Teri Raza Episode 28 Review – Ridiculous!

Another week, another ridiculous episode of Teri Raza. I must say the character of Suhana really makes you question writer’s sensibility & mentality, matlab kamal ka dheet character likha hai wo bhi itna anokha!

Just because Seema held her ground, she convinced everyone that things had to change which was good & also expected from a woman of Seema’s stature who is groomed, educated, sensible & most importantly respects herself & knows her rights, unlike certain someone who thinks the entire world revolves around her & everyone has to take care of her whiney existence. It was good that Sitara also convinced Imtiyaz & he gave in!

LOL! Just a single notice from Imtiyaz was enough for Suhana to declare him as the worst human being alive, why? Because he stopped pampering her, lol! Talk about being selfish to the core. Just few days back she saw him as the best person on the entire planet even better than her own father because he was taking care of her kharcha pani & when he decided to draw a line & stop spoonfeeding her, she started seeing him as a culprit.

I just don’t understand what Suhana’s issue with her father is? She actually wants him to give everything to her in a golden platter that too on her terms & conditions? For someone who has absolutely nothing & has done nothing in her life, has achieved literally nothing, she has quite a bit ego!

Imtiyaz’s fixation with empowering (read babysitting) Suhana is beyond me. Not sure if he will be able to keep his promise with Seema this time around too. Also, does Jeena has any life of her own or she just hovers around Rameez to taunt him? Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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