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Tere Mere Beech3

Tere Mere Beech – Episode 22!

Ohkay so, I most certainly can not believe that this drama has become a complete waste of time for me & I am sure for those as well who’re watching it. This episode was slow, had such limited but unnecessarily stretched scenes & the conversations were so drag that it showed that they have no content left to cover the rest of the episodes, that is why they are stretching the scenes to fill the span of 40 minutes required to make an episode.

The way Hareem told Fahad off in the previous episode made me believe that she was over him & she was ready to give up on him because she understood that she doesn’t deserve a con man like Fahad but this episode left me in shock when it was made evident that Hareem is still hopelessly in love with him & has it in her heart that if Fahad will return to her, she will take him back with open arms. I really thought that Shehla’s company will not only change her personality but will make her familiar with the sense of differentiating between the right & wrong, & just because of Shehla’s counselling, Hareem will understand that she is better off without Fahad, but nope, looks like even Shehla couldn’t instill the self-respect & dignity in her because she is still ready to forgive & forget everything that Fahad has done & start afresh!

I really thought that being an educated, groomed & modern girl, Tania will have some sanity too but nope, even she is head over heels in love with Fahad & doesn’t mind the fact that he is already married. I really thought that Tania will be really close to her father & when she will hear it from him, she will call her relationship with Fahad quits but nothing of that sort happened & sadly, the writer being a woman herself (like all the other writers) made it clear that no matter how illiterate or educated a girl is, no matter if she belongs to a village or a city, the moment she will come across a sweet-talker, she will get blindfolded in his love & then she will stop making sense. Ohkay, we know Hareem’s situation, she was a loner who never got the love she wanted, that is why it was understandable that she fell for a guy like Fahad because he gave her the love & attention she longed for all her life, but what makes Tania so desperate that she is ready to settle for a married guy who is already quite fishy & has been lying to her? I really really am sick of seeing these so-called writers who tend to show that guys no matter how idiotic they must be, will always have an upper-hand on the girls because our girls are sooooo desperate that their only motive in life is to get married before they die!

I really thought that Hareem & Tania’s conversation will be conclusive & Hareem will put forth all the facts that will convince Tania that Fahad isn’t an honest man but Hareem didn’t utter a single word & it looked like she was trying to protect Fahad’s image & didn’t want to say anything that will make Fahad look bad in front of Tania. For Hareem the fact that Fahad was married to her was enough to believe that Tania will leave Fahad for her & when that didn’t happen, she was crying buckets over losing Fahad ‘again’!!!

Tania decided to forsake everything for Fahad just because her father didn’t approve of their marriage. I still am feeling disgusted that the writer had the audacity to show that an empowered & independent woman got easily fooled by a guy even after she met his first wife. I most certainly don’t understand the idea of a ‘strong women’ our writers have. They showed that Tania was a strong-headed girl till Fahad came by & woop, there goes her strong-headedness out of the window.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the way the writer has written the ending of this drama. I am sure she won’t show that both Hareem & Tania pushed Fahad into jail because of his wrong-doings, in fact she will show that it was Fahad himself who lost his senses & got imprisoned. I really wanted to see two level-headed girls, coming to a conclusion together & making sure that the guy who fooled them got punished but nope, like all the other female writers, the writer of Tere Mere Beech was babysitting Fahad too & that is why, both the girls till date were circling around him in a hope that one of them will win him!!! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech!!!

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