Tum Meri Ho – Episode 4

This episode was rather disappointing because there was a great deal of repetition, and unlike the previous episodes, this one was a bit slow-paced.

At this point, the person who has all my sympathies, is Ana. I can only imagine what a newly wedded bride must be going through at a time like this, and the scene where she finds those honeymoon tickets that Mustafa had gotten for them, really made me sad. Ana is doing everything she can to reassure Mustafa that she is with him every step of the way. The only issue I have, though, is that the ‘aap jald theek hojayengay’ scenes are getting repetitive.

The character (caricature) of an incredibly nosy, can’t-mind-my-own-business, parasitic aunty has become a staple in our plays. I can’t for the life of me understand the point of such characters. In this case, we have Shakila, who is revealed to be Zayan and Mustafa’s phupo. She doesn’t care an ounce about Rabia and her family, and I can only hope that the future episodes are not dedicated to her attempts to turn Rabia against Ana. Did I mention that Shakila deems Ana (and her naseeb) responsible for what happened to Mustafa? I feel like ‘naseeb’ is the favourite word of our writers – koi saans le, khaans le, ro le, hans le, paas ho, fail ho – it’s important to bring up one’s naseeb in every conversation. It’s not that I don’t believe in naseeb and qismat, it’s just that the use of these words has become frustratingly repetitive. My eyes lit up when I saw Shakila with her suitcase, all set to go and leave Rabia’s family in peace, but imagine my horror when Rabia convinced her to change her mind! Rabia is a sensible lady (at least I thought she was) so I am disappointed that she can’t see how Shakila is clearly looking for ways to stir up problems.

I wish they had chosen a a good actor for playing Zayan’s friend because he understands Zayan’s condition very well, and I think he’s an important character. It is revealed that Zayan was on medication, but he has stopped taking his medicines. I am pleased that this conversation was shown because it stressed the fact that Zayan is sick and needs professional attention. Zayan is spending a lot of time with Ana, and though Ana doesn’t really know about his feelings for her, I think she does get that he’s weird – how weird, that she doesn’t know.

After watching Ana and Zayan’s scenes in this episode, I now get why people liked the chemistry between Faisal Qureshi and Sara Khan in Naraz. How many of you are following this show? Did you watch this episode? Voice your views.

Thank you for reading the review!

Maryam Mehdi



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