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Sehra Main Safar – Episode 15 & 16!

Ohkay so, I watched these two episodes of Sehra Main Safar back to back in a hope that they will progress the story & also so that I’d be able to remember everything properly but I was kind of disappointed to see that the story didn’t move forward at all. They still focused on how miserable Iqra’s life was & how worse it was beginning to get. However, the note at which the recent episode ended definitely seemed promising & showed that the focus would be on how Iqra will get out of this messy & abusive relationship that she shares with Shehryaar.

So, Iqra started working again in a hope that she will be able to please Shehryaar but she definitely underestimated his selfishness because the moment she took one step, Shehryaar forced her to take another. First he demanded that Iqra should resume her job, when she agreed, then he demanded that she should herself manage how to commute to the office & when Iqra accepted that too, Shehryaar further demanded that she should manage the household chores herself as well. Iqra really thought that doing this job will bring a change in her life & more so in Shehryaar’s attitude but she was mistaken. Iqra also kept the resumption of her job from her parents because she knew that they will question her husband & also will probe about the reason behind such a decision as if there was anyone after Iqra who knew how much she hated doing a job, it was her family!

I still am not convinced with Shehryaar’s planning though. He got a better job with an even better salary package but he kept it as a secret from his wife so that he can use that extra money to spend on his girlfriend’s demands of needless shopping? How does that make sense because all we know is that Shehryaar only has ‘savings’ & ‘financial security’ on his mind, so spending so much amount on Annie doesn’t really help his situation at all? Yes, the fixed expenses are now being taken care of through Iqra’s salary, so shouldn’t Shehryaar be saving his own salary so that he can achieve what he has always wanted? Also, I must add I get so annoyed every single time there’s a conversation that happens between Shehryaar & Iqra about ‘fazool kharchi’, like it is amusingly annoying that the moment Iqra buys or makes some dishes, Shehryaar lectures her about fazool kharchi. Why is he such a bigger ‘zanani’ than Iqra? Because usually girls are more into budget maintenance & savings but to see Shehryaar being so conscious about all this makes him look so unmanly!

Anyways, things got uglier because Shehryaar failed to respect & understand Iqra even after she was doing so much to make this marriage work. He not only insulted Iqra but her parents too & that forced Iqra to lose her cool. I really think they shouldn’t have shown even that much of an abuse but it was good to see Iqra pushing Shehryaar back. Well, after that incident it looked liked they hired another guy who was a doppelgänger of Emaad Irfani because that guy could actually act & his voice along with the dialogue delivery was different too & most importantly, he wasn’t wearing the orange lipstick that the original Shehryaar/Emaad used to wear all the time. Anyways, Shehryaar realized or posed to show that he was ashamed of what he has done, therefore he even got a food parcel from a 5-star hotel (implying that it must’ve cost him an arm & a leg) for his wife to make up for what he has done. It was sad to see Iqra settling for that because she still feels she needs to work a little harder to make this marriage work.

The only good twist that I found in the recent episode was when Ayaaz took pictures of Shehryaar with his girlfriend & not only that, he chose to let Iqra know about it too. Ayaaz could already feel that something was wrong but now when he himself witnessed what Shehryaar was upto, he chose to take charge of the situation & help her cousin in need. I really think it was intelligent of Ayaaz to click those pictures because I am sure Iqra would’ve never ever accepted that what Ayaaz was saying wasn’t a lie. Also, I think Iqra should’ve grown a little bit suspicious when her earrings went missing & she saw some random girl wearing the exact same set that belonged to her. Also, I think it was a bit of a loophole that Iqra & Shehryaar both saw Annie at Taimoor’s wedding but Annie never came across Shehryaar. Also, looks like Taimoor has only brought his wife in this home as a reminder of how important it is for Ayaaz to get married & have his wife take responsibility of the household chores because other than that, Ayaaz’s Bhabhi didn’t have anything else to talk about.

Anyhow, the preview of the next episode was really interesting & even these two episodes were good too because they realistically portrayed the events taking place in Iqra’s life & how she was falling apart but still was trying hard to fight all these tough circumstances. The way her parents feel for her & how she can not reach out to them is another reality that has been shown where the daughters are unable to say anything to their parents in a regret of their own decisions. I must say Zarnish Khan has acted flawlessly throughout the drama. She is such a naturally gifted actor & delivers every scene & situation flawlessly which actually helps in relating to her character more & leaves us feeling that all this is actually a reality. I think Zarnish Khan is a saving grace of this entire drama & she deserves more projects because she can offer variety in terms of expressions & overall acting in general. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Sehra Main Safar & let me know if you’re looking forward to the scene when Shehryaar will get busted. ;)

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