Teri Raza Episode 21 Review – Ridiculous!

Seriously this drama is ridiculous & most of its characters are psychos. It is absolutely insane how the writer is trying to normalize the most awkward situations.

So, Miss Suhana the brat was not only unhappy that Imtiyaz was getting engaged to Seema, she also had the audacity to call & order him that he shouldn’t, why, because Suhana the brat was saying so? Seriously? I loved Imtiyaz’s response to Suhana that she was no one to boss him around because she lost that right after their divorce. It is absolutely insane how the writer is trying to show that it is okay for an ex wife to meddle into such personal affairs of her ex husband & if he doesn’t listen to her, she has all the right in the world to be mad about it.

Not only Suhana, her psychotic mother was also mad about this entire scenario. I mean seriously? Why were they the ones complaining, after all that they & their psycho daughter Suhana put Imtiyaz through? I was also shocked at Suhana’s amman pan, like she wasn’t allowing Imtiyaz to get legally & lawfully married to Seema while she herself was involved in an extra marital affair with Rameez? Talk about being blind to one’s own fault to the core!

Well, I always knew Rameez was the most nonsensical character after Suhana that the writer came up with but I was actually surprised even more when a non serious guy like him who didn’t even believe in Istikhara was now asking his mother to get it done to see if Suhana was his Ms. Right? Seriously? When & how did Rameez became so concerned about such things? Why was he now dual minded & was calculating right & wrong when his sense of right & wrong died while chasing a married woman? Why didn’t Rameez think before whether he was doing the right thing or not by when he was dating a married woman? What crap is this? Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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