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Tere Mere Beech – Episode 18!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech offered nothing new to talk about. The only good bits were the ones where Hareem & Shela shared a conversation because this is exactly what Hareem wants, but other than that, this episode was quite boring & the coverage that the other characters got seemed quite forced too.

Hareem has started relying on Shela a lot more than she realizes. Even when she tries to hold back, Shela finds a way to crack into Hareem’s system to get the information she wants to in order to know how she can help Hareem. Hareem has pretty much told every single detail of her life to Shela which also includes the details of how Fahad betrayed her. It is good that Shela doesn’t try to lecture Hareem as to what she should & what she shouldn’t do, but in stead, she brings in her own life into perspective & starts talking about her own experiences because that way she knows she’ll be able to strike a chord & Hareem won’t get a chance to ignore whatever Shela says thinking that she is just preaching her without going through what Hareem has been through.

Looks like Shela’s mother didn’t marry her off at the right age because she was the bread-winner of the family & that is why she has this regret related to her mother but other than that, she is thankful for everything that her mother has done for her which also includes how she raised her & instilled the confidence in her because that’s what makes Shela such a positive person. Even though the life situations of Hareem & Shela are quite different but there is some sort of similarity due to which Shela is capable of understanding Hareem. It was good to see that Hareem felt Shela wasn’t only listening to her problems but she was understanding her too & also, she was assuring her that all that Hareem has been feeling for her mother wasn’t entirely wrong & doesn’t make her a bad person because it is true that Nighat made some bad choices & she didn’t parent Hareem the way she should have. I think after all the rona dhona, the entry of Shela’s character in Hareem’s life is the highlight of this entire drama for me!

Oh well, Ms. Goody-two-shoes Nadia & Sadia were ‘missing’ Hareem while packing her things up. Sadia all of a sudden remembered the lipstick Hareem used to wear & Nadia realized that Hareem was her sister. It is so ridiculous that when Hareem was around them, they followed the footsteps of their mother & hated Hareem to the core & now when she is gone & they both are sure that she ain’t coming back, it is easier for them to remember her in good words but yes, I fail to acknowledge that their feelings are genuine & they actually feel that Hareem was innocent. It was good that both Nadia & Sadia got to know that Hareem held onto Nighat’s scarves because it made them realize that Hareem longed for her mother & needed her just as much as they did & about Zahida, the less said the better because I couldn’t seriously bring myself to watch her scenes, so not sure what she was talking rather caterwauling about!!!

I find Asad’s character completely useless & also the way he shows interest in the personal matters of Nadia’s family makes him look life-less too & I really think he needs a life or probably a group of boys to hang out with because at such a young age seeing him demanding pakoras & chai was quite awkward, uncle-like & gruesomely mature, which does not suit his age. I am sure he is going to get more interested in Sadia & after a subtle objection, Nadia will be happy to see them both getting married!!!

Fahad has come back & what’s with the attitude? He left on his own terms & he failed to listen to what Sadia & Zahida were telling him about Hareem. Not sure what else’s left for Fahad to offer but I hope Hareem throws him out of her life because she is better off without him. I hope this is something that Shela makes it happen because this is exactly what should happen. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: Please keep the innocent departed souls & the affected families of the Lahore Blast in your prayers.

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