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Thora Sa Aasman Episode 18 19 Review – Interesting Turn of Events!

Ohkay so, things have now become quite interesting in Thora Sa Aasman. I must say I am really glad that the channel decided to air this drama twice a week because it covers more content & even the pace seems faster, also another added bonus is that the drama will end quickly in comparison to one episode per week.

Even though everyone around Ambar felt that she was unreasonable, there was something still were admirable about her where she trusted people & walked an extra mile for those she loved but now, the same personality trait has become her biggest problem because she is choosing to trust one wrong person after another. She believed in Rakhsi & Rakshi snatched everything away from her & now she is trusting Haroon Kamal, without even knowing how manipulative, conniving & negative he is, or may be she can see that but chooses to not to. Yes, Haroon Kamal stayed persistent & he tried to win Ambar over, but Ambar should have gone with the very first impression she had of him in stead of curbing everything aside & actually developing feelings for him. The news of Talha’s engagement hit the nail in the coffin & the last glimmer of hope in Ambar’s heart died, that is the moment she decided that she could open a window for Haroon Kamal to step into her life & she went ahead with that to make it happen!

I actually really liked seeing Safiya emerging as such a strong individual who was not only taking care of herself but was doing everything to keep her family afloat too. On Fatima’s request, Shaheer helped Safiya in finding a job & that’s where I felt a connection between the two. Safiya definitely is the sort of a girl Shaheer would like & that is why the same Shaheer who always seemed shy was now comfortably conversing with Safiya. I think both Shaheer & Safiya will complement each other in terms of mental wavelength & personality because Safiya is very wise & mature & so is Shaheer.

On Safiya’s request, Muneeza & Ambar moved to the rental apartment with her but they both seemed uncomfortable with the idea of living in such a place. Actually, I was happy to see that Muneeza started trusting Safiya’s judgement a little more & understood how drawing a line with Haroon Kamal was necessary but sadly when it came to Ambar, she chose to go with what Haroon Kamal said as she is so used to the idea of a comfortable & luxurious life, that now she would go to any length to achieve it as she knows that Haroon Kamal can provide that for her at this stage of her life. Ambar is forced to face the reality that for Haroon she wasn’t a priority of his life, that is why after a lot of thinking, she decides to propose marriage to him because she wants some sort of security after what she has been through & sadly, this proved that Ambar chose to become another Rakshi! Even though what Ambar is doing is wrong, but what she said to Muneeza was partially true. Muneeza took everything she had for granted & didn’t pay attention to the fact that one day everything could drift away from her, till this point, Ambar was right but the way she blamed Muneeza & implied that it was because of Muneeza that Mansoor got interested in Rakshi, she was wrong. Everyone thinks that someone else is responsible for what they are going through but, no one has an idea that it is only Haroon Kamal who transpired everything & Mansoor’s entire family turned into his puppet. It was sad to see that even after taking everything away from Ambar, he was now trying to cause a rift between Ambar & Safiya only because he saw that Safiya couldn’t stand him!!!

Rakshi has started showing her true colors, from spending extravagantly to getting involved with someone, she has done it all in such a short span of time & Mansoor seems to regret his decision but like they say, it’s already too late to do the damage control. Mansoor has slowly & steadily handed over everything to Rakshi & now it seems it won’t be too long when Rakshi will throw him out of that house too!

Nayab & Samar have developed feelings for each other but they have no idea what life has in store for them. I am sure things will be revealed when Zarka will make an entry in their lives once again. Shaheer seemed a little too disturbed by the way Shahista Kamal was interfering in his life but he actually lost it when she told him that he is her son. Sadly, Fatima’s nightmares are materializing & she knows that the day isn’t too far when she will have to answer all the questions. The last scene suggested that Fatima’s brother & sister in law showed up at her doorstep, I am sure they must’ve come to mooch off some money from her because they never really cared for her but for themselves, or may be, either Shahista or Zarka must’ve sent them to convince Fatima to send their kids back, by paying them a huge amount, you never know!

Overall, these two episodes were quite gripping in comparison to some of the previous episodes. Finally, things are unfolding & I can’t wait to see what else is left in store for us. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Thora Sa Aasman.

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Zahra Mirza.

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