Teri Raza Episode 24 Review – Once A Whiner, Always A Whiner!

Seriously, Suhana is the worst character that I have come across in ages. It was so amusing seeing her fighting for her husband & his parents’ respect whereas her husband has done nothing for which he & his family should be respected.

I was actually surprised that the episode started off on a positive note where things were smooth between Suhana & Rameez but oh my God the amount of screaming that started happening in a few seconds left me deafened temporarily. To be honest, Suhana is mentally unstable, that is the only explanation one can accept behind such an unreasonable behavior of hers! It is sickening seeing her blaming her parents again & again whereas she has been someone who did everything as per her own wishes. She got married to Imtiyaz because it was her own call, ruined that relationship because of herself too, now again she got married to the guy she wanted so why is she creating a havoc in her parents’ life? They allowed her to get married to Rameez & sent a few things out of concern, so she should be thankful in stead of insulting them again & again!

To be honest, seeing how unreasonable Rameez is, all I could say was that it serves her right. Was Suhana not aware of how immature & jobless Rameez was that she expected ‘khuddari’ from him? It was so funny that he was promising her moon & stars over what? Her father’s credit card? LOL! Also, I think it’s rich coming from Suhana where she spoke about standing on her own feet & fending for herself because hello miss, you are forgetting that the car you are using was sponsored by Imtiyaz & the business that you are running was financially established by Imtiyaz as well? Suhana should have looked into her father’s eyes IF she was a self-made woman. Also, it is amusing that she rubs her marriage with Imtiyaz on her parents’ face like they did some huge zulm on her while completely ignoring the perks that came with that marriage like a car & a proper business? Wow!

The showdown between Suhana & Zafar was so pathetic. They should have shown that her parents, after so much of batameezi threw her out of their lives but then again, being parents, they are putting up with every tantrum of Mrs. Badtameez. The fact is, Suhana knows she screwed up, so in stead of addressing the issue, she is looking for punching bags & that at the moment are her parents because she is used to whinning! I am sure it was suggested that her parents were still doing everything for her but I don’t understand, when Zafar has not even accepted Rameez, why would he be so stupid to handover his credit card to him? If he wanted to help, he should have given it to Suhana directly to show that he still cared as this was Suhana’s first complaint that they estranged her, so not sure what were they trying to prove by doing everything behind her back? Seriously, even though I totally believe what Suhana is putting her parents through is not justified BUT her parents are insane too. At one hand they would turn a blind eye & on the other they would hand over a credit card to her husband, the same guy they haven’t really accepted? How messed up!

Imtiyaz really needs to snap out of his fixation with Suhana. He left her on his own terms so there’s no point in being indulged in her thoughts! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this BEAUTIFUL noise pollution free episode of Teri Raza!

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