Ultimate guide to dining etiquette
Ultimate guide to dining etiquette

Ultimate guide to dining etiquette

It is utmost important to follow a set of mannerisms when you’re invited to a dinner party, a formal event or even a casual get together. Here’s the ultimate guide of dining etiquette to help you get through an event:

RSVP to the event

Always let your host know if you’re attending or not. This can help them in planning the event and preparing the food, keeping in mind the number of people at the party.

Giving gifts

Try and take a gift with you as a thank you for the host for inviting you over. This can be from anything to flowers or a cake or a box of chocolates. Going empty handed can look awkward.

What to wear?

Always dress appropriate to the event. If it is a child’s birthday, you can dress casually. If it is a adult’s only dinner, try and dress more formally.

Who is invited?

Mostly the invitation card would indicate who all is invited. If it just says you are your spouse, don’t take children along. Get someone to babysit them while they’re gone. Don’t even ask your host if you can bring them along. The card clearly said so for a reason.

Don’t use your phone

Try to limit the usage of your cell phone at parties. Keep it on silent or excuse yourself if you have an important call to make.

Basic table manners

Having basic table manners is essential and crucial especially when you’re visiting someone’s house. They serve as a sign of respect for the host.

Sitting in the chair

Sit properly and upright in your chair. Don’t slouch or have your elbows on the table.

Eating with your mouth closed

Chew your food with your mouth closed. Eating with your mouth open and talking while eating only comes across as disrespectful.

Keep your napkin in your lap

Place your napkin in your lap as you don’t want your clothes to get stained. You can also use the napkin to lightly clean your face.

Try and use utensils and not your hands or fingers

Try and use the utensils provided for eating your food and not your fingers. Eat slowly and steadily and don’t rush to finish your food. Don’t slurp or make noises when eating your food.

Asking for more food

Even if you would try to try a certain dish, don’t stretch across the table to pick it up, rather ask someone else to pass it to you.

Food portions

Eat small servings in case you get filled up quickly. Don’t hog all the food because you don’t want to waste anything. Make sure to finish your plate and leave it clean.

What to do once you’ve done eating?

Once you’ve finished eating, do not push the plate away from you, neatly place your utensils in a straight line on the plate and help the host in clearing up the table.

Leaving the party

Once you’re leaving, thank your host for inviting you with a smile.

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