Teri Raza Episode 17 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, things finally moved forward & a toxic relationship came to an end in tonight’s episode but before that, quite a few things happened which suggested that the writer was once again trying to turn Suhana into a victim, which made me roll my eyes!

Imtiyaz made a final decision & that too for the love that he had for Suhana because he couldn’t see her unhappy. Imtiyaz actually proved how much he loved Suhana by letting her go as he could feel that she was not happy with this relationship, which was quite a selfless gesture.

Rameez continued to be careless & immature & I just can not believe that after being married to a man like Imtiyaz, Suhana will settle for a loser like Rameez. I just don’t get what the writer here is trying to promote? That Istikharas can be unreliable too? That despite following Istikhara & knowing that there’s only benefit in this decision, one can still choose to remain unhappy? I just don’t get what the writer had in her mind or may be she herself was unclear about what she wanted to convey. Suhana told Imtiyaz that she got married to him because it was Allah’s Raza but then she continued to meet Rameez because it was her Raza, so is the writer trying to convey that one should focus more on their own raza & completely ignore Allah’s raza? How twisted & disgusting is that!?! It is like Suhana chose Allah’s Raza but did everything to get what she wanted by literally ruining someone’s life? Like she made sure to get things according to her Raza by hook or by crook, then why all the drama of following the Istikhara to avoid Badshaguni in the first place? The writer should have revisited the idea behind this script before penning it down because it is ridiculous, disgusting & misleading. The writer is promoting it shamelessly that it is alright to ignore what Allah plans for you & you can continue to do what you want despite knowing that it ain’t good for you. This drama promotes a sick idea of chasing behind a disgusting love affair by putting everything at stake which is sickening!

The writer tried to turn Suhana into a victim by showing that despite not wanting to, she was trying to take interest in Imtiyaz & was trying to do everything to save this marriage? Like seriously, this sudden change in Suhana’s behavior was totally unconvincing & out of the blue!

Imtiyaz finally bid farwell to Suhana & like a puppet she followed his orders, again the writer’s attempt to show how submissive & masoom Suhana was that she followed Imtiyaz’s order. Anyways, the coverage that Zafar, Talat & Dadi are getting is annoying. That Orange juice recipe of Daadi for a second made me think that I was watching a program at ARY Zouk, because it was so forced & a filler. Also, when Suhana came, Talat gave her a piece of her mind but in the next scene she lost her mind & went into a trance, like seriously? Does the writer actually believe that we will have any sympathy towards a habitual howler i-e. Talat? LOL! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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