Visaal Episode 21 Review – Top Notch Acting & Direction!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal was intense & unveiled how far one can go in the state of guilt. Top notch acting & direction has really taken this story to another level & I must say, director’s to-the-point approach in telling the story of this drama has played a massive role in everything being so impactful. In stories & dramas like these, it is very crucial that everything is told precisely & undoubtedly, the director has given it a perfect treatment without dragging anything!

Naheed made up her mind. She knows what she has done to Pari is totally unforgiveable because now Shabbir’s death can also be linked to what Pari went through. Naheed’s jealousy got the better of her & now when she has come back to senses she sees there’s not a single chance of her being forgiven because the pain that Pari endured as a consequence of Naheed’s doing is way too much. Naheed knows that Pari will be fine, she has Jumman Bua by her side & she also knows that after all that she has done, Pari is better off without her. Naheed might have come to terms with her guilt if she had seen Pari’s life shaping up but because it literally got destroyed & she lost everything one after the other, Naheed couldn’t really come out of that guilt. Akram also played a huge role & because Naheed thinks he will ruin Pari’s life, she was forced to come to a final decision!

All the things that Naheed said to Pari clearly indicated what was on her mind. That entire scene was done well & felt genuine. Naheed just wanted to make sure that Pari was alright, she was going to be alright that is why she came to see her – for the last time. I feel with the drama almost nearing the end, I don’t really see any personality in Pari, to an extent that despite knowing she is innocent, a bit too innocent & despite knowing that whatever Naheed is going through or going to go through is because of her own selfishness & jealousy, for a second I felt like Pari was responsible for everything. I know the story hasn’t been written to show that & the prime focus convincingly remains on jealousy & the destruction that it causes, but it’s just that I saw Pari as a culprit for a second. This is just my honest opinion about Pari’s character, may be keeping her a bit too simple & sulky literally took away every ounce of sympathy I once felt for her!

Molvi Ghufran finally found out that Akram faked his identity & lied about his family background right from the beginning. Ghufran still didn’t know how to approach Akram & he was upset but it was good that his friend Sharafat stopped him because he knows that Akram is not someone who will easily confess the truth. Sharafat wants Molvi Ghufran to go about this matter with a bit of tact.

Well well well, Naheed chose to punish herself in the worst way possible & she decided that she was going to put Pari’s life ahead of hers. Naheed knows that she has taken away so much from Pari, therefore she decided that it was now time to pay her back, it was now time to save her life. Even though Naheed had her reasons but if we take a closer look at Akram, though he chose a wrong way to get to Pari, he was always honest about it. He never once exploited Naheed, didn’t even mistreat her, he just wanted to get to Pari & he decided to use the approach that did involve some lying & blackmailing but those were the things that weren’t as grave as the mistakes Naheed committed, so I don’t think Naheed had the right to chose this or any kind of ending for Akram, for that matter. Whatever Naheed was doing was because of her own guilt but she didn’t have the right to poison Akram just so easily to save Pari from him? Quite evil I must say!

I am wondering if Akram will recover & Naheed will eventually die? What do you guys think? I also feel may be in order to punish Akram & take revenge from him Pari might get married to Munna? One thing that Pari would do in the entire drama & that won’t be good either! Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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