Yaar e Bewafa Episode 21 Review – Super Sweet!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa was again very sweet despite being a bit tooooooo slow for my liking, but then again, when your favorite characters are having good time, you tend to enjoy a slow episode too!

I liked how Zaid was loving being a husband & a father again. Zaid was always shown to be such sort of a person who would be sincerely committed to the one he loved that is why he was now behaving the exact same way he used to behave with Fizza because now he was in love with Amna.

It was beautiful seeing how Amna was enjoying everything, every little gesture that Zaid did for her & Omar, that is why she told Omar that Zaid was his father as she could see how devoted Zaid was towards them.

All the scenes that they showed like Zaid & Amna attending a dinner & then going out for shopping, dine outs & Zaid buying gifts for her was very sweet & it was refreshing to see a healthy & beautiful relationship in a drama for a change. As we are so used to seeing toxic marital relationships on screen, this one came as a breath of fresh air because there was so much ‘normalcy’ that was being shown in regards to marriage. The best part about this entire scenario was that after a long journey of hardships & trials, Zaid & Amna were both at a happy place that too as a family & things were being favorable for them!

Since we are so used to the idea of something bad happening when the characters are happy, I was dreading an accident when Amna was on her way back to Karachi from Hyderabad, but thankfully nothing of that sort happened but unfortunately a bigger accident in the form of Fizza & Ahmed was waiting for both Zaid & Amna. The moment Zaid was about to open the gate, I knew it was going to be Fizza, first because it was a gut feeling & second because I could see different colored clothes through the gate, lol!

Overall, it was a very nice episode & I like the positive feel of this drama. Imran Abbas & Sarah Khan as a couple look adorable & I love their chemistry. I am definitely looking forward to Zaid & Fizza’s confrontation & what Amna’s reaction would be. Fizza has only had a bad impact on Zaid’s life & once again, now that Zaid was emotionally settled, she has showed up to ruin his peace. Let’s see how things’d roll. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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