Seeta Bagri Episode 02 Review – A Decent Watch!

Ohkay so, this episode of Seeta Bagri was interesting as it unfolded the events in everyone’s life in a very casual manner. I liked this episode for the fact that they have kept things quite light-hearted even though they have showed the struggles of some of the characters alongside too. Even though I know things will become a bit dense & serious in the upcoming episodes but it sure will be an interesting ride to watch because the director has succeeded in establishing a connection between the characters & the viewers!

Nandini has completely fallen in love with Ratan Lal, it is more of a love at first sight thing but she proved that her love wasn’t going to fizzle out because she started taking a stand for him. Ratan brought Nandini to Badrinath’s place because she asked for his help & had nowhere to go in a new city. It was actually quite sweet to see everyone being so welcoming & supportive of Nandini. They all are big hearted people & that is why Nandini felt at home in no time. Nandini woke up from a nightmare as she was scared that something might happen to Ratan. Nandini did say that she has never been scared in her life that is why she survived on her own, it was only because she didn’t have a fear of losing anything or anyone precious to her, but it was kind of sweet to see that just because now she has fallen in love with Ratan & she fears losing him, she started to get scared with the thought of something bad happening to him!

Ratan & Mala are not siblings but they are first cousins. It looked like it was Mala’s father who had some debt but just because he died & couldn’t pay, Ratan decided to take that responsibility as he couldn’t marry Mala off to those people whom her father owed that debt to. It was actually quite heart-warming to see Ratan bearing the responsibility of Mala like a brother & facing the brunt for her sake. Ratan is a hardworking man but the time is not in his favor these days but looks like Nandini has come into his life to sort his issues out. Nandini has already started going out of the way for him because she can not see him in trouble, that is why she didn’t even think twice before paying the money on his behalf as she wants to prove her love without burdening Ratan at that too!

Even though Seeta could see where Nandini was getting to but she had this faith & trust in Ratan, which showed she wasn’t insecure but sadly, hearing about Ratan’s marriage with Nandini shook her a lot as she didn’t see it coming at all. Not sure how Seeta will react & what would Ratan’s reaction be, I am sure he will have a feeling that Nandini was trying to ‘buy’ his love, which actually wasn’t her intention. Even though I liked Nandini’s character on her own, I most certainly don’t ship her with Ratan because they both are a mismatch. Mala & Nandini’s scenes were done nicely too, they added some light-hearted moments in the episode.

Overall, this episode was a decent watch too. I love everyone’s acting, especially Sarwat Gillani’s, she really has acted effortlessly in this drama & her dialogue delivery has improved so much. Syed Jibran has acted flawlessly as well, he has owned the character of Ratan just like Sarwat has owned Seeta’s. Definitely looking forward to the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Seeta Bagri!

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