, despite his rude behavior. Even though Shireen was emotionally disturbed over what happened & how she was forced to get married to Safiullah, it looks like Gulistan & Shameem helped her in accepting this chapter of her life. Shireen has always been a very selfless person that is why we saw how she took everything on herself in order to protect Durkhane’s honor, similarly, even though she knew that Safiullah wasn’t going to treat her with respect, she only accepted him because she saw what she meant to Gulistan & Shameem as well. The way Shireen refused to meet Pari goes to show that she is well-aware of the game that Pari played & how she is responsible for maligning Shireen’s name, so Shireen didn’t find it necessary to rekindle a relationship that meant nothing to her at this stage.

I loved loved loveddd how they showed everything that Shameem was going through. The conversation she had with Aurang was absolutely beautiful. I must say the timing with which everything is revealed & how everything is linked with each other makes it a very unique experience. Like at first, where they clearly showed that even Gulistan came to realization that everything that his father faced or to an extent that he was facing was basically a punishment for dealing in Riba & then in the next scene we saw how Aurang was trying to console his mother by telling how Allah was testing her for her patience, like it wasn’t a punishment for her but a test which she had to take. I loved this bit the most where the writer elaborated that for Gulistan, it was a punishment but for Shameem, because she was innocent & had no say in what her husband or her father in law did, it was basically a test of her patience. Just when I saw Shameem crying in front of Aurang, this is exactly what I had in my mind, because I was wondering why Shameem was facing the brunt for what Baraan or even Gulistan have done all their lives & just the very next moment in that particular conversation, my doubts were cleared, this goes to show the amount of wisdom & intelligence that has gone into writing a script like this. Respect!

It’s a done deal by now that every episode of Sang e Marmar will bring a few moments which will force me to shed a tear or two & this time around, that was the moment that Gulistan & Shameem shared, where Gulistan offered Shameem to hold his hand after getting to know how distanced he was from his wife all his life & how she longed for him. That was yet another reality check that Gulistan got that in the pursuit of attaining power & authority, he forgot to treat Shameem as a wife. Even though Shameem is dealing with the pain her way, the sudden change in Gulistan’s behavior always comes as a reminder to her of all the things that she has gained now after losing all that she had. The way Gulistan tells Shameem to sit with him for dinner, the expressions of disbelief on her face was another very sweet moment, Gulistan has started making things right because he is tired & he has been defeated & this is how Shameem has never seen her husband before, that is why Shameem couldn’t believe what she was experiencing & it was very very sweet. I loved how Palwasha gave them all a space to have some family-time & it was good to see Gulistan having a conversation with his family. I know it’s a very random thing but seeing them all having green tea after dinner brought a smile to my face, like it’s a very small thing that sheds a light on the Pukhtoon food culture, but goes to show the attention to detail with which the director has directed this drama!

The scene where Pari is singing to her child was actually quite depressing but it had a very clear message. Pari is now going to prepare her child to avenge his father’s death. It was basically shedding a light on the loop that begins, the circle which everyone is forced to complete when a murder takes place. Saif ur Rehman killed without thinking things through, Saif ur Rehman also got killed & now his child will pretty much have the same fate because sadly, his mother has developed the hunger for revenge too. Sad but true!

The scene between Shameem & Shireen was another best moment of this episode, like it had no dialogues, just some very powerful expressions that told us all a tale of what was going through Shameem’s mind. Shameem looked at the tree & the birds which she took care of, which she nurtured all her life but now she handed over the responsibility to Shireen because she was tired & she wanted to give up. I loved how it showed that Shameem has given it all to this home, how she has literally dedicated her entire life to nurture each & everything related to it but now she wanted the time off because she has no courage & probably no motivation left to do it anymore. It was absolutely beautiful!

Malang Jaan & his story was something that Gulistan was now able to relate to as well. After Baraan Khan & his suffering, Malang Jaan’s story is another thing which Gulistan has gotten a clear perspective of. The way Gulistan Khan painted the picture of Malang Jaan’s suffering & his peaceful ending in front of Aurang to make him understand how even he wanted some rest now was deep, meaningful & very heart-touching. Gulistan Khan has realized that he has failed, he has understood that he has been defeated & now he has given up the urge to hold onto the things he kept closer to his heart all his life. Gulistan knows that Aurang has all the qualities of becoming his successor & he’d probably do a better job at everything in comparison to Gulistan, that is why has has decided to rely on Aurang & take a back seat from everything. I loved where at one hand Shameem gave the responsibility to Shireen, on the other, Gulistan Khan gave the responsibility to Aurang too! What a perfect closure & what a perfect way to start a new journey!

Overall, this episode was beautiful. I must say I am impressed how even after 21 episodes, the drama-makers have kept our interest alive in the show. This drama has turned out to be like one of those mystery case files where one mystery unravels & another awaits for the viewers, also what makes it absolutely amazing is that everything has been done so tastefully & perfectly that you just can’t find faults or loopholes. Sania Saeed & Noman Ejaz surely took the crown in this episode, followed by the writer who came up with such a brilliant script & embedded so many beautiful lessons in it. I must say, it takes a lot of courage to show something so controversial with so much of accuracy & for that, the team of Sang e Marmar deserves all the accolades. The preview of the next episode got me excited already, looks like Durkhane will finally unveil the truth, which is good because she should take the responsibility for her mistakes. I can’t wait to see the next episode alreadyyy!!! Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Sang e Marmar.

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