Sar-e-Rah Episode 2 Story Review – Doctor Bahu

This second episode of Sar-e-Rah was just as engaging, empowering, fast-paced, and visually pleasing as the first one. The writer managed to get his message across with the utmost ease and precision throughout this episode. I must say that even though I knew that the writer was going to tell other people’s stories through Rania, the focus on Muzna’s (Sunita Marshall) story was the surprise element for me. I was expecting Rania’s story to stay central but it seems as if we will be watching her story from her professional life’s perspective and not the personal one. I must say that I missed watching Rania’s interactions with her family but I do understand why the writer thought it was more important to shift the focus to Muzna. It is the only way that he can tell different stories in a single episode.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 2 Story Review – Doctor Bahu

Breaking Free

This episode opened with Rania and Muzna’s first interaction. Rania went from judging Muzna to trusting her and liking her as the story progressed. By the end of this episode Muzna and Rania were not just friends but also partners in a way. I loved how quickly Rania changed her opinion about this woman she barely knew but was open-minded enough to give her the benefit of doubt. Even though this was Muzna’s story for me Rania’s character stood out in this episode as well. It is such a well-etched-out character; she isn’t overly bold, not ‘too’ kind but considerate enough, and most importantly she comes across as a positive person who does not believe in stereotypes at all. Saba Qamar nailed this character yet again in this episode and her on-screen chemistry with Sunita Marshall made their interactions even more wholesome. Sunita Marshall is an exceptional performer who adds grace to every character she plays therefore she was the perfect choice for playing this role. It was however not too pleasant watching Mikaal Zulfiqar play yet another character that he has played so many times before. He has been playing the toxic husband who always fails to make his marriages work for the longest time!

Through Muzna’s story, the writer highlighted an issue that is not the subject matter of Pakistani dramas often; everyone wants a doctor bahu but most people expect these bahus to leave their profession and use their knowledge only for the benefit of the family they are married into! The family which chooses to marry their son to this doctor bahu because of her degree and education dictates to her as if she has no wisdom or mind of her own. Also, the writer showed how flawed the concept is that qualified people should only work if they needed money. Muzna’s character was that of an educated, polished, and intelligent young woman who forgets what she is capable of because of the way she is treated by her mother-in-law in particular. Apart from that, her husband lets her bear the brunt instead of telling his mother the truth. This was such a good way of showing how toxicity and mental abuse is accepted as a norm by many women such as Muzna who can easily step out and build a life of their own. It also went to show the kind of exploitation such women are subjected to by the so-called ‘khandani’ families they are married into. Even though the husband was clearly the one at fault, he had an ‘ally’ in his mother and I could totally see him getting married a second time just to prove that there was nothing wrong with him.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 2 Story Review – Doctor Bahu

Through this story, the writer also showed how adoption is looked down upon in our society. The episode as a whole also showed the judgmental attitude of society and how most often even women such as Muzna are forced to do something they don’t want to because of the pressures. Even though Muzna did not want to give that baby away, she did try to do it. Later on, she took a decision she could have taken earlier but was not in the right mental state to do so. The scene at the mall in which that auntie tells Muzna off truly resonated with me! It is so true that most of us are constantly judging others and expecting their actions to match our own perceptions, thoughts, and experiences.

I really liked the scene in which Muzna leaves the baby with Rania when she goes to get milk for her. Rania doubts Muzna, and wonders if she was going to get into trouble for helping her but still continues believing in her. This showed that Rania was not ‘perfect’, she was completely capable of doubting someone as well but she did not instantly pass judgment or make a decision. If Rania did not decide to help Muzna, things could have been so different for her.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 2 Story Review – Doctor Bahu

Final Remarks

There were some aspects of this episode that made me question Muzna’s decision in the beginning. Why couldn’t she talk to her husband about this beforehand? Can a married woman legally adopt without the consent of her spouse? If she had decided to adopt this baby, why was she not more ‘prepared’ for it. I think that these are some of the angles in this particular track that needed a little more explanation. However, the way this track was used to raise so many big and small issues was definitely on point. Rania’s reactions throughout this episode revealed more about her personality and character. It is always refreshing watching a drama showing women supporting each other. Rania continues to be the star of the show; Saba Qamar owns this character and she clearly enjoyed performing it. Tonight’s episode of Sar-e-Rah belonged to all those doctor bahus who have so much to offer yet they somehow forget their own potential.

This was another empowering story shown brilliantly on-screen. The concept and the execution have been brilliant. I am looking forward to the next story. The outdoor scenes had to be the best aspect of the execution. Unlike many other dramas, you don’t feel ‘suffocated’ while watching Sar-e-Rah because the director has dared to use a large canvas as opposed to limiting himself. I am so glad that Sar-e-Rah is getting the attention it deserves because the first episode did not take off immediately but this one already has an impressive number of views. Also, I am wondering why this drama is airing at 9 pm because it definitely deserves the primetime slot. Am I the only one who missed Rania’s interactions with her family in this episode? Do share your take on this episode.

Fatima Awan

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  • Thanks for the so thorough review, Fatima. I am getting addicted to the drama now. I heard that this is not the 20-25 episode drama but just 5-episode. Sad to know it, but still not disappointed because it is a new topic that it being aired globally. The topic about a family driven job-oriented woman whose feet is not getting shaken by the harsh male world but getting stronger each day when she another strong woman on the road (in the world) who faces the same world she dealt with it every day. When I think of this theme, I did not mind me that the drama is just for 5-episode. The main lady gets never shattered by her decision of driving taxi but becoming stronger & more proud that she is one of those ladies who challenges the world that the gender is not be discussed anytime. This can be read at several instances in Today’s episode when she knows more & more the lady doctor.
    In Today’s episode, I like the story. Medical profession, in-laws same mentality, another perspective of a doctor, dealing the society with husband’s reality, Adoption and the decision of a woman. Both sides of doctor has shown, but hinted out that they have to serve the humankind instead of just making out money for themselves. Another point is about keeping doctor in-law-daughter as housewife. It is sad reality wherever it happens because most of the time the parents of the girl made their ends meet to make their girl doctor and when the in-laws treat them housewife, one can’t imagine the feeling of the parents how much it could hurt and more to it about the girl’s feeling who was about to enter the most demanding challenge & her own choice of the world. Another point to be noted is about adoption. Why still society considers adoption is still a unsocial activity. I think it should be the most social activity because you are making someone unknown child familiarize to your world, so it is now your duty to make your world accept this child. But instead showing this perspective to the society, one thinks about the reaction of the society itself. In this episode, the man got a golden chance to prove this because he knows that he can’t become a doctor, but a man ego comes before society. Another point is the perspective of our woman shown that despite knowing husband’s reality they think that the marriage bond should not be broken with this reality & it has to be dealt with and not making fun of or using as a point of advantage in the relationship. And finally, if all these challenges if a woman faces in life, then her decision of raising of an adopted child as single mother is worth saluting for.
    Lastly, the dialogue I like the most is the one which sows the sad reality of eastern societies: ladkian khaskar shadishuda aurtein, faisle akele nahi lesakti jab tak usmein unka mard aur in-laws shamil na jo.
    And sorry, if some of my review points matches with you, but reality is that I write my comments first & then read your review latter. This is because, I don’t want to get my opinion affected by your review. However, few points match at the end. Hahahaha.
    Sabar Qamar is superb in the episode, so as the story & direction. On a separate note; if you have not watched the Sarmad Khoosat’s movie Kamli, then go for it and plan to review it, please. It is a musical art piece which will never been forgotten in the movie industry of Pakistan and I have much to talk about it.

    • You’re welcome Aamer, no need to apologize, I am certain many viewers would have similar views about a certain episode. I agree with everything you said and I also like the idea that this is not going to be a long serial. It has been concise and meaningful – just the way most of us like it and the way it should be actually. I really liked that one dialgues, mard kabhi ghalt nahin hota or something on those lines. That is also a reality for many women even though they are educated and enlightened but when they get married, everything is their fault!

      enjoyed reading your thoughts, keep commenting.

  • Ajeeb sa aik lutf milta hai is drame ki execution/ cinematography dekh ker. Dialogues bhee jaandar hain. Khoa se jate hain. You used the work grace for Sunita which was my first impression while watching her. I have never so impressed with her elegance before. Doctor’s apron
    added even more grace.

    Naa sirf drame ka naam Sar e Raah hai balke jis tarah Rania ki taxi k sath on the way kahaniyan bunti ja rahee hain woh buhut impressive hai. Aur koshsihs ki ja rahee hai k her aspect ko proper cover kiya jaye. Even they showed that how old woman saw Munza in food court with infant and scolded her. Yes you were right about some unexplained questions vis-a-vis kids adoption. Rania’s aik dam wale shocking expressions when she heard “k ye mera bacha naheen” were also seemed to be bit OTT. Is ko behter tareeqay se dikha sakte thay. Baqi drama dekhne ka apna maza hai. Let’s see what happens to social media star in next episode and what message(s) they will try to convey. Intizar karna parre ga aur ap k review ka bhee. ☺️

    • Bilkul janab aisa hi hey. Sunita Marshall has such an impressive screen presence, love her in Pinjra as well. That old woman scene was gold! I had a similar encounter myself once LOL!! Mujhe bhi initially OTT expressions lage lekin shayad Rania under se dari hui hey ke akaile nikalte hey tu kabhi kuch aisa wesa na ho jaie, jese later on when she’s with the baby, she’s thinking ke phuns na jaun. Maybe yeh dikha rahe hu but it was definitely over dramatic.
      Same here, looking forward to it and will definitely wait for your comment as well :)
      Thank you so much.

  • It was a nice episode, watchable drama, not a pathbreaking one. Sabaq Qamar as always was good, Sunita marshall is a ver good actress but underrated. Miqal Zulfiqar was in his usual role that he does in every drama. As mentioned in above review, the expressions of Saba Qama were OTT when she learns that the kid is not hers. Also I find the character unbelievable and interferring, bcoz usually the taxi drivers dont get so much involved in the personal lives of passengers, and why should sunita marshall reveal everything to her, in reality noone will speak the truth. Anyways its a timepass series.

    • Hello tiger, Appreciate your feedback, glad you’re watching this one even though you’re not completely sold :)
      I agree with what you said about the personal life of the passengers but I guess the concept is such that the story will not go forward if she doesn’t get candid with them.