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Silah Episode 02 Review – A Bit Too Simple!

Ohkay so, this episode of Silah took things forward but not in a very convincing way. I say this because the situations & the scenarios are so typical & have been seen so many times in the past that you actually don’t feel like giving your utmost attention to this drama at this stage. I still am hopeful that things will change & will get interesting in the future episodes but the note at which the drama has begun isn’t interesting enough!

I was kind of taken aback that Maryam just needed a guy to get punched for her to completely forget her agenda of not getting committed for next 5 years. If they had developed this entire scenario slowly, it would’ve looked convincing but literally in just 2 episodes seeing Maryam go from I-can-not-get-committed to YASSS-I-am-ready didn’t actually make much sense. Taimoor has been after Maryam from quite some while now but Maryam didn’t lose focus because she was a bit too concerned & rightly so about all her responsibilities, so to see her getting convinced over a tiff Taimoor had for her with some guys in the college was quite unlike her. I think in this regard, Maryam turned out to be different from Kashaf because it took years & years for Kashaf to actually give a chance to Zaroon but Maryam ended up filling the empty space in a jiffy. If I say it in my style, I found it a bit funny that Taimoor’s love was just a mukkay ki maar for Maryam to get completely convinced that yes, she has a space in her life for a clingy guy like him.

I do understand that Taimoor is a very decent guy, comes from a very decent family, has a sound background, in other words, he is an eligible bachelor but I wish there was more to him or to his personality because till date, we only know that he is becoming a doctor by fluke, is a true musician at heart & he loves Maryam awain hi & that’s about it. I will say that I was surprised at how in such an initial stage of the drama their conversations sounded repetitive with ‘mujhe tumhara jawab chahiye’ being Taimoor’s pet phrase. I wish the writer had added some depth & personality in Taimoor’s character because in his comparison, Maryam’s character does seem to have been written with some detailing at least.

So, it took a punch, a car ride & 2 face to face conversations for Maryam to open a window for Taimoor in her life & Taimoor is obviously so clingy that he just doesn’t listen to what his lady love has to say. Taimoor might be a simple guy with no complications in his life, but it would have been good if the writer had shown him to be considerate of Maryam’s background & her dreams too. Right now it seems that Taimoor is infatuated with Maryam, but he doesn’t love her enough to actually understand her struggles & be supportive of what she wants to achieve in her life, especially for her family because the way he imposes his decisions on her goes to show that he will have a hard time relating to Maryam’s problems & understanding her situation!

I know the writer has tried to keep things quite simple but they were a little too simple to an extent that not only things were typical & predictable, but seemed to lack detailing as well, which is actually needed in stories like these which start off at such a note. Well, surprise surprise, Taimoor’s mother Nargis wants her only son to get engaged to her niece, that is why she speaks to her husband Ehsan. Ehsan ends up approving it because everything else is secondary for him & the only thing he is concerned about is Taimoor’s MBBS & then specialization which he will go to USA for. That was the beginning of objection that Taimoor will have to face from his parents & once again, there wasn’t anything new about it.

Aleem & his wife Razia tell Maryam to not show up in front of the guests who’d be visiting their house for Farkhanda’s proposal but it was obvious that they weren’t too impressed by Farkhanda’s personality. Maryam puts that time to good use & decides to say yes to Taimoor & that way, they officially become a couple. Maryam returns home just when the guests are still seated & the episode ends dramatically, as if we’d be eager to know about the unexpected & never-seen-before twist that the next episode will offer!

I will say that the 2nd episode wasn’t too impressive actually. I think the character of Taimoor needed a little more development & I think it would’ve been better if Farhaan Saeed had actually paid attention to look a little like a medical student. I know there’s no need to fit the stereotypes but at least a little effort which had made him look more like a medical student & less like a full-time musician. In this case Ainny Jaffrey definitely scores some points because her minimalistic & simple clothing choices do highlight the fact that she belongs to a middle class family & has a humble background. Also the way she carries her shawl sheds a light on that fact too, which again makes me feel that Ainny Jaffrey definitely put in some more effort in comparison to Farhaan Saeed because I guess he was too busy buying the hair gels that he didn’t pay much attention to anything else. The preview of the next episode suggested that things are still not going to change & will stay typical, but let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Silah.

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