Thora Sa Aasman – Episode 03!

Thora Sa Aasman – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, this episode of Thora Sa Aasman was quite interesting. I am really happy with the pace of the drama because thankfully they have so many stories & tracks to cover that they can’t afford slowing down the pace, which makes me hopeful that things will remain exactly like this till the drama will last. I must say, the director has given due coverage to each & every character & has established their tracks appropriately, for which he deserves a round of applause.

Haroon Kamal got married to Zarka to prove the love he had for her but he being a free bird doesn’t believe in enduring any sort of pressures, that is why the moment Zarka’s mother Dilshaad Begum started doubting his intentions, he came clean & told her that he never intended to get married to Zarka in the first place & it was only on her request that he took such a step. Zarka is actually tired of living the life that her mother has planned for her, that is why like a gullible fool, she thought that she found her home when she met Haroon Kamal. If Zarka hadn’t allowed her love for Haroon cloud her judgments, she would’ve known that Haroon doesn’t know what loyalty is because he would’ve never ever cheated on his ‘beautiful’ wife that he time & again spoke so causally about. Zarka’s happiness was short-lived & unfortunately, she was made familiar with the true face of Haroon Kamal just in the early stages of her marriage.

Haroon actually made the first move by sending an expensive gift for Baqir Shirazi’s wife in order to impress him but he didn’t know who he was dealing with. This entire scenario sheds a light on the ugly face of the elite society & the things that transpire behind the closed doors. All this while, Baqir didn’t mind eyeing Haroon’s wife Shahista shamelessly, but the moment he saw that Haroon made a gesture only to initiate family terms with him using a bait targeting his wife infuriated him quite a bit & he came up with a plan of insulting him on his face. Baqir actually knows what sort of a person Haroon Kamal is that is why he knew that he will hit a bulls-eye by sending an invitation to Shahista Kamal. As expected, Haroon told her to entertain Baqir because he wants to reap the benefits that this relationship will bring with it. I think either all the women around Haroon are too gullible or Haroon is quite a sweet-talker because it only took him a slight confession of love to convince Shahista that she should accept the dinner invitation that Baqir sent to her, while making her forget completely that he has been cheating on her.

Baqir got what he wanted & he killed two birds with one stone because he not only got to spend the time with Shahista, but he also made sure that Haroon gets his message loud & clear too. I liked how both Baqir & Haroon are still not in contact but are talking indirectly to each other, it’s like Baqir knows Haroon in & out & he also knows that Haroon definitely has an ulterior motive due to which he wants to become friends with him, that is why Baqir is making the most of the situation & putting it to good use by spending time with Shahista Kamal & by also displaying his power & status in front of Haroon Kamal. I think Shahista has spent enough time with Haroon to know him, therefore she shouldn’t let him use her as his stooge, but then may be she loves him so much that she is still hopeful that her husband will change completely & will become loyal to her.

Saiqa is finding it hard to cope up with what life has thrown at her & her circumstances are filling her with bitterness but what she didn’t know was that she had so many women around her who were in the same boat as her too. Saiqa never ever imagined that she will meet another Saiqa who will give her a futuristic perspective of what her life will turn out to be but then Saiqa is not too ambitious. Yes, she is frustrated & she is helpless but she still doesn’t believe in curbing everything for her own benefits, that is why the things she heard from her supervisor made her realize what she wants & what she’ll never settle for in her life.

Fatima’s mother finally found her & sadly, like always, she brought troubles with her. Fatima’s mother ended up telling everything to Askari Bee & things got even more difficult for her, but it is good to know that Fatima has Rabeea by her side who is ready to help her in every way possible. Fatima is someone who wants to live life on her terms & conditions but so far, she hasn’t succeeded because people around her believe that they are the ones who should be making decisions for her on her behalf. Fatima ended up getting jailed & this was something that she had never imagined. I really want to see what Fatima will do to shape her life up & how she will bring herself out of the misery. Unfortunately, the manager of the orphanage & Aliya have started looking for the boy that Aazar & Aasia adopted on behalf of Fatima, let’s see when their search will end & for how long Fatima will be able to keep Shaheer protected & hidden from the preying eyes.

Overall, this episode was very very interesting & face paced. The change of every single scene made things refreshing & it also changed the entire perspective because so much is happening at this point that it looks like a puzzle that you’re trying to solve, which is brilliant & sheds a light on the fact that this can only be a result of an intelligent writing. I must say the direction has been top-notch & so has been the acting & considering this being a GEO TV’s production, the production value of this drama is extremely good too. All the actors have given a perfect face to their respective characters & I am glad that apart from a few actors, this project doesn’t have quite a big names attached to it because these days the dramas that are not studded with star cast seem to do well actually, so for that reason I thank the casting directors of this drama immensely. Yes, there’s one thing that isn’t working for me & that is the usage of the OST throughout the episode, the soundtrack is alright but lyrics don’t really gel well with the situation but seems like they use it to add more depth in the scenes but it hardly pays off. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Thora Sa Aasman.

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