Shanakht – Episode 15!

Ohkay so, it was more like a filler episode where the focus was on Hashim, his family & his troubles, but nevertheless I enjoyed watching it because it offered a lot of good moments of Annie & Rohaan plus obviously because it’s Shanakht we’re talking about. :)

I think the whole scenario of Hashim working with Annie & Rohaan was positive in a way that he got an insight into their relation by being with them. Throughout Hashim has only gotten a chance to see how Annie & Rohaan treat each other & how Annie maintains a balance between her personal & professional life while having Rohaan by her side. Fortunately, I didn’t get any such signal this time around that Hashim was getting impressed by Annie for some other reasons but he was only judging her as someone’s wife who’s a very wise & good person. However, I really didn’t get why of all the people, Hashim felt it was his responsibility to judge Annie & let her know that what she was doing wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead of worrying about others, it would be best for Hashim if he pays heed to his own issues. I think as much as Hashim dislikes whenever Shireen draws a comparison between Annie & Faryaal, unwillingly & unconsciously he’s doing the same thing because he just can’t stop thinking about how Annie treats Rohaan with respect & how she takes care of her husband whenever he sees Faryaal being herself.

Once again I’d say that Shireen’s being unreasonable. When Faryaal was at home, she was unhappy about it & now when Faryaal has decided to do something for herself, Shireen’s still unhappy. I feel Shireen also needs to come out of her fixation of Annie because be that as it may she’s happily married. Instead of wondering about how Annie would’ve taken care of her household & her useless son Hashim, Shireen should now work on herself & her DIL to make things right. I don’t know why but I kind of felt bad for Hashim when he showed up at office all disoriented because Shireen & Faryaal really don’t understand that all this is taking a toll on him too.

I really didn’t also get Hashim’s way of telling Faryaal about the certain set of rules of his family & his mother. Supposedly, he thinks he’s the son, therefore his mother will ignore all that he does but Faryaal has to take care of everything & everyone on his behalf. Well, there’s news for you Hashim, things don’t role that way. I totally agree with Faryaal’s statement that untill Hashim starts taking care of his family, she won’t do that too because it’s his responsibility first & not hers. I still don’t find her wrong, & even before blaming Shireen, I think Hashim’s at fault big time & then comes Shireen who thinks it’s ohkay to allow her son to walk all over her but she wouldn’t allow her DIL to even breathe freely.

& yes, I’d request the writer & the director to stop making Rohaan travel all the time because every time he speaks about travelling or about the flights he has to catch, I get a panic attack LOL! So, please for the sake of viewers who love the pair of Annie & Rohaan, just let him stick to his office & home. No more business meetings pleaseee!!! :)

I absolutely loved the answers Annie gave to nosy Hashim, because he really needed to stop at that. I loved the way they’ve shown that Annie doesn’t allow nor does she tolerate any opinion of anyone if it concerns her husband or her relation with him. Over all, it was a pretty decent episode, but I am really getting tired of non-issues of Shireen especially. Hashim & Faryal’s track is still ohkay & I liked seeing how Hashim is getting to know Annie & Rohaan more as a couple & I wish that soon he realizes his responsibilities as a son & a husband which will help him in shaping his life a lot. Share your thoughts please. :)

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