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Shanakht 03 Copy

Shanakht – Episode 10!

Isn’t it amazing that this drama is getting better & better? I think we’re almost half way through the drama & even though there’s so much that has happened already, still there’s a lot more that’s left to be revealed. This actually shows the dedication of the writer/director to keep viewers so entertained, that they don’t even get the time to even guess or anticipate about what might happen. Seems like the writer has already thought about the whole story so well that she knows what card needs to be revealed at what time, that is why the timing of this play is an added bonus along with the amazing characters, a great story & a perfect pace.

Sadly, Rohaan’s mother is still as unreasonable as she was before. I was kind of surprised to see her reaction at the leaked video of Zubia where she didn’t feel it was her duty to remind her daughter about what’s wrong & what’s right, & instead, she was more concerned about the humility she had to face because of her daughter. I thought may be for once she will remind Zubia of her irresponsibility & will make her realize that what she did was wrong, but her mother was only worried about herself & that’s all that mattered to her.

Even though Hashim; being the only son, has always been very close to his parents & his mother in particular, it kind of showed his hypocrisy where he could spend the time with his girlfriend but didn’t have the guts to tell his mother honestly that he was going out with someone & actually likes her. Very conveniently, he hid that part of his life from his parents & still he believes he’s very liberal. I guess Hashim has always judged people like Rohaan for their double standards, but what Hashim did himself was a perfect example of it & I kind of liked the subtle approach of the writer on this. Hashim knows too well that he belongs to a very modern family where his parents supported his decision of not marrying a Hijabi, but to see him beating around the bush due to Faryal’s presence in his life was a well-thought portrayal of Hashim’s hypocrisy.

Finally, Annie gave a shot at rescuing Zubia from the trouble, with the help of her friend Ayesha & her brother Abdul Rehman. I think this indeed was a very unusual & unpredictable move that of all the people, Annie was able to find a perfect solution to Zubia’s mistake. I think it was a very well-calculated move on Annie’s part where she knew exactly what she had to do. I am glad to see that Annie didn’t just think her responsibility ended where she got the video deleted but she also took a moment to calm Rohaan down & make him understand that Zubia’s apologetic & regrets what she has done. I liked the fact that first Annie handled the problem on her own without bothering Rohaan about it & later, very honestly, she told Rohaan about how she asked her friend & her brother for the favour. This goes to show that even though Annie may seem like a very simple & submissive person, she is independent & strong-willed as far as she knows what she’s doing is right.

I think, once again they showed a positive side of Rohaan where in spite of blaming his mother or his sister for the questionable antics, he held himself responsible for being too ignorant of his sisters where he couldn’t lead them towards the right path. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation Annie & Rohaan had about that matter where Annie clearly told him that at least Rohaan is aware of what he needs to do in life & how he has to stick to the right path. It was good to see that Rohaan understood what Annie told him & decided to ignore Zubia’s mistake. & isn’t it good to see that both the sisters; Zubi & Beena have actually started liking Annie & are accepting her for who she is. They did take some time to understand Annie but now, they definitely can see that she’s a different person who doesn’t believe in preaching others as she is too busy focusing on how to rectify herself first. I think both Beena & Zubia will now take a stand for Annie & rule out all the negativity of their mother towards her.

Even though it’s too early to show the real colours of Haris to us, I think it’s still a good thing that without dragging the matter further, they have started to reveal the ordeals Kashaf will have to face after being married to Haris. He clearly comes across as an ignorant spoiled brat who thinks the world revolves around him. Haris might think of himself as a liberal person but he doesn’t know he’s as staunch as those people he was dissing while using them as an example. Haris clearly labelled religious people as hypocrites but when Kashaf tried to show him the positive side of Rohaan as to how he was taking care of Annie, Haris straight away said he can’t be like those husbands who give much importance to their wives. Huma has also started to see the difference between Rohaan & Haris because clearly, she looked disappointed at the new demand that Haris proposed to them. I think even though for the sake of comparison between the two guys; Rohaan & Haris, the irrationality of Haris is understandable but to see Kashaf suffering because of such an immature person is kind of sad.

I really liked the conversation between Haris & Rohaan & I feel it was very well-written because it covered all the issues that people these days do debate about. Haris obviously came with a baggage where he felt he had to look down on Rohaan for being religious but all the answers that he got in reply to his questions showed that when he couldn’t handle the situation, he resorted to rudeness, where he kept on debating for the sake of it without making much sense at all. For a change, I feel it’s good to see that Kashaf was supportive of Rohaan & without worrying much about what Haris might feel; she had the guts to tell him the truth about Rohaan, which Haris was clearly unable to see.

Next episode’s preview was once again very interesting where Hashim will return to Pakistan with Faryal as his wife. That actually gave me a satisfaction that all those speculations about something happening to Rohaan can now be thrown out of the window as Hashim’s already married *phew* so he can’t come for Annie’s rescue anymore, haha. & yes, last but not the least, despite all the happenings, one thing’s commendable that the director never misses out on the relation of Annie & Rohaan because after all that they both have to deal with, they always take some time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with each other & for that, it was actually very sweet to see Rohaan telling Annie when & why he fell for her to which Annie responded with a very cute wifelike tantrum. :) So glad that this drama’s still going strong, share your say please. :)

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