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Tips and tricks for a winter skincare routine

As the weather turns cold, our skin tends to get dry. For this purpose, we need to take extra care of our skin while making changes to our skin care routine. Here’s a few tips for you to be extra vigilant and caring for your skin:

Cleanse with cream cleansers instead of gel ones

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Gel cleansers will only dry up your skin more so it’s better to replace them with cream ones. In winters, we should be extra careful not to strip our skin of essential oils.

Use sheet masks for extra moisture

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Choose sheet masks which contain shea butter or rejuvenating ingredients that would soak into the skin and give it the moisture they need during winter time.

Use store bough or DIY face masks

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Store bought or DIY face masks are packed with essentials such as vitamins which combat skin problems effectively. Face masks can get rid of dullness, blackheads, congestion and other skin related problems. These are an absolute must in winters.

Moisturize religiously

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Moisturize daily and almost at every interval when your skin starts feeling dry. Invest in richer creams and ditch the light weight creams which are more essential for the summers.

Invest in a moisturizing toner

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Switch up liquid based toners to cream ones for hydrating your skin in the colder weather. Cream toners won’t dry up the skin and will work well on pores. Use a clarifying toner for oil skin while a hydrating one for dry or combination skin.

Use a serum daily

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Serums are absolutely essential for hydration and combat skin related issues quite effectively. Many serums contain active ingredients to make the skin alive and feeling moisturized, hydrated and fresh in the cold winters.

Replace lipsticks with lip balms

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Unlike skin, lips do not produce essential oils which are needed for moisturization. Try replacing lipsticks with lip balms in the colder weather. You can also buy tinted lip balms from the shops which work well as replacements for lipsticks.

Make use of sunscreen

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Although we get less sun in the winters, that does not mean we should ditch sunscreens altogether. Sunscreens contain Vitamin E which is essential for repairing and protecting the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, it also keeps skin moisturized all day.

Don’t ignore the scalp

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During winters, our scalp gets dry and starts to produce dandruff which can look extremely bad and show up on our clothes (since we start wearing more darker colors for keeping warm). As much as we take care of our skin, taking care of the scalp is equally important. Use a DIY hair mask or store bought ones for keeping your scalp moisturized and essential oils intact.