Seeta Bagri Episode 08 & 09 Review – Absolutely Boring!!!

I think it’s about time that I bid farewell to this drama because it is offering absolutely nothing. Seeta Bagri sadly has turned out to be a drama which I expected it not to be, it is just too filmy & has nothing when it comes to story-line. I tuned to it last week but I didn’t feel like writing a review on that episode as it gave me nothing to talk about & now this week once again I am left feeling disappointed to an extent where I feel I have wasted my time. It is actually quite sad that this drama has no substance, be it in terms of story or in terms of character sketching. It is actually an opportunity wasted & no wonder why it hasn’t gained any popularity whatsoever because nothing is right about this drama.

To be honest, I am actually quite shocked to see the way the characters have been developed, like if I put it in simple words, there is no development or growth when it comes to any character. 9 episodes have gone by & all the characters have started looking like robots with no personality whatsoever, like they actually look lifeless to me. Now that Aakash has entered in their lives, it is like he is running things & not even getting exposed. It is funny how everyone knows about everything but they all choose to stay quiet when it comes to Aakash. It is actually quite annoying to see him being treated as a royalty in Badrinath’s family that too after he has misbehaved with Seeta time & again. I am not sure what is it that is stopping Seeta from telling the truth to Badrinath, like where did that Seeta go who was so self-sufficient & knew how to take a stand for herself?

Ratan & Nandini have brought me to a point where I feel disgusted when I see them romancing & being absolutely sick with each other. There is always a fine line between doing things tastefully or absolutely looking distasteful & sadly both such experienced actors like Syed Jibran & Bushra Ansari have made their track together gross & cringe-worthy. When I saw that Ratan was proposed to buy the carpentry shop from Haji Sahab, I thought it will change some sort of dynamics but absolutely nothing happened. To be honest, out of all the characters, I feel Ratan’s character is the worst because you just don’t understand why he is reacting a certain way, like the writer did a poor job in etching out his character in particular. All Ratan does is yell & scream, throw tantrums at Nandini like a 10 year old & then all of a sudden he gets chummy with her, leaving you wondering why was he agitated in the first place & then what made him completely fine the next moment?

I find it actually quite funny how Aleezay & Taimur are doing everything theoretically & not practically. It was good that Taimur saved Badrinath from that police officer but then I find it absolutely unconvincing that Taimur started dealing with Aakash to such an extent where he made him in-charge of everything that they are planning in the Hindu Mohalla. It seems as if Badrinath’s family is the only family in Hindu Mohalla because Taimur & Aleezay have only been discussing things with him & doing what he tells them to do, like Badrinath introduced them to Aakash & he took his word & without even assessing his qualifications or eligibility, he made him an in-charge just like that? I think it would’ve been better if they had shown that Aleezay & Taimur spoke to all the residents of Hindi Mohalla & had come to a decision of helping them with their consent. I think it would’ve been better if they had shown at least 10-15 elders from the Mohalla who Taimur & Aleezay discussed the matters with.

I actually cringed when I saw Ratan getting cozy & comfortable with Seeta & also the way Seeta was finding it perfectly alright to listen to his gibberish without even having the decency to cut him off because he is already married & then in this episode we saw that Ratan was confessing his love to Nandini for everything that she has done for him till date? That entire situation was a very bad attempt of twisting things because the effect of it fizzled out pretty quickly because it had zero substance in the first place. I am sure the director added that bit only for Badrinaht to force Aakash in Seeta’s life & I am sure this is exactly what is eventually going to happen. I so wish in stead of showing Seeta hovering from one room to another aimlessly with a few books in her hands, they had shown how Seeta got involved with the NGO workers & started bringing a change in her Mohalla practically. Mala Rani is a filler in this drama & she is absolutely annoying, the character & also the actress playing her role has a tendency to get on your nerves. Similarly, the guy playing the role of Aakash is intolerable too!

I am actually done with this drama for now & may be I will check back again in a few weeks, if it will grab my attention, then may be I will resume reviewing it but I think I’ve had my dose of Seeta Bagri enough & I need some time off to digest it. I hate to say this but it is actually quite sad how the director couldn’t put such a huge star cast to good use & couldn’t bring them to create magic on our TV screens. They all seem just so purposeless & boring, it is sad! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Seeta Bagri!

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