Teri Chah Mein – Episode 10 – The Happy (Not) Trio!

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 10 – The Happy (Not) Trio!

Sympathy. Anger. Disgust. Shock. Joy. Outrage. Indignant. Empathy. Which one, or combination of more than one or any am I to feel for these characters? Bewilderment at Mehwish’s (lack of) maturity? Wonder at Faisal’s new sprung ‘over’ maturity (if that even is a term). The problem is I know I should be feeling something and I want to feel something but I am not sure what I should be feeling. Ha!

This episode focused more on the claustrophobic trio that is Mehwish, Faisal and Zara except that the trio ventured out into the world and faced zamana’s backlash. Faisal’s colleague’s wife’s reaction when she met Mehwish was realistic enough but I found her eyeing Mehwish when her son’s cake was being cut a bit over the top. Faisal seems to take it all in his stride but people’s reactions are beginning to get under Mehwish’s skin and tongues wagging at the college do not help ebb out Zara’s anger either.


I am a bit surprised at Faisal’s reaction to Mehwish not being able to conceive. Not to say they should have taken me along as mediator when they spoke about marriage but did he really think through what marrying an older woman entailed? And Mehwish’s reaction when they talked about children gave me the impression that that was something she had never thought of, so maybe it would have made sense if they had talked things through. However, given how the whole nikkah scenario played out anyway, I guess they would not have had their senses about them to have spoken about this. Faisal seems withdrawn and quiet and Mehwish senses something is up but Faisal will not confide in her. When he says to himself that he should accept that not everyone gets everything they want in life, it made me think that maybe this is where he might move on.

Okay, it is understandable that Faisal wants to make Zara feel a part of the ‘family’ but he is going out of his way and that is not sitting well with Mehwish. I have to keep reminding myself that Zara is seething beneath all the outwardly sweetness for she seems genuinely concerned when Mehwish is unwell. What is going on with Mehwish, I wonder? A far fetched thought – is Zara mixing something in her mother’s food to make her react like that? Would she go that far? Or is Mehwish having anxiety attacks? Or is the beginning of some bigger illness?


Now the way Faisal is behaving with Zara, Zara’s ‘game’ and Mehwish’s suspicions and then her way of dealing with the situation – that is what bewilders me. I can not begin to understand how Mehwish was able to say to Faisal that she wants him out till Zara gets married. She basically just made it clear that she can not take the two being close together and I expected anger, outrage, shock at the suggestion but not this – how will I stay alone in the apartment, and Faisal bhai meri kissi say bhi shaadi karwa dain. I have said it before as well – Mehwish or Maria Wasti – something is off. Her expressions, her words when she tells Faisal that she will help him ‘settle’ into his new apartment were as if she were a parent comforting a child going off to university in another country. No, don’t shoot me – I have not joined the zamanay walay and being judgemental about the age difference and all – it is just the manner in which she talks to him.

I hope I am not meant to regret my words but I am pleasantly surprised at how ‘toned’ down Saboor Ali’s acting is. Yes, the screams in the initial episodes were hard to sit through but I can not complain over her acting in this episode for she is generally overly dramatic. I am not sure where the story leads from here with Faisal having been thrown out and his ‘love’ being tested. As far as relationships go, I do not think this was the best step forward for Mehwish but let’s see how that all fares out. Problems arising from society accepting this relationship was something anticipated but the jealousy and uncertainty Mehwish feels and Faisal’s state of confusion add more to the mix. This drama pace was something that had me hooked – I hope it continues to keep our interest alive.

What did you all make of Mehwish’s new strategy and today’s episode? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid