Tere Mere Beech – Episode 23!

Ohkay so, thank you so much Ms. Writer for spoiling the only good thing about this drama for me & that is the character of Hareem. I absolutely feel no sympathy for her because the writer has literally belittled Hareem & her status as a woman. I told you guys already that I know these so-called writers really really well, where they will never ever let a female character have an upper-hand on the male characters & in the end, no matter how much of a loser the guy would be, all the ladies will end up baby-sitting him & see, this is exactly what is happening in Tere Mere Beech too & the writer, being a woman herself has literally degraded the female characters so easily that I am beyond disgusted.

A lot of readers showed faith in Tania & Hammad that may be Tania was putting up an act to make Fahad expose himself but no, it wasn’t actually an act but her eager attempt to get him by hook or by crook. She was ready to forsake every thing & most importantly her relationship with her father for Fahad’s sake but things turned in her favor automatically when Fahad left her seeing that she won’t be getting a dime from her father. Till that scenario lasted, I was hoping that may be Tania will thank her dad for helping her with this little stunt that saved her life but boo-hoo, she was shedding tears over how much she loved Fahad & how he betrayed her because it was her wealth that got him attracted to her. I mean, Tania heard it from his wife too but then again, I don’t think Hareem helped Tania because everything that Hareem said made it look like she was trying to protect Fahad’s image, so it is actually sad to see that an educated woman like Tania couldn’t put two & two together & even after seeing so many loose ends in this relationship & most importantly coming across Hareem, who was still legally married to Fahad, she didn’t give up on him, thinking that a loser like Fahad was her Mr. Right!!! Utterly disgraceful & shocking!!!

Then comes Hareem. I honestly don’t approve of what Fahad did to Hareem & the way he harassed her, but after she started crying for his love made me think that this is exactly what she deserved. I actually thought that after getting strangled by Fahad, Hareem’s sensibility will start working & will make her realize that she is better off without an animal like Fahad but oh well, she proved that she is just another dim-witted & brain-dead girl like most of the female characters in our dramas are, who drool & die over the sight of guys like Fahad no matter how pathetic they are.

The conversation between Shehla & Nasreen was written & enacted well but again, it implied that Nasreen could understand & relate to what Hareem was going through because she was truly, madly & deeply in love with Fahad & that conversation made the agenda of the writer clearer that she was trying to tell that Hareem’s love was pure & what not but sorry, I don’t buy that. It is ridiculous that the writer is trying to instill this ‘fake’ idea of love into the young impressionable minds that no matter what a guy puts you through, you are bound to tolerate everything that he throws your way because you ‘love’ him & most importantly, when in love, you are bound to have no self-esteem, no self-respect & no self-dignity because the guy is too good to lose. Wah, what a logic!!! & Thank God that we have Shehla’s character, that’s only making sense at the moment & has high regard of herself & even Hareem as a woman!

I really actually used to love Hareem’s character & felt for her a lot seeing how she didn’t get the love in her life & how her mother(s) were cruel & how her husband was deceiving her, but all that stopped the moment she yelled at Shehla for the sake of Fahad. Like there’s a limit to the torture that a girl puts up with but looks like Hareem is just pure dheet. After what I saw in this episode, the preview didn’t surprise me at all because seems like Hareem will be approaching Tania & then Nadia to get Fahad bailed out of the prison, wow, she really has taken her fixation to another level. I am utterly disappointed at the writer’s mind-set where she has degraded both these girls Tania & Hareem so badly & has told that no matter if a girl is educated or illiterate, it only takes a sweet-talking loser like Fahad to blind them & evacuate all the sensibility that they might have in their bodies! What a waste of time I swear. Please share your thoughts about this hideous episode of Tere Mere Beech!

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: Can anyone tell when does this torture end?

Zahra Mirza

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