Teri Raza Episode 18 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, the fact that the writer here is sympathizing with the negative character & trying to turn the villain into a victim makes this drama even more ridiculous. It is shocking to see how the writer here is trying to justify an extra martial affair & is showing that the lady involved had her petty & twisted reasons!?!

So, Suhana became a persona non grata in her own home but what’s amusing was that even though her parents were making it obvious that they were unhappy, they were still doing aap janab with her. While listening to Suhana’s parents go on & on & on about how she has wronged them & how disappointed they were, I wish they had raised her properly because it is due to their own faulty upbringing that they are living to see this day!

I think Imtiyaz should have divorced Suhana because to send her back just like that doesn’t make any sense. It was amusing to see Suhana still keen on running the boutique that Imtiyaz has sponsored for her. I think she should return it back to him because it is his investment but then Suhana won’t do that, as going to boutique is her excuse of seeing & dating Rameez.

Well Rameez showed up at Suhana’s boutique & even though she tried to shoo him away, she ended up sharing her sob story with him. It is quite tactful of Suhana as she knows how to stir sympathy for herself every single time. She knows that Rameez without any Tameez & weird collection of Kameez is still waiting for her & she ended up telling him that Imtiyaz has sent her back, giving him clear hints that she is available, well she always was available for him!

It was so amusing seeing Jeena & Rameez air their dirty laundry to the entire mohalla just like that, whereas they could’ve had this conversation in private or over the phone. I must say Suhana’s parents take dhitai to a whole new level, like even though they know that their paakbaaz beti is at fault & is equally involved with Rameez, in stead of disciplining her, they call Rameez’s parents & order them to stop him? Every single time they call them, I love the responses of Rameez’s parents because they try to knock the sense into their heads that in stead of blaming Rameez, they should control their spoiled brat Suhana!

Well, Suhana’s father had a heart attack & all this while I was thinking that nothing happened to Daadi but Zafar on the other hand ended up becoming a heart patient. Anyways, Suhana’s speech filled with her sob story in front of Imtiyaz was so baseless, she again is blaming her parents for the marriage whereas she herself chose to get married to Imtiyaz? I am sure now Imtiyaz will convince Talat & Zafar that they should allow Suhana to get married to Rameez, setting an example of some other kind. I just hate the way Suhana sees herself as a victim & blames everyone else for how her life has panned out whereas she herself is responsible for everything that she is going through! Oh well, someone please teach Seema how to keep personal & professional life apart. It is absolutely ridiculous to see her talking about Suhana & even their divorce with Imtiyaz at their workplace & later when she sensed that he was upset, she used ‘files’ as a distraction to change the topic? This woman is ridiculous & obsessed with Suhana, still sore over the fact that Imtiyaz chose Suhana over her! Also, Seema’s desperation is cringe worthy where she tried to hint that she is stil waiting for Imtiyaz! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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