Teri Raza Episode 7 Review – Chaat Masala!

Oh well, before even discussing this entire episode, I would like to talk about the note at which this episode ended; Suhana being distressed that the chef served Omlette & Ghee-clad Parathas for the breakfast & it was such a big deal & such a suspense provoker that the director decided to stop rolling the cameras for this episode, thinking people would be thrilled to see how this breakfast would turn out to be next week? LOL! I mean seriously, in the times when we get dramas that are exploring social issues, that are exploring new genres, we have been offered this drama where Chaat Masala ends up being a point of discussion. I must commend the writer for her creativity & the producers for literally wasting their money on a script like this!!!

So, this episode was all about Suhana & her roni boothi (forlorn face), yes, I won’t be sugarcoating because that’s what dramas & characters like these do to me. Paa Mmtyaz heard Suhana’s beautiful opinion about him & he was so hurt that he chose to discuss it with his mother like a teenager. Seriously, I still can’t wrap my heard around the fact that what was Imtiyaz thinking when he chose to get married to Suhana? Like he was wise enough to know that she is a girl half his age, so her priorities, her lifestyle, her routine, her likes & her dislikes are going to be completely opposite to his, so how did he expect her to become a ‘buddhi rooh’ like him that too in the beginning of the marriage when girls are on top of the world usually & enjoy the new routine so much?

I also wonder why did Imtiyaz get married? Like did he get married to get over with the boredom in his life? Or did he get married to have his wife placed as a show-piece in his house so that everyone knows that he owns that sort of showpiece too? Imtiyaz’s emphasis on work-load was so forced, like seriously, no matter how much of a workoholic you are, when you get married, even you get excited & plan things/activities beforehand with your wife-to-be. What was the point of showing Imtiyaz as such a well-established & financially sound man when he couldn’t even take a day off after his marriage to give his wife some time to adjust to their new life?

Finally, Imtiyaz let Suhana know that the reason why he chose to sleep on a sofa in the study was because he overheard her & that was the reason why Suhana felt she needed to do chores like fill the water glass for him at night to compensate? Seriously? As much as I see the problems with Imtiyaz’s forced innocence at the age of 40, I see just as many problems with Suhana too. Yes, they are showing that they both are incompatible but then again, it brings me to my point again that there was no reason for this marriage to happen. Suhana chose to go for this marriage to avoid Badshaghuni but isn’t she realizing that obsessing over her badtameez ex-boyfriend after her marriage is a bigger Badshaghuni too? Sporting a roni boothi throughout the day is another bigger Badshaghuni that can even tick the viewers off? Seriously at one point I was so frustrated with her expressions that I chose to forward her scenes! Also, what’s with the besharmi where she is openly saying that ‘Rameez mere dil mai hai’, ‘Suhana Rameez ki hai’ seriously? That guy literally called you a gold-digger & still believes in that & you’re crying over not being able to be with him?

Oh well, the writer here is showing how issues can be created over non-issues. Sleeping routines, Andas, Omlettes, Chaat Masalas, TV Shows & then Dressing, all these things can cause irreparable dent in your marriage which is only going to lead you to divorce. Seriously? There’s a limit to fooling viewers & there’s a limit to insulting the intelligence of the viewers as well. I laughed out loud when Suhana showed up in a Kurti & Jeans after being told that it was a corporate dinner, whereas in the scene where Imtiyaz told her about it, she was dressed perfectly for the occasion, but like I said, the writer is taking pride in turning the non-issues into issues, therefore that scene had to be added. Throughout the episode, Suhana was dressed as a newly wedded girl but the moment her husband tells her that they are going out for a dinner, she decides to pull out the university student in her? LOL!

So, the salty cousin is working with Imtiyaz & since she is so obsessed with Suhana, she can’t stop talking (read low-key badmouthing) about her. I am sure she is still salty that Suhana got married to the Budhi Rooh Pa Mmtyaz but I am sure she got the job in his office for a reason because later when Suhana & Imtiyaz will part ways, she will fill in the blank in Mmtyaz’s life. Oh the story is so new, so unique, so fresh, so unpredictable, it excites me to no end! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza & do let me know if you guys have found out the purpose of this drama, like I still am trying to find out what the writer was thinking & what was she trying to convey!

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