Top 10 Dresses of Zarnish Khan In Jo Tu Chahay

Zarnish Khan has proved her mettle as an actor over the years by appearing in such dramas that did well in terms of popularity and viewership. Zarnish Khan has always been very selective about the kind of work she does and the characters that she portrays. However, over time she has shown what she is capable of and that she is one of those actors who wants to play challenging and varied roles to offer something new with every single project.

When Zarnish Khan started off her acting career and became a part of the industry, she focused a lot more on her acting but after some time, she went through a major transformation where she not only lost a lot of weight but also had a makeover. This transformation now shows that Zarnish Khan is far more serious and focused about her work and she does understand that this industry demands the actors to look a certain way on the TV. Zarnish Khan has always been into fashion and glamour, which is showcased in every single drama of hers. Zarnish Khan makes sure to give her characters a different treatment in terms of looks and personality. She also focuses a lot on the kind of hair and makeup her character will have and wardrobe is another aspect which is always taken care of. Currently, Zarnish Khan is being seen in two dramas Ishq Zahe Naseeb and Jo Tu Chahay and in both dramas, she has sported two very different look, which suit her characters the best.

In Jo Tu Chahay, Zarnish Khan is playing the role of a young unmarried girl who is domesticated and dreams of getting married to her cousin Hashir. There isn’t much to her character, she is just an ordinary girl with big dreams where she wants to settle down and lead a smooth life. The treatment Zarnish Khan has given to this character and the look that she has chosen goes perfectly with it. She has experimented with her hair and the outfits that she has worn perfectly depict the lifestyle of a girl who comes from a simple background. She has worn different kurtas and has paired them with different trousers and dupattas to complete her look. Zarnish Khan actually looks quite cute in Jo Tu Chahay with her shorter hair and the kind of outfits and makeup she has chosen for herself.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 dresses that Zarnish Khan has worn in Jo Tu Chahay:

The Sea Green Dress

The color of this dress is absolutely beautiful. This dress was gifted to Bisma by Hashir, therefore it was on the formal side. The color suited Zarnish Khan’s complexion a lot. It is a very simple dress but the shrug adds beauty to it. It is a plain single color shirt and pair of trousers, however the sea green coat which has golden paisley motif all over it takes it a notch higher and gives it a formal look. This dress shows that simplest of designs can also look beautiful when worn properly like Zarnish Khan has done.

Zarnish Khan 1 Zarnish Khan 2

Zarnish Khan 3
Zarnish Khan 4
Zarnish Khan 5 Zarnish Khan 6

The Beautiful Black Lawn Dress

This dress is a simple but beautiful black lawn suit which has a black base and different colorful patterns on the bottom of the shirt as well as the dupatta. This dress was also quite simple but it looked beautiful. Lawn suits which are mostly black and have a playful touch of colors can never go wrong and this outfit worn by Zarnish Khan showcases that perfectly. She wore a fitted full sleeves shirt and the dupatta on one side, which added more charm to this dress which has a beautiful print.

Zarnish Khan 7 Zarnish Khan 8 Zarnish Khan 9 Zarnish Khan 10 Zarnish Khan 11

The Peach Perfect Dress

Not only this entire outfit but the color looked absolutely beautiful on Zarnish Khan. The way she styled her hair in the scenes when she wore this dress also made her look gorgeous. This dress is your perfect summer appropriate outfit which has been perfectly paired with white trousers. It has a simple black & white floral design on the bottom of the shirt and some lace work on the sleeves. The printing on the dupatta is beautiful too, that is why in some of the scenes, Zarnish Khan draped it all around her neck to showcase the gorgeous design. The tinge of orange gradiance in dupatta compliments the peach color of the shirt as well.

Zarnish Khan 12 Zarnish Khan 13 Zarnish Khan 14 Zarnish Khan 15 Zarnish Khan 16 Zarnish Khan 17

The Digital Printed Kurta

These kinds of kurtas have become popular among young girls and this is what Zarnish Khan’s character Bisma’s age is. She is young and that is why Zarnish Khan has opted for all kinds of prints and lawn suits which are mostly worn by young, unmarried girls. She wore this kurta in couple of episodes but she paired them with beige and purple fitted trousers. She also wore it with purple and beige dupattas in different episodes. This kurta is heavily printed with Thai themed design. The neckline of this kurta is unique with turquoise embroidery around and buttoned details, this is why Zarnish wore her dupatta in such a way that she allowed these details to show through.

Zarnish Khan 18 Zarnish Khan 19 Zarnish Khan 20 Zarnish Khan 21 Zarnish Khan 22 Zarnish Khan 23

The Graphic Detailed Kurta

The printing of this kurta is graphic with clean lines and different colors but it absolutely looked perfect. This kurta has different colors but the base is mostly charcoal grey. It has colors like yellow, white and floral printing in different colors on the bottom of the shirt, this is why Zarnish Khan wore a colorful dupatta to compliment the design on the shirt. She wore it with a simple black fitted trousers and completed the outfit perfectly.

Zarnish Khan 24 Zarnish Khan 25 Zarnish Khan 26 Zarnish Khan 27 Zarnish Khan 28 Zarnish Khan 30

The Loose Fitted Outfit

This outfit is all about the beautiful loose fitted shirt which has a beautiful embroidered work on the neckline. The shirt also has details like buttons on the sleeves and colorful floral embroidery as a panel at the bottom of her shirt but what makes this outfit beautiful is the eye-catching white embroidery. It also has a pearl studding on the border of the neck which looks cute. Zarnish Khan paired it with a brown/beige dupatta, which obviously is a mix and match but it still didn’t distract or take away the beauty of this dress. This outfit was cute and girly!

Zarnish Khan 32 Zarnish Khan 33 Zarnish Khan 34 Zarnish Khan 35

The Purple Kurta

This is your typical summer appropriate kurta which is usually worn as a casual wear at home. Zarnish Khan has given this character a very realistic treatment by wearing such dresses and outfits that actually go with the dynamics and lifestyle of regular college going girls. The color of this kurta complimented Zarnish Khan’s complexion a lot and she actually looked really cute in this simple dress. She wore this kurta on its own and in a couple of scenes, she paired it with plain black dupatta. This kurta has dainty designing and blue and yellow floral details.

Zarnish Khan 36 Zarnish Khan 37 Zarnish Khan 38 Zarnish Khan 39 Zarnish Khan 40 Zarnish Khan 41 Zarnish Khan 42

The Block Print Dress

This dress seems to have been Zarnish Khan’s personal favorite because she wore it in a lot of episodes repeatedly. It has a beautiful diagonal designing of yellow and red with sequin details. The rest of the shirt has block printing which looks good and is the kind of design which never goes out of fashion. Along with being beautiful, this dress definitely looks the most comfortable. It is a lawn suit and Zarnish Khan paired it with plain red dupatta.

Zarnish Khan 43 Zarnish Khan 44 Zarnish Khan 45 Zarnish Khan 46 Zarnish Khan 48 Zarnish Khan 49

The Jamawar Kurta

This kurta was worn by Zarnish Khan in the opening scenes of the drama. It could easily pass as a formal wear and the whole design and color scheme of this shirt looked absolutely beautiful and the color also complimented Zarnish’s skin tone a lot. She wore it with a blue dupatta and beige trousers. This is the only kurta that she did not repeat however she should have because it was beautiful. The sleeves had studded pearl and golden tassel details which looked cute.

Zarnish Khan 50 Zarnish Khan 51 Zarnish Khan 52 Zarnish Khan 53

The Black Short Shirt

This entire outfit is a perfect example of mix and match where Zarnish Khan took 3 different pieces and paired them together to form a casual wear outfit and it looked great. The shirt is simple lawn black shirt with golden motifs all over. It has a pink lace finishing on the neck and also pink tassles. She paired it with a multi colored dupatta which matches the pink in the shirt. She wore a patiala salwar with it which has a thick border at the bottom, the color of the border also matches the color of the motifs on the shirt therefore it works perfectly fine and goes well with the shirt. This entire outfit looked great on Zarnish Khan.

Zarnish Khan 54 Zarnish Khan 55 Zarnish Khan 56 Zarnish Khan 57 Zarnish Khan 58 Zarnish Khan 59 Zarnish Khan 60

This concludes the list of top 10 dresses worn by Zarnish Khan in Jo Tu Chahay. Which one of these did you like the most? What do you think about her overall look in the drama? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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