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06 Silah Friday

Silah Episode 04 Review – The End!

Ohkay so, I think I have given this drama more time than it deserved. Even though the pre-cap of the next episode did suggest that things might change & Maryam & Taimur might enter a new phase in their lives but I still believe it is not going to be entertaining enough to watch those characters whom I haven’t warmed up to. The director did show us everything we wanted to know in the first 4 episodes but to be honest, none of it was enticing enough for me to keep going with this play so I think I’ll stop here!!!

This episode offered absolutely nothing & the pace was so slow that even staring at my mobile phone wasn’t making the time roll faster than usual. Silah is the sort of a drama that you can play in the background while doing your chores because it doesn’t require your utmost attention & the moment the scenes begin, you know what they are going to show beforehand because everything is so typical & predictable that you’ll have an idea without even paying attention!

Taimur’s parents decided not to budge & they proved to be more typical than normal. Nargis planned Taimur’s engagement with her niece without even asking Taimur about it because according to her, she was doing everything for Taimur’s better future. Nargis & Ehsan weren’t thrilled with the idea of Taimur dating a girl from a mediocre background & they didn’t hold back in showcasing their disapproval about his affair with her. I found it amusing that despite hearing from Taimur that he wasn’t ready to get engaged to his cousin, his parents not only invited Mishal’s family over for a dinner but chose to hold an engagement ceremony too without Taimur’s knowledge!

Like I said in the previous review, it seemed that Maryam’s parents didn’t want her to get married because they were depending on her keeping future in their minds but that thing was discussed by Maryam’s sisters in this episode where they spoke about how Maryam brings a few bucks by giving tuition because of which Aleem was also concerned that if he will marry Maryam off, how will he keep their family afloat!?!?! See, I told you already that all the situations & scenarios are so typical that you don’t even need to watch the future episodes to predict what is going to happen next!

Anyways, Taimur gets to know that his parents got him engaged to his cousin & then he asks Maryam if she will be able to take a stand for him? Oh bhai pehle khud to stand le lo, baad mai Maryam se poochna. Well, Aleem spots Maryam & Taimur together & tries to knock some sense into her that Taimur won’t get married to her because if he wanted he would’ve sent his parents to her home. Also, apart from all this, may I ask, which century does Razia belong to? She implied that sending daughters to university meant giving them a licence to flirt with boys? Seriously!?!?!?! Anyways, Maryam tries to make her parents understand that Taimur is sincere but looks like her delusion will be short-lived & she will get to know that Taimur can’t take a stand for her & they will become this star-crossed couple, jinko dekhne se behtar hai app balcony main kharay ho ke asmaan mai aslee sitare hi dekh lo because that activity will be more enjoyable than watching this drama actually!

Anyways, I am done with Silah or shall I say Dr. Maryam. I remember long time back I saw a list of comparisons between our actors & actors from the rest of the world who had some resemblance in their looks, so in that list someone had suggested that Ainy Jaffrey looked like Kristen Stewart, I will say that she does, but not only in terms of facial features but also in terms of acting too, because she is just as expressionless as Kristen Stewart. Farhan Saeed’s acting & presence in the drama didn’t give me anything to talk about so I will pass. Anyways, for those who’re watching this drama, I wish them good luck & happy viewing because it most certainly wasn’t a happy reviewing experience for me. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Silah/Dr. Maryam!

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