Tumhare Siwa – Episode 02!

Awww, so nice of the writer to have told us about the main motive of this drama just in the beginning & yes, surprise surprise, it’s ‘the ultimatedusri biwi scenario’, aren’t you guys thrilled because I sure am. It has been a while since I got a sob-com to review & I so am looking forward to Tumhare Siwa for the sole purpose of having some fun with my readers here because to be honest, this drama has nothing new to offer so before it gets ugly which I’m sure it would, why don’t we have some laughter therapy every Friday. I am sure it won’t be too long before HUM would realize what a flop this drama is going to be & this star-studded downer that HUM promoted wholeheartedly would be shifted rather ditched to some 9PM slot but honestly, every time I see such dramas like Dil Ka Kya Rang Karoon, Mausam, Jugnoo, Zidd etc that get a weekend slot, I can’t help but wonder what were the admins of HUM TV thinking!

I know it might be too early to pass a verdict on Tumhare Siwa because only 2 measly episodes have gone on-air but I guess we have experienced enough of such hideous 2 biwi dramas that we exactly know what they have in store for us & also, the pairing of Ayesha & Ahsan makes it a lot easier for us to guess where we’re headed because it’s been a while since these guys got a decent drama up their sleeves, so yes, they are anything but credible when it comes to nice scripts. I must say, I commend the writer for coming up with such a typical, predictable & one-dimensional story because this is exactly what we all were looking for & missing in our drama-lives that too on the weekends eh, so thank you so much for that!!!

You know what, Tumhare Siwa has taught a lot of khud-daar Pakistani men out there another todka of how they can get involved in a dusri biwi scenario, provided the man (Aazar) in the picture is a bit established & has a decent bank balance in comparison to his friend (Arsal) because then only some random guy would come & suggest that you have to marry your friend’s wife (Samra) to save her life. Oh, the second wife-to-be in this drama is a lot more bechari which automatically makes Aazar a bigger hero than he actually is & she also is a patient suffering from some ‘unidentified disease’ which was just another detail they didn’t bother telling the viewers about because they hurried in getting the two husbands busy in arranging the whole amount of money which definitely was more important as it’s the money that gets Arsal divorced from his wife & gets a number added in the list of wives that Aazar has & will have.

Oh boy, there’s still some good news in here for those viewers who were missing the life-less duo of Ayesha’s Bhai & Bhabhi from the drama ‘Dusri Biwi’ because their seat this time has been proudly taken by the Behan Tania & Behnoi Babar of Tumhare Siwa. Make no mistake; they are just as faarigh & just as lifeless as Ayesha’s Bhai & Bhabhi were, so we exactly know what their purpose is. They are there to pass judgments on the matters where their say isn’t needed at all. They are too worried about Aazar’s daulat that Arsal & Samra are lootofying according to Tania because she only has one brother & that makes her entitled to his earnings automatically. At least Ayesha’s Bhai in Dusri Biwi was a bit dignified where he could support his sister but here Babar takes the crown for being dependent on his wife’s brother; Aazar because occasionally he asks Aazar for money too.

I found the whole money issue quite forced where Arsal was made helpless & Aazar was made the in-charge of the situation where he could support Samra’s medical bills but oh well, he gets to do that if Samra was his wife & not Arsal’s, but wait, both these guys were best friends, looks like they graduated together, stepped into their careers together, landed the same jobs too, so how come Aazar is more stable than Arsal? Point to ponder!

Looks like Rania is the naik parveen in this drama where she would happily sacrifice Aazar & allow her husband to get married to Samra to save her life & later she will be after the same ‘life’ that she herself must’ve given to her friend by handing over her husband to her LOL!

To be honest, this drama is very plain & offers nothing to look forward to. It would’ve been a tad bit tolerable ‘if’ the writer had added more depth into the script & the characters but nope! It all looks very drama-esque with no quotient of reality in it & also it looks very superficial. We really don’t know who these characters are, what are they like, what do they think & feel. It looks like they are brought together under one banner without having a proper work done on all of them before, that is why the story has just begun & they have gotten busier in conveying it without allowing us to get familiar with everything properly, you know what I am trying to say, haha! Also I think the sole purpose of this drama was to show Ahsan Khan & Noor Hassan in some uniform thinking it would be something new & different that would entice the viewers because other than that their jobs have no effect on the story itself & Tumhare Siwa could’ve progressed just the same way if they were shown to be some bankers or some managers. Share your thoughts about this masterpiece-in-the-making please. ;)

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