Sehra Main Safar – Episode 13 & 14!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Sehra Main Safar revolved around Iqra finding more & more about Shehryaar. I really feel the pace of the drama is quite slow & they really need to up speed up the process as they have a lot of story left to tell like Iqra getting divorced & then going back to where she belong; yes, to her Pupho’s house!

I really want to feel for Iqra but somehow I am unable to, not because I feel she is being rightly punished but because of the way the writer has introduced all these problems in her life through Shehryaar, as it all seems quite unconvincing & unnecessary. Like out of all the people in the world, Iqra had to be the one facing punishment for the things that she herself wasn’t responsible for. The changes in the circumstances turned her bitter & now she has to face the brunt for the rudeness of let’s say 2 – 3 months that she displayed? I am not convinced at all!

Shehryaar went on a trip with his friends & lied to Iqra about it being a job hunt that he really wanted to go for & honestly speaking, that’s what the problem is, the way Shehryaar dreams big & has so many bills to be taken care of, this sort of recreation didn’t really fit in & I found it a poor attempt by the writer to throw in this scenario because when Iqra agreed to find the amount Shehryaar needed, a guy like him would’ve saved it in order to get closer to his dreams but seeing him spending all that money for a short trip didn’t really make any sense. Shehryaar wants to get married to Annie ASAP & that is why he has been pestering Iqra to continue with her job, so it doesn’t really sync well with his mentality that he would want to spend the money for a getaway & not worry about Annie if not anything else.

Once again, Shehryaar left the job & what for? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Yes, through all this, Iqra is being punished directly but again, if we speak about Shehryaar, he has always been a money-minded person, so why would he leave a job at such a crucial stage in his life where he plans on getting married to the love his life & also has a wife to be taken care of? Seeing everything, Iqra did agree to do a job once again but then again, how does it change anything in their life? They were on a single salary before & now after Shehryaar’s resignation, they’d be on a single salary once again so how will Shehryaar reach to his goal??? Somehow, I never was convinced with the way Shehryaar entered Iqra’s life & also the reasons behind it where he wanted to mooch off of her & Iqra was getting the punishment of hurting her parents & now with the latest developments I am totally of the opinion that all this twist was totally unnecessary & is now dragging a drama for no good reason.

Iqra got to find out the truth about Shehryaar’s background that his father is a pension holder & Shehryaar comes from a dysfunctional family. It was another one of those truths that forced Iqra to wake up that nothing, absolutely nothing about this marriage was what it was promised to be. There isn’t even a single thing that has worked in her favor & now she is trying to do the damage control in a hope that may be doing a job will not only change her financial condition but will change the attitude of Shehryaar towards her too.

So, Ayaaz has started making an entry into Iqra’s life once again but the process is slow & gradual exactly like the pace of the drama itself. Iqra can see how hardworking & simple he is & even though she doesn’t give it much thought but she has already started regretting getting married to Shehryaar for his face value. She wants things to get smooth & simple but Shehryaar wants to push her to the limit because of some really unreasonable reasons. Everything about Shehryaar was wrong but the one thing that was highlighted time & again about his personality was that he dreams big & wants to make a lot of money, so to see such an ambitious guy leaving a job & wasting his time in the parks on the benches doesn’t really make much sense to be honest!

Anyways, the preview of the next episode suggested that things will still remain a little edgy for Iqra & she still has a long way to go when it comes to finding the truth about Shehryaar as he has been hiding so much but yes, we all get it, Iqra is being punished because she chose the wrong guy for herself, Shehryaar is the worst man ever walked on the face of the Earth, Ayaaz is the best guy on the face of the Earth for Iqra, so can we get things moving? Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Sehra Main Safar.

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