Teri Raza Episode 14 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, seriously the writer of this drama deserves 21 topon ki salami for not only coming up with a character like Suhana but for also justifying her wrongdoings. There is absolutely nothing about this main character that is likable because in stead of ‘understanding’ her perspective, all I can see is that she is one thankless twisted psycho who doesn’t bat an eyelid when she lies with every single breath that she takes!

Suhana keeps on telling Rameez that she can not leave Imtiyaz & that she accepted him because of Istikhara but what she is doing is totally opposite to what she should’ve done when she chose to get married to Imtiyaz. Suhana has officially started two timing because the way she was lying & grabbing every opportunity to see Rameez proved it. Suhana chose not to stay at her parent’s place because she knew that she will be faced with a lot of restrictions there & she won’t be able to see Rameez so easily.

In this episode, there were so many dialogues that were cringe-worthy. Suhana thinks that she & Rameez survived the accident because of their true ishq , I mean that was so bizarre. It is absolutely sickening that the writer is justifying a character like Suhana by showing that ‘love’ is everything & a woman under someone’s Nikkah can conveniently deceive her spouse. Suhana’s character is beyond comprehension, like this is her pattern – she meets Rameez despite telling him that this is going to be their last meeting, she is not into Imtiyaz, she tells Rameez she can not leave Imtiyaz but whenever she is with her people like her mother or Manzura, she doesn’t leave any stone unturned to tell them how much she loves Rameez? What is she even trying to achieve? Since she is not even respecting the sacred relationship that she has with Imtiyaz then there’s absolutely no point in continuing it!?!

Suhana loves Rameez but when the drama began & she got married to Imtiyaz, I thought she will then compare the two & will come to a conclusion that she was better off with a gentleman like Imtiyaz but boy, this girl is twisted because she is doing everything to ruin her marriage for a loser guy like Rameez but then she makes sure to let Rameez know that she is not into him anymore? I think Suhana should learn a basic thing like ‘actions speak louder than words’, she doesn’t have to receive his phone calls, she doesn’t have to see him, she thinks sporting a poker face & shamelessly listening to Rameez’s confessions during every meeting is going to give him the impression that she is happy with Imtiyaz? Seriously! Usually we use the term loser for male characters because they take loser-ness to another level but Suhana seamlessly makes it to that list too, yes she is a big time loser!

When Talat asked Suhana about Rameez, I was shocked at how seamlessly she lied that she went to talk him into getting married to Jeena where in all of their conversations, Suhana never took her name because even she doesn’t want this marriage to take place! I thought we will see some drama when Imtiyaz told Zafar that Suhana was with Rameez, because he called his wife but that scene ended right there, so if that was what was going to happen then what was the need of that scene in the first place because all I know is that Suhana is a spoiled brat that can’t be tamed!

The best bit of this episode were the backdrops that were used to suggest that Imtiyaz was travelling, at least there was something that made sense despite the sloppy & extremely bad cut paste job. I loved how Dubai’s busiest airport had no banda & banday ki zaat because Imtiyaz was travelling, lol! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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