Things to research before appearing for a job interview

Appearing for a job interview can be a daunting and intimidating experience for some. Here’s a list to help you get prepared beforehand to land you the job:

Do a background check on the company you’ve applied for

Once you’ve been shortlisted for an interview by a company you have applied for, you must know what the company exactly does. Do a quick google search on the company and once you find their website, start reading up on the company. It is obvious that all businesses these days have their own websites but they also have social media handles one can skim through. It isn’t much of a hassle researching on a job before an interview. Once you have landed on the website, you can go through their “About Us” section to read up on the company’s history. Moreover, you might get a chance to read on their news and media sections as well. Knowing about a company becomes a bonus point for the prospective applicant and lands one in the company’s good books as well.

Research on the key position holders of the company

One of the other important things to research about a company while preparing for an interview includes knowing who the key players in that organization are. This many include senior position holders in the company such as the directors, project managers or the head of the position you’ve applied for. Most of the names are listed on the website or if they’re famous you might even know of them. Most of the key position holders have their own social media handles which helps you research on them thoroughly.

This would further help you get one step ahead into acquiring the job you’ve applied for and even impress the hiring manager. It would tell them you have thoroughly researched and are well informed about the company you hope to be working for in the future. You never know as you move ahead in the job, you would even meet or work with some of the higher key position holders.

Know about the position you’ve applied for

Research up on the position you’ve applied for and what the work would demand from you. This will help get your mind prepared about what key skills you need to put in your cover letter and initially in the job.

Hiring managers would be asking you at the end of the interview about how you can contribute to the role, so it’s best to let them know how and why you’re an ideal candidate for the job.

Competitors and clients of the company

While you would learn about the company, it would be best to know who their customers are as well. Most major clients are listed on the company website. If you’ll be working for the company in the near future, this is a perfect way to get to know your target audience. Also knowing about the competitors of the company will make a good impression on your interviewer.

Contact people who already work for the company

You can search online and ask people who already work for the company or have worked there about their experiences. They can guide you through the interview process and let u know of the work culture thus getting your mind ready for what is to come ahead.

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