Yaar e Bewafa Episode 13 & 14 Review – Needs To Pick Up The Pace!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Yaar e Bewafa were slow but interesting. I think they really should pick up the pace because due to limited characters & repetitive scenes, it has become one such drama that I watch while fast forwarding & while doing that, I know that I am not missing much. It still is a very decent watch but I guess this drama can be a good choice for binge watching because to tune to it every week for a slow episode is not that nice!

So, Amna was faced with one difficulty after another & even though she didn’t mean to, she ended up giving a lot of reasons for Zaid to complain. She left his mother because she had to take care of her injured kid, it was sad to see Amna struggling so hard & Zaid not even giving her a chance to explain.

To be honest, even though I sympathize with Amna & I understand her character but I think I need more because till date, ever since the drama has begun all we know about her is that she puts up with the mistreatment of Saleem & there’s nothing more to her character. Zaid tried to talk to Saleem because he understood that Humera was comfortable with Amna but Saleem in stead of understanding Zaid’s problems, ended up making things even tougher for Amna. I don’t really understand why is Saleem so insecure? Has Amna not done enough? Is she not putting up with everything that he throws at her? Hasn’t she been able to prove her loyalty to him? It is sad to see her struggling so hard to make the ends meet only so that her husband can be well-rested but he can not see that, rather he puts even more restrictions on her!

Zaid’s involvement in Amna’s life created even more problems for her. Zaid tried to compensate her for all that she did for his mother but Amna decided not to accept anything because she wanted to draw a line & let Zaid know how much she respects her husband (deliberately not using the word love here). Anyways, Zaid’s mother made some progress & he knew that she needs Amna even more now because she needed that extra attention & care to recover perfectly & that is why he chose to meet Saleem but like a lunatic, he assaulted him.

To be honest, when Amna received the call after Zaid & Saleem’s fight, I really thought that she would get the good/bad news that he is no more but I was majorly disappointed when he survived. I really want this character out of the picture because he has survived for too long despite being absolutely useless.

It was interesting how Zaid was reminded of Fizza when he saw Amna taking a stand for Saleem & being by his side through thick & thin. This is the first trait of Amna that Zaid has noticed & it did leave enough impact for him to not only compare her with Fizza but discuss it with his friend too. Till this point, all we know about Amna is that she is loyal to a fault, but I need something more. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Yaar e Bewafa.

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