Teri Raza Episode 12 Review – Biggest Blunder of 2017!

OMG! I for once can’t pick which one is the biggest blunder? The one that Suhana made by lying about being pregnant or the one the writer made by writing this drama or the one that was done by the editing team which I will speak about later! But then I guess in this case, the writer is the clear winner because she is the creator behind all these ridiculous characters & unrealistic scenarios!

Like I said, it is so obvious that the writer was creating one situation after another to keep Suhana & Rameez linked & this time around, the exchange of shopping bags was used as another excuse for another conversation between them both. After Rameez went to meet Suhana & I got to have a good look at him, I found another mistake as to how did his shirts fit Imtiyaz? Clearly, they both are a veryyy different size, but oh well, anything can happen because this is Teri Raza we’re talking about!

I for once do not understand how & why does the writer expect us to sympathize with a girl like Suhana who is a clear cut Nashukri, like she has everything going for her, she has a husband who loves, respects & adores her, she has a loving family, every comfort of life one would want & still she finds a reason to keep her face forlorn, I swear I just can not stand this character. I couldn’t believe that she was crying buckets & used the word ‘dhoka’ for both Rameez & Jeena? Like girl you are married, so what do you expect? For Rameez to stay a bachelor for his entire life because you haven’t been able to move on? The entire crying scene & the Alaap in the background suggesting how bechari dukhyari Suhana is made my blood boil because she is anything but a bechari! I really believe this drama in stead of Teri Raza should’ve been titled Teri Nashukri!

Talking about the biggest blunder that Suhana made, which was announcing her pregnancy & later making a face when Imtiyaz showed his excitement? Just like what she did in the past, Suhana once again put the entire burden on Imtiyaz & told him to do the heavy-lifting because she stuffed up. Suhana for once needs to sort her mess herself in stead of relying on others to do the cleaning after her. I find it amusing how she can not stand Imtiyaz but then expects him to literally not say a word when she deprives him of such a huge thing & says a mere sorry for what she did! I felt for Imtiyaz so much & felt even bad when he didn’t even say a word to Suhana & told her that he will sort things out, which he later did. There’s a limit & it is sickening to see a character like Suhana getting everything that she wants even though she doesn’t deserve it!

Now let’s talk about the biggest blunder of all times. After this episode ended, I went back & saw the scene from the previous episode where Immortal Daadi & Idiotic Talat were having a conversation, in that scene Daadi clearly spoke about getting a call from Sitara (Imtiyaz’s mother) where she told her about Suhana’s pregnancy & then Daadi also said ‘Imtiyaz ka to bass nahi chal raha ke office bhi ghar mai hi khol le’ so? When in the last scene they clearly suggested that Suhana was actually pregnant & everyone in the family knew about it, then what was this entire scenario in this episode all about where Imtiyaz found out about Suhana’s pregnancy at Jeena’s engagement & then called everyone up & they were all surprised as if they had no idea about it & this was the first time they heard about it only later to find out that it was a lie that Suhana told? Also, if this was the actual scenario that they showed in this episode, then which Imtiyaz was Daadi talking to Talat about? In the scene of the previous episode, Talat also says ‘jab se inki shadi hui hai meri jaan suli pe atki hui rehti hai’ some crap like that? So, if both Daadi & Talat weren’t talking about Suhana & Imtiyaz then who was so important for Talat that her jaan was on suli for her? Seriously, this has to be the biggest blunder & it clearly shows the lack of interest of the director & even the editing team where they clearly stuffed up!

Talking about the blunders, the timeline in this episode was so confusing as well. Anyways, even though I don’t like Jeena’s character because I find her desperate as well, but this time around her reaction to Suhana’s forced bechargi was spot on. She was right in drawing the line & telling Rameez to draw the line too. Also, Talat’s reaction was so weird when Suhana told her that she has to attend Jeena’s engagement because she got an invitation, because Talat was like ye larka hamari jaan pata nahi kab chorega? I mean seriously, she should be rather telling Suhana ke uski jaan chorh de because clearly she hasn’t moved on & wants both Imtiyaz in her life for all the luxuries & Rameez wrapped around her finger because she is abnormal! In the previous episodes they clearly suggested that Rameez had given a closure to Suhana’s chapter & he accepted that she belonged to someone else but in this episode, ever since he got engaged, the whole concern that he was showing for Suhana was quite forced & sudden, it was like the writer immediately thought of resurfacing his feelings because like I said, she has to do everything to make sure they both stay connected!

The preview of the next episode seemed ridiculous as well. Now Rameez says he is not into Jeena so I am not sure why & most importantly how did he agree to this engagement in the first place because the Rameez that we know of can not be forced into something that he is not ready for, so why bring in this engagement & I-am-over-Jeena scenario? The whole backdrop cut paste job was worst in the scene where Rameez goes to meet Seema. I mean they could’ve shot that scene in some parking lot & saved the editors some hassle because they did a poor job. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this pathetic episode of Teri Raza. Not that I haven’t said it before but I will say that again, Sanam Baloch, your fans expected better from you! Also, yes, the scene of the previous episode that I am talking about starts at 35:15 mark in YouTube video, you guys can check yourselves & please do correct me if I am wrong in believing that Daadi & Talat were talking about Suhana & Imtiyaz’s upcoming baby!

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